bmw 5 series g30 lci 545e review
Altair Club Cars BMW 5 Series G30 LCI 545e | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

BMW 5 Series G30 LCI 545e | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by ototo now my name is max and today we are checking out the 2021 bmw 545e x drive this is the most powerful plug-in hybrid you can get at bmw and this is a really good car there i spoiled it already so today i’m going to show you why this is such a good car i’ll show you the spec we’ve got it in

Because it is absolutely gorgeous and then we’ll take it for a little drive towards the autobahn for an autobahn blast so let’s start with the spec so this is 20 inch and it looks absolutely stunning so if you can choose these wheels i would because they are beautiful and then we’ve got these m performance brakes behind that or m sport brakes i should say with the

Blue caliper this of course is the face lifted 5 series as you can see from the new headlight units and the new grille tenzinite blue this color bmw individual color super nice and then we do have the chrome and aluminium trim on the exterior which i do really like on this car at the rear we’ve got a 545e badge and we’ve got a couple of tailpipes which are real

And actually have a valve in there look that’s how you do it that’s how you make an exhaust everyone pay attention um boot space is down for this version so the 545e has the batteries uh below the floor here and below the rear seats 12 kilowatt hour battery pack and there’s a what the hell was that looks like a little worm that was very strange don’t know what’s

Happening here um so 410 liters of storage space you’ve got here instead of the 530 you get in a regular 5 series so that is something to take into account and this goes for the 530e as well that’s the other plug-in hybrid you can get 530e is available as a touring which is awesome 545e not available as a touring which i don’t know why that is charge port here

So you can charge your battery and then we’ll take a look at the engine ah that’s the worm so because this is a 545e you’ve got the six cylinder that is really nice because the 530e has a four cylinder combined with this electric motor um but the 545 gets this one and it is a lot better than before because the pre-phase lift the 540e also had this four-cylinder

Which really was not the best drivetrain so this now is the most powerful plug-in hybrid drivetrain bmw has it’s also in the seven series the 745 it’s also in the x5 and you might remember that in the pre-phase lift 7 series this was 740e that’s now 745 and that was also a four-cylinder so they’ve upgraded the most powerful hybrid drivetrain and that’s a really

Good thing because this with this b58 is absolutely magnificent we’ve talked about this before but this engine it just works in every way and bmw puts it in every car they can and they should because it doesn’t matter if you’re driving like a highly tuned m140i or this 545e the characters of the engine are completely different but it just works so well it is

Incredible the versatility of this engine is second to none and in this car it’s got 285 horsepower and 450 newton meters of torque then we’ve got the zf 8-speed gearbox and in between the engine and the gearbox we have an electric motor that generates 109 horsepower that brings the total to 394 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque which is really nice

You know that there is so much more potential in this engine so if you start tuning these cars they are hella fast because then you have 500 horsepower in your plug-in hybrid 5 series that looks like your grandpa’s car that is really awesome and they are quick because this car is supposed to do 4.6 seconds to 100 and we’ve been able to do 4.4 already so that is

Really impressive now let’s take a look inside because the beautiful spec continues in here and that is mainly down to two things the tartufo interior leather and the wood trim that you get down here look at that that is just such a beautiful combination that tartufo leather with the wood the aluminium and the high gloss black stuff absolutely love it and then

We’ve got this bmw individual leather on top of the dash with the tatufa contrast stitching and we’ve got that on the doors as well so freaking nice that is the startup of the car of course it starts in electric mode ev mode while we’re in hybrid mode um the battery pack as i said 12 kilowatt battery pack and it should be according to bmw able to do between 53

And 57 kilometers fully electric and as i said that is down to the spec you get it in so it does have an effect now this hybrid mode is the most efficient one of course it determines how and where to deploy electric power but they have done a couple of super smart things and there are two really cool things one is that if you use the navigation it will determine

How and when to regenerate the braking as well so if you are driving towards a corner or a roundabout it will tell you to lift off the throttle and it will regenerate uh until you reach the right speed for the corner and then it will stop regenerating so you can go through the corner stuff like that it also has geo-fencing so yesterday when i was driving up to

A town i came in to town and it switched to ev mode because i entered a congestion zone in the city so it is really really smart and i got this notification on the screen that said geo zone ev mode yeah i really like that i think that is super smart but of course we are also interested in performance we are interested in all the efficient stuff because i do think

That a lot of people will buy that car will buy this car for that reason sport sport sport launch control there we go yeah that is quick so in sport mode it will deploy the maximum of everything to give you the most shove and that leads to that pretty impressive 0 to 100 time of 4.4 seconds we’ve been able to measure now you also have a button down here so you

Can press that battery control that’s not available in sport mode but in hybrid it is and that means that you can charge up the batteries while driving so when you’re on the highway you can charge them and then when you get to the city you’ve got a full battery and it charges up pretty quickly the only problem is that of course bmw says 53 at least well 30 ish is

More realistic in these conditions of course it’s cold as well so that doesn’t help but yeah you need to take that into account but that goes for every electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid now we’ve also measured the quarter-mile performance in these conditions and we’re able to come up with a pretty decent time at 12.52 seconds which is quicker than a bmw m340i

Quicker than a bmw m550d it’s quicker than a lot of these m performance models and it’s around the same time as a vw golf r mark viii so that is seriously impressive full throttle and i have a little e-boost logo there so i know that it’s deploying electric power as well to make me go even faster and you’ve got a lovely six-cylinder soundtrack to go with the speed

Yeah this is a properly quick car and i really like that it is something for everyone basically because as a petrol hat i really like this car since it has a six cylinder and it’s really really quick also from 100 to 200 which we also measured 11.7 seconds quicker than an m550d it’s a seriously quick car top speed is limited at 250 kilometers an hour according to

Bmw well this is 246 gps speed which is becoming quite normal at bmw that these top speeds are just below 250 which i think is a bit weird but anyway so i’ve been driving this car for for a couple of days now and in hybrid mode the thing that struck me most is the comfort i mean this 5 series is so freaking good it it comes so close to a 7 series when it comes

To comfort it’s it’s quiet it’s soft it’s supple it’s just a really nice combination to have that that b58 with a little bit of electric boost now one downside to this 545e is the fact that you have a smaller petrol tank so 46 liters that is not a lot and that means that if you have a sporty driving style you don’t have a range that is too impressive so right now

We are almost full and it indicates 326 kilometers with 26 kilometers of electric range indicated that’s not very impressive uh but yeah i mean if you’re a bit careful with the throttle i’m sure you will be able to get a lot more rage from the tank and of course if you charge it up regularly with the plug and not with the engine of course you will extend that

Range every day so all in all something to love for everyone of course we love this part the most this beautiful inline six b58 with a little e-boost as cherry on top one of the best bmws you can buy right now i think because it just works for so many different situations and i really really like that of course this spec really helps i love a grand pass pack and

This is just absolutely gorgeous with this big screen as well for the facelift yeah really like it um i’m going to end it here i hope you enjoyed it you can subscribe by clicking the big button in the middle you can also check out this video on the right or go check out this playlist on the left thanks for watching and i’ll see you at the next one bye

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BMW 5 Series G30 LCI 545e | REVIEW on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL By AutoTopNL

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