bmw ix xdrive50 quick tour as a
Altair Club Cars BMW IX xDrive50 – Quick Tour (as a Tesla owner)

BMW IX xDrive50 – Quick Tour (as a Tesla owner)

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After watching several reviews of the bmw ix and seeing a few on the streets of southern california i decided to head to the 2022 orange county auto show in southern california to see the bmw ix in person and up close the variant on display and shown in front of you is the xdrive 50. while this is the base version of the ix it has some serious credentials 516

Horsepower and 564 pound-feet of torque a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds and 324 miles of range from a 111.5 kilowatt hour battery bmw says that the ix is capable of charging it up to 90 miles and 10 minutes of dc fast charging speaking of dc fast charging bmw provides two years of complementary dc fast charging via electrify america for home charging bmw provides a home

Charger that includes both a 120 volt and 240 volt compatibility the spicier version of the ix is the m60 and provides 610 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque and it’s good for a 0-60 time of 3.6 seconds personally i found the ix to be a good looking vehicle particularly for the rear and side profiles although i found the bucktooth front fascia to be distracting

And unnecessary a sediment that is shared by quite a few people the carbon fiber reinforced side frames were really attractive in high tech and an apparent nod to bmw’s history of using lightweight materials in the earlier evs such as the i3 and the i8 i was even more excited to check out the interior but was generally disappointed by the materials and quality

For all the criticism that tesla gets for its choice of interior materials the bmw didn’t exude a higher quality on the interior in fact i found many of the hard plastic surfaces on these center console the sesutech upholstery and the material on the dashboard to be inferior to the model x’s materials maybe the more upscale m16 would provide a better experience

Although the connected digital instrument cluster were bright and clear as a tesla owner i’m accustomed to having a frunk in the front of the vehicle but in the case of the ix a front isn’t available and is instead occupied by wiring and cooling systems this was a disappointment and shows that while the ix is a nice vehicle on the surface the design is simply not

As efficient of a design as a tesla ravine or several other ev manufacturers that have been able to utilize the front of the vehicle for storage there’s more examples of this inefficiency in the rear storage space which doesn’t have the same amount of underfloor or rear or side rear storage as the model x or even the smaller model y these details probably won’t

Matter much to the average ix owner but it does take away from the ev experience the ix slots in a highly desirable size that tesla has yet to fill not quite as hefty as the model x but more sizable than the current than the model y there are other reasons apart from dimensions as to why the ix isn’t directly comparable to a current tesla model there are no seven

Seat options which both the model y and model x offer in addition the bmw warranty is the high voltage battery for eight years or 100 000 miles which is significantly less than the model wise eight year or 120 000 mile warranty or the model x is eight or 150 000 mile warranty on the high voltage battery as an established german luxury car company trying to fight

Back tesla and other ev startups having a long-term battery warranty that isn’t as robust as a competition i’ll race those doubt in the minds of potential customers granted i don’t think many bmw ix owners will hang onto their vehicle for eight years especially with a pace of change in the ev space the ix x drive 50 is available now and with the starting msrp of

84 100 if you step up to the ix m60 the msrp starts at 108 900. thanks for watching and i’ll catch you on the next one

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BMW IX xDrive50 – Quick Tour (as a Tesla owner) By Tesla Tours

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