bmw i3 vs bmw i3 rex which one t
Altair Club Cars BMW i3 vs BMW i3 REX Which one to choose

BMW i3 vs BMW i3 REX Which one to choose

The most important feature in an electric car is the battery they are kind of expensive to replace and can be very well damaged during a short period of time in fact when you drain a battery under about 10 percent repeatedly over and over again you very well risk an early degradation on your battery which then slowly fails to fully recharge it may display a hundred

Percent fully recharged notes on your dash board but the car will suffer less range which will cause even more deeply charging and overall accelerate the capacity loss of your battery today an electric car driver would be lucky if his battery is able to provide 70 percent capacity over a five-year period or 60,000 miles this is just to give you an estimation on

What to expect and since there is no way to make sure a battery have been well taken care of you have to prepare your mind for a potential battery replacement within the next three or four years except if you go for an bmw i3 rex which is equipped with a range extender which features a small petrol engine really small point six five liters or 650 cc it’s a twin

Cylinder motorbike engine this little engine will give you more range but it also ensures the battery level never reaches below 15% so it’s programmed to start up and activate a generator which fills up the battery of course assuming you always have some petrol inside your nine litre capacity gas tank the battery in the rex bmw i3 is potentially going to have a

Longer lifespan and keep in mind that in the bmw i3 a battery replacement can cost up to fifteen thousand canadian dollar and that is just including parts without labour’s and others fees since this model over here isn’t equipped with the recs option we won’t be investigating the engine but keep in mind that a petrol engine means oil could leak oil need to be

Maintained there is potential for burning oil and coolant fluid you have to inspect the gas coming out from the muffler although it seems a lot it should not be a big deal on this kind of electric car because the petrol engine isn’t needed all the time now the most important question is should you go for rx or not well here’s why you should basically added utility

No range anxiety avoid long-term battery damage resale value and cold weather it’s nice not having to plan your mileage or look for public checkpoints sometimes you know you can’t take your car with you because it will simply not make it on a very long trip frequent discharges can on a long-term damage your battery which you can avoid by having a petrol engine

On your car over time a battery will degrade having a petrol engine helps keep the initial manufacturer electric range up to date after which you continue driving as long as you have fuel in the tank basically i mean an electric car that has been used a lot will have less wrench but having an engine helps sell the car because you know it will be able to keep on

A little bit more the engine will also help heating the car keeping you warm throughout winter without costing you wrench mileage since as you may know turning the heater as well as the heated seat will cost you electric energy which means less range now here’s why you should not get the recs it’s an fully electric car and you want to keep it that way avoiding

The usual maintenance needed on a petrol engine you don’t want to have to put gas in it that’s the whole point of an electric car it even seems as though this engine leaves 8 litres of petrol every hundred kilo or 60 miles that is not good news added weight means less efficiency and less performance sometimes the government will give you a discount on a lot of

Features when you’re driving green and that they may cancel everything if they figure out you still have a petrol engine onboard my personal opinion is since i have to go through at least 5 months of really cold weather every year i would not think twice about it and go for the recs option so for me it’s really the weather issue this was a bmw i3 2015 thank you for watching

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