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Altair Club Cars BMW i4 eDrive 40 #BerlinChallenge April 2022 – a 656 km roadtrip to Amsterdam

BMW i4 eDrive 40 #BerlinChallenge April 2022 – a 656 km roadtrip to Amsterdam

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Welcome to electric felix in the i4 ready for a new berlin challenge it’s almost 2pm cars heated up a lot of traffic on the road several passengers will join it’s gonna get messy boom boom 100 12 degrees outside 425 kilometers on the gum time to go to amsterdam let’s get this show on the road right now it’s 2 pm and predicted travel time is just over 6 and a

Half hours let’s see what we can do but i’m waiting for a passenger so i will start 10 minutes late so the prediction at what time is it now it doesn’t show ah 14 14 and we should be in amsterdam before nine but that is without any breaks so it’s gonna be exciting welcome back to berlin once again a berlin challenge this time with the i4 can we beat the thai can

Can we beat yonik5 who knows time to get the show on the road everybody oh yes we need logan let’s get it going party for today really necessary are you gonna count the charging wants us to leave the highway that’s never a good sign the germans stand still one hour to go to braunschweig so let’s get this machine running some sparkling water so they don’t have

Any numbers here so you have to guess a bit and learn to get to know these chargers let’s see yes it’s a 20 second start again very quick this being way to initialize and now let’s see if the battery heating worked we navigated for the last 20 minutes to this charging stop or well a charging stop nearby actually because i couldn’t find this one in the navigation

Interestingly enough okay so yeah we have too much battery but we’ll take it so first time with the new amb charging interface let’s see oh yes very nerd proof on the one hand it’s great that there’s a traffic jam and that we are charging on the other hand we’ll get to the traffic jam soon so maybe we’ll charge longer than i was planning look at this charging

Curve by ambeve still 144 kilowatts just eight minutes done big drop what about that charging curve here it is still more than 250 kilometers to go doubtful it will make it 100 is the mental limit we’re gonna go time to stop thank you amber and the end oh my luck today first there was that truck and now i’m here with a volvo so we’re not gonna get full

Speed limited to 150. oh the noise out here we just need 12 kilowatt hours i figured already six kilowatt hours in three more minutes oh boy one more minute one more minute one more minute let’s take one kilowatt hour more 20 seconds so we have a bit of leeway boom ways predictions have us beating the old record by two minutes it’s 8 43 even though it just

Disappeared let’s shut it down boom two percent we’re here it’s done oh yeah buddy cut it close 20 43 six hours 28 minutes is the new record time from berlin to amsterdam thank you i4 as you can see we hit turtle mode the range prediction says six kilometers and that’s the journey i just wanted to show this so you know it is real i’m here at my favorite

Pioneer there’s the charger uh park and ride zebra and i’m gonna park it with one percent i’ve been driving in turtle mode since i got into the city and this is it it’s done so this is the funniest one face charger in amsterdam it just has a button to start it let’s go inside as you can see it will take a couple of days let’s check the charging menu

Fifty percent sounds good to me let me tell you a small story of the version today because we drove through the rain a lot of traffic some road works i picked up some passengers when we were sort of not even halfway yet we were already in a standstill traffic jam before we even did that i really thought that we were running into too much bad luck to make this

Happen but the consumption of this vehicle just above 200 watt hours per kilometer even though we managed to do 130 and over in a lot of places i’m impressed

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BMW i4 eDrive 40 #BerlinChallenge April 2022 – a 656 km roadtrip to Amsterdam By electricfelix

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