bmw i4 m50 launch control with 5
Altair Club Cars BMW i4 M50 – Launch Control with 544hp

BMW i4 M50 – Launch Control with 544hp

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Hello everyone and thanks for hanging out with me i’m still in a bmw i4 m50 and i did a driving test with this card and did an acceleration test but i was told this car has launch control and i want to try it i mean i tried it already before but i want to try it on the video um you have to the car has to be on you have to go into sport mode has to be in sport

Boost not just sport then you go an attraction button which is here in front and traction has to be on then it says in the display dynamic traction control activated and what you do then is you press the accelerator the brake pedal with your left foot which is totally weird and you fully engage the accelerator pedal then it says launch mode enabled and then you

Just get off the the brake and it’s gonna accelerate so we’re gonna try this but not here in my test i had dead on four seconds let’s see if it is any different here and if it feels different i noticed sometimes when you just floor it in sport boost mode that you get spinning wheels in all four and you move around and it’s very dramatic okay now put on the the

Great screen you have the battery temperature motor temperature i think um rafts per revolutions per minute kilowatt in newton meter i turn on the seat heater i turn off the seat heater and climb it i don’t want any heat and we’ll see after two meter on in the beginning but it’s already it says 0.59 uh g we accelerated already a few times let’s see i don’t think

You can see me without the light here okay oh there’s thunderstorm in the back that’s great oh now now someone coming from here no okay foot on a break full throttle lounge control go oh yes ah 103 is our number we have to go oh everything is recording let’s try it in the other direction do this again full launch control go oh now i had spinning wheels from

Here whoo but we earned traction let’s try it without the launch control but just with traction if there’s any difference whew it is dramatic 67 degrees is now the motor you pushed it okay no one’s coming here no one’s coming here looks good all right stop left i know now we’re not we’re nothing three two one full i don’t see any difference between this

And and launch control okay and to really break with your left pedal is so weird with your left foot oh it’s so weird to any difference now let’s try the other direction again it’s easier just stop and go i mean still in distraction mode am i no i’m in dc on traction i always think this light of my camera is a different car three two one full oh spinning

Wheels here oh yes did i have traction on on the other side we should do that again just to be sure i’m gonna do the other side again not that i like it it’s awesome and we have 69 degrees oh that one someone’s coming i have two but still a bit away same position traction is still on three two one foot they have the best traction here oh yes 80 degrees 81 82.

How much power does it say i didn’t see i have no idea what it says that goes down very fast 78 woohoo one more time oh god that goes down so fast if you drive normal three two one 81 degrees 82 was my was my best my personal best yeah we did well let’s put on the full light yeah it’s light in here huh oh god it is exciting okay get in comfort mode that’s

Accelerating comfort mode we’ll be getting no one there same spot comfort mode three two one full what’s still amazing oh still very amazing and an eco it’s still amazing when you accelerate you don’t get the same display huh you don’t get that do you get that here anticipation and in comfort what do you get then just a kilometers and kilowatters and in sport

You get this display yeah the newton meters and the degrees cool okay that’s it for me thank you so much for watching that was fun have a great day and take care bye

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BMW i4 M50 – Launch Control with 544hp By Battery Life

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