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Altair Club Cars BMW M2 LCI with MUST HAVE MODS | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL


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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by autodopanal my name is max and today we are checking out another viewer’s car this is roof his bmw m2 from 2017. so it’s a regular m2 not a competition from 2017 which means it’s a facelift and this might be the sweet spot the facelifted version of the first bmw m2 now we did have a few problems

With this car but the roof has made some modifications to this car which should take care of quite a lot of those problems so today i’m going to show you around it show you all the cool stuff on this car and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for an ultraman blast and you can also check out the owner of this car roof on youtube and instagram the

Hunter hoffman go check him out he uploads videos on his youtube channel about this car as well so show him some love and go subscribe okay so let’s start on the outside we’ve got a long beach blue car now when this car came out the m2 almost all of the press cars and and video cars and whatever almost all of them were blue so i kind of got tired of it i didn’t

Really like it anymore but now when i see it again i really really love it and that’s also because roof has a lot of m performance stuff on the outside so we’ve got a very nice little carbon fiber winglet down here attached to the front bumper it’s very subtle but still very racy quite like that and of course this being a regular m2 we’ve got the old nose the old

Front with the more beautiful front bumper if you ask me and the more beautiful grille as well because the competition got a little bit more square and a little bit bigger the grille and the front bumper got a lot more fussy a lot more busy and aggressive after a few years i think that this is the more beautiful car to be honest the regular m2 let me know what

You guys think in the comments so another change for the m2 competition compared to this one is that this m2 has these double spoke wheels and the m2 competition got those more spoke racier wheels the m2 competition also got bigger brakes compared to this one so that is a nice upgrade these are 19-inch wheels with continental sport contact three tires uh these

Rear tires are absolutely gone they need replacement but it means that you can have a lot of fun quite easily with this car because the loose rear end does make for a lot of fun so we’ve got a little m2 sights cuttle there and carbon fiber mirror caps a little roof as well and again the m performance winglet on the outside on the side skirt quite a nice look

I think and then at the rear we’ve got the little bootlet spoiler very nice looks really cool if you ask me it does give this m2 which has a little bit of a rounder ass than the m2 competition a nice little touch really like that and of course what an awesome upgrade this is the m performance exhaust for the m2 with the carbon fiber diffuser as well and this is

Back in the day when an m performance exhaust meant something uh this is an opf less car and this exhaust is absolutely magnificent there’s another little upgrade i wanted to show you guys this usually is like a red reflector and roof put in this black plastic thing like that a lot better than the than the red reflectors so let’s take a look at the engine the

Three liter inline six turbocharged engine so this is the n55 engine with with 370 horsepower 465 newton meters of torque um the m2 competition got the s55 engine so the the engine from the f-80 m3 and f82 m4 with that carbon fiber strut brace in here and 410 horsepower and 550 newton meters of torque now as i said there are a few upgrades on this car so we’ve got

A charge pipe a boost pipe a turbo inlet pipe a cold air intake as you can see and uh an intercooler by csf and this is actually a really really good upgrade because this engine has some trouble with performing at higher speeds and at higher rpms so this really helps with that and you’ll see that on the autobahn as well because it performs really well and it

Sounds cool too so on the inside we’ve got a couple more nice upgrades we’ve got the carbon fiber inlay on the dash on the door handles on the center console and on the gear lever here little surround as well and we’ve got the carbon fiber and performance handbrake so there is a lot of and performance stuff on this car i mean a lot we’ve even got the m performance

Steering wheel with the led lights and the little screen right there so if we turn it on the ignition at least you can see the steering wheel turning almost well and then if we hit these two buttons you turn on the wheel and you have all this info in the steering wheel which is pretty cool so you can use these buttons to cycle through the menus and you can even

Get your coolant temperature and oil temperature there on the steering wheel which is very very nice and of course you’ve got that shift light left and right which is super nice as well okay so we’ve got a little remote for the exhaust here so this is it because this was really cool when it came out so you have this little insert here in the cup holder to store

It so you can put it right there and uh well fun loving the netherlands we actually weren’t allowed to use this anymore at some point so um they actually had to install it in the trunk this button so roof actually made a little bypass to make sure that you can use it whenever you want okay so we’ll start it up and we’ll go to sport plus close it oh that’s open

Okay so let’s close it so you can hear that cool air intake and a very nice six cylinder sound now let’s open it that sounds really really good and this is i mean this is a proper exhaust you can actually see the valve in there i love that it is so sad that this is a thing of the past now basically okay let’s go and take it for a drive okay so martin is going

To join me for some tips for some tips and tricks he’s going to teach me how to drive um now he doesn’t want to sit in the back because there are no doors there and we’re going on the autobahn so first safety first fun second okay uh so we are going for manual mode sport plus traction control all the way off there we go and let’s have some fun i’ll turn on

The steering wheel again there we go so you can really feel that those tires are gone that was just to demonstrate that was second gear and it takes absolutely nothing to break traction so the m2 in general the is not the most grippy car at the rear end but this tire really makes it difficult to uh to put the power down it is a lot of fun though and it sounds

Really really good so that that typical sound that the n55 and s55 can produce that that sound is so cool i really like that now i do notice that the steering wheel the the leds are not calibrated properly because it starts flashing at like six and a half thousand rpm already so they should be at i think seven um but anyway that should be configurable okay so

We have the mdct gearbox of course which means we also have the smoky burnout mode which is very very nice and that sounded absolutely awesome so apart from that power upgrade the m2 competition compared to the m2 also got this configurable stuff down here with all the buttons to adjust your suspension and your throttle mapping the the engine stuff like that

The m2 has just this toggle switch between comfort sport and sport plus and it has passive dampers ah but it sounds really good with this high performance exhaust and i like the fact that you can hear that turbo as well with that cold air intake yeah it’s a good setup very restrained i would say so not too many mods just a couple of nice ones to improve the

Car okay so here we are at the autobahn now you’ve heard the car you’ve heard that cold air intake you’ve heard the exhaust very nice upgrades but we’ve got that csf intercooler as well which is much bigger than stock and it actually makes a big difference you might remember uh those of you who’ve been around for a long time on our channel we made a video with

The m2 when it came out uh and compared it to an m240i at the autobahn and it was really close so we did a lot of runs and one run the m2 would be faster the next run the up 240 would be faster and it was really strange now we found out later that that was mainly because of the heat problems that the m2 and the m2 competition have that they just don’t

Perform when you do these ultraman runs because stuff gets too hot and with this bigger intercooler that is much much much better so you can actually feel that the car goes through the rev range at high speeds just so much better it’s it’s such an improvement it would feel asthmatic i’m doing 240 now and you would definitely feel that in the regular m2 in a

Stock car but with this one it just keeps going so this car will do 270 kilos an hour there it is because it has the m drivers package now of course we also measured our 100 to 200 an kilowatt runs and uh well i hope you’re sitting down for this one because we measured the bmw m2 competition at 10.59 and we just measured this car at 10.57 so it was 2 100 of a

Second quicker so just basically the same time as an m2 competition with 40 horsepower less 85 newton meters less this car is supposed to do 4.3 seconds to 100 the competition is supposed to do 4.2 um yeah it’s just such an improvement that the roof has made to his car so that 10 57 run we did is not a representation of a stock m2 because that’s just because

This car has those modifications the stock m2 would be much slower so i mean it’s kind of an eye-opener it’s it’s a really nice car to drive still i mean one of the best handling bmws of recent years uh i have fun every time i drive an m2 basically on track on the street on the ultraman it’s always a lot of fun and it’s definitely not worth your money to go for

An m2 competition in my opinion uh i mean in the netherlands right now you pay like 50 grand for a good m2 and uh between 65 and 70 for a good m2 competition so yeah i wouldn’t i wouldn’t pay that extra i just would go for these upgrades and definitely find one with an m performance exhaust that would be my advice and of course you can also go for a manual uh

But i actually do really like this gearbox in the m2 because you have a very short wheelbase if you go play around with the car you can react so much quicker with the pedals i think it’s actually a better car to drive with with the pedals and manuals from this year bmw weren’t that great oh that sounds so good so it really is well my dad is almost in my

Seat it really is one of the best driving bmws of recent years and even though i really really love the s55 engine and i do think that you know if you go for an m2 competition and you know put a couple of mods on that car it will be even quicker than this but i don’t think it’s worth the money and i really love the m55 engine it’s so so good oh man what a

Joy to drive luff thank you so much for taking it to us as i said you can go follow him on instagram and on youtube i’ll put his channel in the end screen right now the hunter hoffman go check him out thank you so much to you guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video

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