bmw 8 series 2019 840d xdrive re
Altair Club Cars BMW 8 Series 2019 840d xDrive REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

BMW 8 Series 2019 840d xDrive REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL

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We are looking at the entry level bmw 8 series we’ve got a bmw 840 d-x rife and well there are a couple of incredibly cool things about this car and there are a few things i don’t really like but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe and hit a notification bell to receive updates when we upload a new video and go check us out on instagram at oded opinel where

We will share some behind-the-scenes stuff as well alright the 840 d let’s start with the spec we’ll do a walk-around i’ll show you around the car we’ll drive along this road do 0 to 100 tests over there and then take it to the older man for a little blast over there so you have probably seen that we’ve got a very very cool color barcelona blue it is magnificent

It is sort of a grey blue a greyish blue it’s it’s i really really love it we’ve got bmw laser lights we’ve got a shadow light package which means that we’ve got a lot of black details around the car including the grill the stuff inside the bumper we have 19-inch wheels behind them you can see the blue brake calipers that means we’ve got on em sports brake system

Which is part of the m sport technic package which means you get the brakes you get the steering wheel the m sports steering wheel you got some special seat belts you get an m sport differential so it’s not an m sport package it’s the m sport technic package we’ve got these black air outlets over there black window sills and at the rear we’ve got one of my problems

With this car i mean it looks super awesome let’s be honest it’s it’s it’s nice and wide its its thick its aggressive but it’s too similar to the m8 50 the car the 8 series as a base car it’s just it looks so aggressive and it’s very cool don’t get me wrong it looks very cool but it’s sort of hard to distinguish this and the m8 5850 eye has a some some more like

M stuff in the front bumper but that’s it basically i mean it even has the same exhaust tips the same bumper this is the same we had a carbon fiber spoiler but it’s the same spoiler so it looks very cool and it doesn’t have the carbon fibre roof which the m8 50 does have but so yeah i don’t know it’s sort of i’m sort of between two thoughts on one hand i think it

Looks really cool it looks really good but on the other hand i think well it’s it’s an 8 for td and it looks almost exactly the same as an 8 i made 50 i which i don’t really get this however is not the same this is a straight-6 twin-turbocharged 3 litre diesel engine with 320 horsepower and 680 newton meters of torque linked to a set of hp automatic it’s a great

Drivetrain it’s basically the same drivetrain you get in a 5-4 td but they have done something special to it they have tweaked it a little bit to make it more suitable for an 8 series alright on the inside well we’ve got this em door sill which is pretty cool we’ve got the carbon core logo right there which made its debut in 7 series basically means that it has

A carbon fiber or a carbon fiber reinforced structure and a lot of aluminium to make it you know strong and light the interior we’ve got a two-tone interior with tartufo and black this is bmw individual it’s really soft merino leather but it’s really nice i really like this combination of barcelona blue black and tartufo thick looks cool this doesn’t look cool i

Don’t really like the new gear levers of bmw i really really love the old ones i love the one that we have the little like silver thing the ones after that were a little bit bigger and black with a little curve in it but they were still very nice i don’t really like this if you don’t get this option the clarity gloss it’s just black it’s like this like piano black

It’s just too conventional bmw always had these really recognizable gear levers and i think this is it yeah of course the clarity glass is not conventional but you also get it in the start/stop button and in the idrive controller yeah it does look special but it’s a little bit on the techie side i would say i would i would put my dog back there so we’ve got the

Idrive seven system the all-new system i’ve shown you before it’s basically the same system it has a little bit of a different layout and some new animations as well but we’ll go for the sport display and as i said the m technic package m sports technic package means that you get these seatbelts all right so we’ll take it for drive so we’ll start by asking the

Question what is this car i mean it’s very hard to compare this to anything because it’s a big luxurious still relatively sporty gt car with a diesel engine and i don’t really think that there are any competitors you can get an s-class coupe a but you can only get it with petrol engines and it’s also a little bit more expensive than this you could go for porsche

Panamera maybe but it’s also no longer available with a diesel engine so it sort of has the kingdom to itself which is quite rare these days i mean everyone is making every different type of car and every niche is being filled by everyone but not this one which is extraordinary so how is this car set up well it is actually well done because they didn’t go for air

Suspension like the s-class coupe a they went for regular springs and dampers which means that it’s comfortable without being soft and it’s relatively sporty without being hard so they have really tried to sort of compromise their it being a gt and you know it should be able to cover large distances in comfort but it also should drive nice and it should handle well so

I think they found a good compromise there and we are going to try to show you how sporty this car is and how bad these winter tires are by disengaging traction control we are in sport plus so let’s go for second gear and as you can hear they clearly did something to this engine sound wise they try to make this engine sound a little bit more sporty than usual they

They did a good job i actually like this sound it sounds you know it sounds easily but it does sound full and powerful which is good get the draggy going and do it zero to 100 tests over here if you want one of these druggies you can get them in our store top right corner works super well really easy and well it’s just cool to see how your car performs on different

Levels you know 0 to 100 0 to 200 100 to 200 quarter-mile stuff like that all right esp should be dc sport mode we are in sport plus sport full throttle nice jumps off the line five seconds flat which is not bad considering we are on winter tyres we actually did a four point nine earlier which is what bmw says it will do w also says it will do that it’s ridiculous

I mean partly it’s because this car is so dorky so brakes traction really easily partly it’s because these tires are just really really bad it does have x drive as i said it also has four-wheel steering so the car actually feels really really nimble and that’s quite an accomplishment for you know car that’s this big and this heavy because it’s like 1,900 kilos but

It actually feels very sort of agile and direct which we already knew from driving the m 850 it’s also very fast i mean 4.9 seconds to 100 not that long ago you will be the boss of the neighborhood if you had a car that did 4.9 seconds to 100 now it’s it’s a diesel group a that weighs almost two tons that’s able to do a four point nine it’s just it’s it’s quite

Ridiculous so we are at the altar man we are going to see what it’s like i mean this is sort of the perfect autobahn car you have a big range with that diesel tank it’s fast it’s comfortable it’s like like an ultimate continent cruiser the molar share of molto bom all right here we go food rotate we are still in sport+ so everything is in the most sporty setting

All right full throttle it’s actually quite quick it’s very nice in turkey this ancient combined with this gearbox is just really lovely and because we have that four-wheel steering it means that the rear wheels steer against the front wheels at lower speeds and with the front wheels at higher speeds which just means you gain stability at higher speeds which is

Really nice it also means that it has a very small turning circle which is quite weird if you try it for the first time as i go like a shopping cart hello those winter lawyers you can feel them just moving her out ridiculous comfort wise i mean it’s super comfortable as i said it is comfortable without being soft you still sort of feel the bumps you still feel

Like you’re a little bit in contact with what’s happening underneath but it’s very comfortable it’s also very quiet but diesel cars always sort of feel a little bit slower if you floor them so diesel car is more suitable for this like 80% throttle and just let it ride the wave of torque and it also means that you’re sort of surprised at how how fast it is given

The fact that you’re only like 75 throttle input we’ve also got apps for breaks as i said they feel really good they are nice and strong which is really nice if you have a car is heavy but it’s actually it is a really nice gt car and it’s sort of weird that you don’t see more of these because a powerful diesel engine in the gt is a really good combination because

You can cover a lot of distance if you have a larger range because if you fill it up you lose a lot of time so if you want to do it as fast as possible you need a powerful diesel it’s just better it’s more relaxed because you have that enormous amount of torque this is the only one this car sort of serves the bottom end of the luxury gt segment and it’s alone and

It’s really good it’s a really really good car it’s really nice the drivetrain feels more aggressive more sporty than it did in the 540 d we drove so it’s actually a really nice combination of a gt and a sporty diesel so you’ve got a little bit of space now shifting up i’m s’more briggs thank you very much top speed is limited at 250 kilometres an hour oh my

God take longer sorry one thing i would have liked to see in this car is the interior could have been a little bit more lush it could have been a little bit more luxurious and special i feel like you know it’s it’s it’s fine it looks it looks good but it’s not you’re not like oh my god i have treated my cell with this 8 series so there we are this is the limiter

259 260 kilometres an hour with the tires having a mind of their own okay and that’s the dutch border so i’m going to end it here guys i hope you enjoyed it you can check out this pov review or you can check out this playlist of pov reviews we’ve made a lot to go check it out and you can follow us on social media thanks for watching and i’ll see you at the next one bye

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BMW 8 Series 2019 840d xDrive REVIEW POV Test Drive on AUTOBAHN & ROAD by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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