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Altair Club Cars Best Truck for Hotshot Trucking: 2020 RAM Tradesman 3500

Best Truck for Hotshot Trucking: 2020 RAM Tradesman 3500

We’re back after a few weeks with some big news. WE GOT THE TRUCK!!!! In this episode we take a look at the new company truck and go over some specifics we made sure we got in the new truck.

We got the truck so let’s talk about it so as you can tell the truck that i ended up going with is the 2020 ram 3500 tradesman crew cab 4×4 long box uh i wanted to make sure if possible i tried to get a long box just because i need as much room as possible because i do plan on taking and getting a lot of equipment uh things that i’m just gonna it’s gonna

Make me feel more comfortable being on the road so i wanted to make sure i had enough room to be able to put all that stuff in there and you know kind of lock it down one of the things that i’m going to be looking into is getting the toolbox back here so i’ll be able to keep all of my tools that i may need on the road if i break down also certain equipment like

Straps and chains and things of that nature although i’m sure it’s going to be wrong on the trailer i hear that the boxes are getting smaller so uh it doesn’t hold as much as you would hope i’m also going to be getting a generator because i am not going to be driving and riding this thing well i’m going to be driving it hard but i’m not going to be running

Idle uh overnight while we’re at the truck stops i’m actually going to have the generator when it’s too cold or too hot to make things a little bit more comfortable and to save my engine uh that means a lot now let’s take a look under the hood as you can see one of the main things that i was looking forward to when i got this truck or when i was even looking

Into getting the truck is that it was a ice and transmission one of the easiest ways to know if a truck has a icing uh transmission is the dipstick will be on the driver’s side um now i just wanted to go with iceland because i hear that it’s the best from all of my research uh it hauls the best it keeps up the best as far as just long term uh as possible so

I wanted to make sure i got that and i also wanted to make sure that i got the 6.7 cummins turbo diesel now this with this truck it’s actually 6.7 cummins ho turbo diesel which is the high output has a few more uh horsepowers behind it and again since we’re going to be towing and hauling heavy hauling this that’s that’s exactly what we need so so yeah um

You know i don’t have the big uh entertainment system but that’s pretty okay with me uh it does enough it has bluetooth has uconnect um it really has everything that i would particularly need uh also has a review reverse camera as you can see there as well so that was pretty cool even though of course i’m going to have a trailer um so it’s not going to come

Into a great deal of handy until i’m actually out of on the road maybe just without a trailer and just the truck but are still good i mean good space down there that’s my grandfather rest in peace he’s my guardian angel now uh and you know some good back room of course we’re gonna be getting rid of the back seat i’ll hop back there in a second but pretty

Self-explanatory you got your tow uh parking brake test uh for the trailer trailer brakes um your engine braking you know everything that you’re gonna need in order to do this business so what i do like is it has a lot of ports down here um i just got the company phone so i’m using a new cord that i got there but a lot of parts uh actually i love this i was

Going to already get a um inverter but now i probably don’t need to alrighty so here’s the back seat as you can see i did already get seat covers because i want to you know just make sure i can keep it in the best shape as possible it’s going to be a work truck it’s going to get very dirty but at the same time you want to try to keep as much good care of it

As you can um and i actually got a cushion as well because it’s actually under there but i got that cushion and i got the neck guard uh because it’s going to be some long driving man you got to be comfortable you got to make sure you’re comfortable but as you can see um a pretty good space back here uh i am going to be sleeping back here we’re going to take

The back seat out and i’m going to be building a sleeper uh probably just made out of wood uh have it about uh probably yeah who knows but either way um that is uh what we’re working with so like i said man y’all let me know what y’all think about the truck um and we’ll go from there man

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Best Truck for Hotshot Trucking: 2020 RAM Tradesman 3500 By CI Logistics CIL-TV

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