bmw 4 series front lip install f
Altair Club Cars BMW 4 Series Front Lip Install (F32/F33/F36)

BMW 4 Series Front Lip Install (F32/F33/F36)

Hey Guys!

Hey guys it’s me again today we’ve got some pieces from mj mods once again they were so kind to send me out some pieces so today we’re going for a front lip which we’ve got down there which we will be unboxing soon and some side skirts that’ll go across the side i think they’ll look pretty good once again we’ve got them in the gloss black not the carbon fiber and

Let’s see how this goes just before we get into the tutorial a huge thanks to jag for letting me use his garage if you remember my previous video i pretty much had no tools so be sure to check him out on instagram if you want to see some two series content so just as i’m unboxing it you’ll notice it comes in three pieces which you’ll have to put together yourself

Before you can secure it properly onto your car now lucky for us it does come with some screws and 3m tape that makes putting it together a hell of a lot easier so for the first step you just want to attach the two side pieces onto the main lip and that can be done with the screws that come with slight change of plans the screws that came with will not secure

The side pieces onto the main lip so what we went ahead and done was head down to bunnings which is any sort of regular hardware store and got some nuts bolts and washers and that’ll definitely help put it all together so as you’ll see the two side pieces as well as the main lip will have pre-drilled holes and if you just place them on top they should line

Up perfectly once the holes are all lined up grab a washer place it over the bolt and insert it through one of the holes from beneath and just tighten it into place with the nut so all together there’ll be one two three four five six seven eight holes on both sides so you just want to repeat that last part 16 times all right we’ve got all eight nuts bolts

And washers in on both sides so next what we’re going to do is take the 3m tape that comes in the box and we’re just going to line it up on the inside so that it can stick down nicely to about this part of the bumper on both sides then after putting the 3m tape on both sides where it’s going to connect to the bumper it should look something like this after

You’ve put on the tape peel it back a little and fold it up making a crease so that once you’ve positioned it correctly on the bumper it’ll be easy to stick down and remove the red part and again just do that on both sides so the lip will already have six pre-drilled holes that will line up with the holes that are already under the front bumper and you’ll just

Need to fasten some screws and washers through them they’ll secure the lip from the bottom and the 3m will basically secure it from the top if the holes don’t line up you might have to drill in some new ones or just adjust it to make it work but one was fine if you have a jack or jack stands it definitely helps setting it up before you put the lip on just so

That there’s a bit of space for you to work on but if you don’t i’m sure it’ll be fine too moving on to the screws i had two of these self-tapping screws or plugs or i don’t know what you want to call them but they were already under my car so i’m just reusing them for holes one and six and i’ll just use the regular screws and washers for holes two three four

And five so right now we’ve got one reuse screw there a new one here and it’s mirrored on the other side so we’ve got the reuse screw here and the other one next to it will be a new one but we still need to fit two more in the middle and as you can see it’s still pretty wonky there without them so once we screw the new ones in it’ll hold nicely just before we

Put two screws into the middle part we went ahead and pulled the tape off so feel free to also do that at any time from this point onwards i made the mistake of using screws that were way too short for the middle holes three and four so make sure you don’t make the same mistake as me and remember to use longer ones where you can even where i reuse the existing

Ones under the car once you’ve fastened all six of them it’s all done and it should be looking pretty good all right so that was the front lip on the f-36 chassis that will also work on the f32 and the f-33 stay tuned if you want to see the side skirts on the car and see you next time four to six days later they ask you how you are you just have to say that

You’re fine when you’re not really fine but you just can’t get into it because they would never understand you’re gonna miss your front lip no no oh don’t cry are you

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BMW 4 Series Front Lip Install (F32/F33/F36) By Hrithik Kumar

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