bmw i3 driven reviewed in south
Altair Club Cars BMW i3 Driven & Reviewed in South Africa – Why Its So Good

BMW i3 Driven & Reviewed in South Africa – Why Its So Good

The history of the electric car is almost as interesting as its future. Way before internal combustion engines clogged up the streets, personal transport was predominantly electric. With the discovery of oil and the large oil businesses that erupted in the early 1920s, the course of motoring changed forever.

Versus the all-new bmw i3 it’s an all-electric car and it certainly looks like it was sent here from the future but in reality electric cars are a thing of the past the first useable one was built in 1882 and the first car ever to break 100 kilometers an hour was an electric car that was back in 1899 so it seems like bmw is about 130 years too late to the party so

Why then are we all so excited about this odd-looking little car what makes this car revolutionary and why it’s so important can’t even necessarily be seen the car is made in two parts down here is the drive module it’s made out of aluminium and it houses the motor and the batteries and then riding on top of that is the life module and it’s made out of a specially

Developed carbon fiber reinforced plastic and they’ve left some of it exposed down here so you can see the weave of the carbon for decades formula one teams and makers of expensive supercars have known how strong and light this material is but it was always just too expensive to use in mass production it took over 10 years but bmw are now making this material at

A scale and a cost which helps it make sense in the real world it is the key ingredient in the i3 formula it makes it very light and when it comes to electric cars lightness is critical and that is because of batteries batteries here are quite important and they’re very heavy so if the rest of the car was heavy this whole exercise would be completely pointless so

Because of that carbon-fiber the i3 manages to be light and offer decent range and speed and here’s its bigger surprise this thing is quick 0-200 in 7.2 seconds that’s not far off my favourite little hot hatch the ford fiesta st which we recently raced against the polo gti but it’s the way this card deploys its power in happens instantly from zero rpm so you touch

The accelerator and all of a sudden you are very far away it’s brilliant it’s very addictive drive like a hooligan though and you will eat into your range however driving normally you should be able to get about 130 to 160 kilometers on one charge stick it in eco pro plus and you’ll be able to get nearly 180 kilometers and that’s when you’ll need to recharge if you

Live in a home with a garage bmw will send a company round to your house who will install an eye wall box this will charge your i3 in 3 hours or less loadshedding is only 2 hours long there’s more than enough time overnight to charge your car the i3 needs about 19 kilowatts which in my area is 30 rad yep 30 ran for a full charge but the car also comes with this

Convenient charging cable which lives in the nose it plugs into any wall socket that’s all good and well but i park down here and i live up that should be fine let’s be honest at five hundred and twenty five thousand rand i’m not exactly the target market for a new bmw i3 so i’m willing to forgive it my unique charging problems because this car is like nothing

Else i’ve ever driven just being in here is fantastic it’s like a concept car that managed to escape from the design studio before they had a chance to make a dolt just look at the swooping dashboard it’s actually open for eucalyptus and a hundred percent of the textiles in here are recycled it’s a very bold very brave design i love it taking your foot off the

Accelerator slows the car down so much that it actually activates the brake light and that’s because the motor is using your momentum to charge the batteries and so you learn a new way of driving using one foot you just gently feed the throttle in and gently come off again when you want to stop it’s actually very relaxing and being relaxed very good for your range

You’ll also find the money you’ll save quite relaxing at thirty rand to do about a hundred and fifty ks on one charge works out much cheaper than an equivalently sized family car let’s say your car is doing 810 liters to the hundred that’s about a hundred and fifty rand to do the same distance five times cheaper don’t get me wrong and love fossil fuels and of the

Noise and the drama of internal combustion but i think that we all know in our hearts and in our minds that at some point we are going to have to break our addiction to oil and i really feel that this is the car to help us start if you do live in a home the i3 makes a lot of sense as a daily runabout it will be cleaner and cheaper to run than any car you’ve ever

Owned and i have no doubt that it will be remembered as a game-changer this car more than any other represents a new motoring reality

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BMW i3 Driven & Reviewed in South Africa – Why It's So Good By

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