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Altair Club Cars BMW iX3 vs. Jaguar i-Pace – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – Engilish subtitles

BMW iX3 vs. Jaguar i-Pace – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – Engilish subtitles

Vaak zie je dat merken eerst een bestaand model (eventueel met plug-in hybride-techniek) elektrificeren, om vervolgens een volledig elektrische auto te ontwikkelen. BMW gaat tegen de stroom in en komt jaren na de i3 met de iX3, de elektrische versie van een al bestaande SUV. De Jaguar I-Pace dient als vergelijkingsmateriaal om te zien hoe slim dat is.

A lot of manufacturers electrify one of their already exisiting models bmw is a little bit different. in 2013 they already had the i3, it also was quite revolutionary with lightweight materials and design. now, eight years later, bmw has released a second… we already know. has that been a good move? well, to find out… we’ve put it up against a car that was designed

To be electric from the that it’s an electrified version of an existing car already comes with usually, at the front of an electric car, there’s no engine or transmission, so there’s an ideal space for charging cables for example. in the i-pace, that’s the case, but it isn’t the case in the ix3. and that’s too bad, because there’s only a plastic cover covering just an

Empty space. this is one of the few x3’s, together with the base diesel, that just has rear-wheel drive. that means the electric motor is at the back, whilst… the battery pack is incorporated in the floor. and in the front? nothing, just a gap. why wouldn’t you put a small compartment there? that’s not only very handy because it prevents the cable sloshing around

Also, if you want to reverse park, you first have to retrieve the cable in the i-pace, you can just park and retrieve the charging cable from the front. so that’s a missed opportunity if you ask me. the interior then. jaguar it’s looks really special, very jaguar. they make very clear it’s an electric car so it’s allowed to look a little different. this however, is just

An x3. there are some blue elements in the interior and it says “b” and “d” instead of “s” and “d on the lever. so it’s just a regular bmw. and that’s a good thing. idrive still is the best system available today, you’ve got a touchscreen, there’s a central controller, voice commands work properly, the seating… is good and you get all of the advantages that make a

Bmw a bmw. when we look at interior space it’s easy to notice that the rear… seat in the ix3 is more spacious whilst the i-pace wins it when it however, how does the ix3 hold up as an electrical car? it’s already behind when we start things up, because the battery capacity… of 73,8 kwh, as opposed to the jaguar’s 84,7 kwh. quite the difference. however, says bmw,

They’ve learned their lessons with the i3. they say their battery pack is incredibly efficient, so they don’t need this week, temperatures never went above zero degrees, so the circumstances weren’t that good for testing electrical cars. nevertheless, i tried anyways. i pre-heated the batteries and interior and i only used the heat-pump to de-mist the windows. i want

To know about the efficiency of the drivetrain, not about and if you drive along slowly at 100 km/h and only use the seat heaters, both cars will take you around 300 km on a single charge. the jaguar will take you slightly further, but not fifteen percent further. despite the fact that it has a fifteen percent bigger battery pack. having said that, bmw is right. they’ve

Built a very efficient battery pack. i do have to say, the bmw only has rear-wheel drive whilst… the jaguar has four-wheel drive. it also has more power than the bmw, 320 horsepower versus 286 horsepower. however, the efficiency does work. and with 286 horsepower and 420 nm of torque, if you go near the throttle, you’ll accelerate in the blink of an eye. the electric

Motor is quiet, you won’t hear any whizzing. i have to say that it comes with bmw’s iconic sound generator, which let’s… you choose what noise it can make. i wouldn’t know why you would other than that, it’s a really nice drivetrain. also, you have a lot of in the jaguar, you’ve got two modes. a little bit of regeneration or a whole lot of regeneration. however, you’ve

Got to dive into the… menu to do that, so you can’t change that when you’re driving. one of the advantages in the bmw is that it has a regular gear lever. if you tap it to the left, it’ll go in b-mode which means it’ll always regenerate at its maximum. in b, you’ll be able to one-pedal-drive it. it’ll even come to a full stop, which is very nice. if you remain from

Very little to almost as much as it’d do in b. however, you can put it in adaptive-mode as well. if you do… that, it’ll keep track of the satnav, certain sensors in the car, whether or not you’re using your indicators, and so on. based on that input, it’ll decide itself if it’ll keep rolling or if it needs to slow down even more. that’s something you’ll have to get…

Used to, because the car will decide speeds in corners, and they might but it’s a very cool feature that the car is actively thinking about the amount it needs to regenerate to reach a certain speed at a certain… place. it’s cool to see they’re making steps in that technology. other than that, it’s just an x3. it’s a very comfortable car, especially for a bmw, with enough

Dynamic potential. i already mentioned the great ergonomics, the idrive… a very good package. as a whole, the jaguar i-pace is a very good car as well. however, when it was introduced in 2018, jaguar beat the german manufacturers you could only single-phase charge it, which meant there were a lot of complaints. especially in the netherlands, because if you have to drive a

Lot mid-range to long journeys, you want to charge up with 11 kw. that way, the car is nicely… charged after a meeting or a coffee break. those features were lacking, but jaguar anticipated immediately. whatever the consumer wanted, the consumer got. they gave the i-pace three-phase charging, an app, a better multimedia system. so the i-pace we’ve got today… almost is

A different car than the i-pace from 2018. and that development jaguar even developed a special version for the netherlands, that’s the car i’m driving right now. and it’s the exact same car as the ev400, but because of a few lines of code, this car… only produces 320 horsepower. that means they can sell it for less money and that you have to pay less additional taxes.

However, what remained is the fact that it’s a very dynamic car. but the way you can corner with this car? i mean, it’s seriously heavy but even on winter tires and on wet surfaces, it’s hilarious how dynamic it is. the bmw might have rear-wheel drive whilst this has four-wheel drive, but it’s much easier to get the back to break out in here. and that’s not because of the

Power, but because of the balance. it’s much more neutral. both the rear and front axles lose grip at the same time. it’s a very fun and playful machine. which is nice if you like that, but it’s kind of tiring after a while. that’s because it comes with… a passive chassis as standard, as opposed to the adaptive dampers in the bmw. and i have driven the i-pace with air

Suspension and adaptive dampers… in the past, and that’s alright. it’s still a sturdy car, but it’s comfortable enough for daily usage. however, i’m not very convinced of this setup. it’s really close to the edge. especially when you’re driving on bad roads, you might be shaking like this all the time. it’s not very refined. of course, you can order adaptive dampers, but

You’ll have to order air suspension as well, but that makes it more… versatile. also, it’s quicker than the bmw and it doesn’t have as much on alternating current, this goes beyond 9 kw whilst the bmw stays around 7 kw. however, when it comes to the price, bmw has a trump card up its sleeve. usually, bmw has huge option lists with all kinds of separate options as well.

It’s a whole other story for the ix3. you’ve got the base version, and an additional high executive-pack, which practically gets you all… the gear we have today. you only have to select the tow hook. the jaguar however has the same base price, but then the options start. so if you want a similar gear, it’ll be a few thousand euro’s more expensive. that’s a good move from bmw.

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BMW iX3 vs. Jaguar i-Pace – AutoWeek Dubbeltest – Engilish subtitles By AutoWeek

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