bmw m235i convertible 2015 revie
Altair Club Cars BMW M235i Convertible 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

BMW M235i Convertible 2015 review | TELEGRAPH CARS

Does chopping the roof off the BMW M235i ruin the appeal? Chris Knapman finds out.

So chris they said what version of the new bmw 2 series convertible would you like to test the diesel perhaps or what about the entry-level petrol model well that’s very kind i replied but our youtube viewers i think they’d like to see something a bit quicker something in fact like this that’s right it’s the new m235i the top model in the two series range able to

Sprint from naught to 62 miles an hour in just five seconds for that we can thank this three liter turbocharged straight six engine which pumps out 322 brake horsepower and 332 pound foot of torque of course owners are going to care more about how you open the roof than the bonnet and before we do that i just want to point out this is a fabric folding roof rather

Than a folding hard top and compared with the two series predecessor which was the one series convertible this now has five layers in the roof rather than three in a bid to improve refinement and also this uh back window here has got a better seal on it because it used to let in a lot of wind noise in order to open the roof you first need to pull down a flap in

The boot which cuts space from 335 litres to 280 then you hold down a switch and 19 seconds later you’re open to the elements while i climb into the back here i should also mention that the roof can be open and closed at speeds up to 30 miles an hour and now that i’m here um it is a bit of a squash the bodywork cuts in at the side here which sort of forces you

Into the middle but you do get your own cup holder and also your own heating vents here in the front of the two series convertible it still feels like quite a small car it feels quite narrow and not i have to say as welcoming as an audi a3 cabriolet however the dials are nice and clear the build quality feels excellent there’s a good amount of storage under the

Armrest here a couple of cup holders in there and a decent sized glove box plus bmw’s i drive system is present and correct and you can specify heated seats and even the heated steering wheel it does good business for bmw this engine particularly in its small cars with sales of the m135i and m235i coupe far exceeding bmw’s expectations it takes about 20 seconds

Behind the wheel to understand why it offers strong performance no matter where you are in the rev range in fact peak torque comes in from just 1300 rpm and what that means is not only the overtaking is easy but combined with nicely responsive steering you can really play with the chassis and what a chassis it is too with power sent through the rear wheels and a

Really nice sense of balance on account of the weight being evenly distributed across both axles the m235i sounds the business too whether you go for the six-speed manual or this 8-speed automatic and while it’s not a dual-clutch gearbox it is still really responsive when you pull on these steering wheel mounted paddles and is perfectly smooth when you just leave

It in auto mode ah yes i hear you say but doesn’t the fact it’s lost its roof mean that the m235i is all heavy and wobbly well yes and no for sure it’s not as stiff as the coupe and yes it weighs 150 kilos more and you can feel the body start to flex just a little bit when you really push the car through corners but if you think about what an owner of one of

These cars wants really it’s just awesome straight line performance with enough composure in the bends for it to be fun and the m235i has got both points covered with ease what’s more when you put the roof up refinement is excellent in fact you actually hear more noise from the tyres than you do from the wind what’s not to like well not a great deal if i’m honest

The wind deflector looks a bit naff and when you have it in place you can’t use the rear seats and you should really specify the m adaptive suspension otherwise the ride is going to be too firm then there’s the price at 40 000 pounds for an auto version like this nobody’s going to pretend that it’s cheap in fact it makes the 3 000 cheaper coupe version sound like

A bargain let alone the m135i hatchback which will save you a full 9 000 pounds but that’s not really comparing like with like is it because actually the m235i convertible’s closest rival is the audi s3 cabriolet and that one really is going to be quite tough to call do you want the audi’s nicer interior or do you want the rear wheel drive handling and superior

Engine of the bmw i’m going to let you guys argue about that in the comments section below because i’m going to take this for another spin for a full review of the 2 series convertible including the big selling 220d model click on the box on the left to visit the telegraph car’s website and don’t forget to click on the box on the right where you can subscribe to our youtube channel

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