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Altair Club Cars BMW 3 Series 320d (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

BMW 3 Series 320d (Team Review) – Fifth Gear

In this review, the team get hold of the BMW 3 series, specifically the BMW 3 Series 320d. And they are more impressed than they originally thought!

Today the team tested the brand new bmw 3 series it’s bmw’s best-selling car and our executive saloon benchmark the all-new 3-series costs from 23 to 43 000 pounds has engines ranging from a 2-liter diesel to a 3-liter petrol and it’s a rival to the audi a4 and mercedes c-class we’re testing the 320d efficient dynamics model a specially tuned green version of

The 320 diesel that sacrifices power for economy here we are lads and ladies this is the sixth generation bmw 3 series the car that sets the standards there were two camps when it came to this car there was johnny when he’s sat in there bmw’s are brilliant and then there was the rest of us who actually like the way that this car looks as soon as you walk around

Them it’s just upsetting we knew he would kick off he’s got a thing about bmw styling now other cars you’d say look at that lovely detailing they’ve squatted its nose it looks more like an anteater it’s not the most exciting looking bmw they’ve ever made but it’s styling that’s subjective can you move forward a bit when you get inside a bmw there’s no doubt in the

Quality it feels like it could stay like this for 200 000 miles and still have that nice thunk and that feeling of solidity oh that sounds good a lot of space in the back look they solid space i was a little disappointed though about the actual dash i’m not a big fan of the screen up there only in the fact that it won’t go away it looks like it should retract but

It can’t there’s one thing you could perhaps criticize bmw for is that you know the layout of that dashboard just not very interesting this is a bit boring it’s about all it’s been done before yeah it’s been around you know where your buttons are it’s not outlandish it’s not as stylish perhaps as audi or mercedes but you know where everything is everything works

Everything’s solid everything’s quality i know it’s gonna drive really well 50 50 weight distribution it’s going to be a little gem this particular model worries me because that drop in horsepower is it going to be a gym should we give it a go then johnny boy yeah yeah why not now the thing about this efficient dynamics model we had is it’s got 20 horsepower less

Than the identical 320d but it does seven miles to get more you’ve got less power to give you more efficiencies it rides the bumps well so we thought it would be a good idea to find out if the reduction in power had taken so away from the driving pleasure it’s a good car acceleration that worries what about like overtaking a lorry have you got enough power to get

Past one of them so the test we had was just to see how well it could overtake what’s that drop in power gonna be really embarrassing when you try to overtake a big truck so here we go johnny you’ve caught a truck up doing 30 how long do you think it will take with this diesel power plant to get past i reckon 11 seconds does that mean good guess i think i’m gonna

Go ten oh i’m getting nine i’m getting faster vixx you’ve put my again 17. i feel like i just weighed myself i was trying to be sensible but plato did keep knocking it into neutral well let’s go find a truck and take it out popped into neutral jace that old chesapeake it’s a lovely game a little rap scallion i’m two car lengths away safe distance all right we’re

Going about 30 yeah golden ready steady got it all right kick down now it was much quicker than we all perceived it to be totally effortless auto kicked down even in eco mode it was rapid it does surprise though it does just waft ever so well the new bmw 3 series follows on where the previous one left off top of the class it gets a nine i’m going to give it an

Eight and a half out of ten be very hard to give it anything other than an eight i’m gonna give it eight and a half which gives the bmw 3 series a team test score of 34 out of 40. there was so much flipping grunt you need some quick steering golly she’s coming out of this hairpin basically for a couple of laps two hands on the wheel for goodness sake i think the

Others thought my driving was lukewarm which is kind of what it was i guess

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