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Altair Club Cars BEST NISSAN 400Z BUILD | Torque Drift

BEST NISSAN 400Z BUILD | Torque Drift

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Hello everyone welcome back to my channel and today we are going to be kind of maxing out fully uh this nissan 400z um we haven’t done a video on this one in a while kind of actually forgot about it um but we actually have a whole bunch of parts here we have a supercharger along with the vr38 that’s gonna make a lot of power so if you guys are excited for this

Video please don’t forget to give it a like also subscribe down below and uh tell me what your favorite z build is because um my all-time favorite used to be the 350z but the more i started drifting 370 it also like that grew on me as well so it’s all about personal preference but um tell me what you guys want you know more of down below in the comments because

I have a few more videos prepped for this week but you know if you guys have any suggestions please let me know down below in the comments because uh you know suggestions are always appreciated um maxed out on the ecu i have a plate up here i was eating steak so like my keyboard isn’t in the right position i was like something doesn’t feel right that shows that

Like i was reaching up in the wrong area for my keyboard so i don’t know why i just yeah anyway tordrift is uh it’s getting pretty good here um i have a lot of fun and exciting things to do for you know this build and for all of it so we already have the wide body kit um i don’t know why i didn’t do do i feel like instant buying that no not really so we’ll add

On like a little bit of power from that but yeah this thing makes about 900 horsepower which is super dope um okay wow the turbo actually makes it more powerful which is dope it’s probably just because it’s a v6 so um you know we could probably run with like a stroked rv since like i don’t even know what engine is coming what engine even comes in the uh 400c

Because you know but if anything i mean like so what they have that body kit and this body kit um do any of the spoilers fit yes they do so that’ll be super dope but um i mean pretty much i think we’re pretty much good there i mean i think i have like a good suspension setup okay i guess i don’t have a good suspension setup here uh and then i’ll probably just

Have to fork out for the angle kit um pretty much that’s like i forgot that like literally oh my god i literally don’t even have enough money for that oh my god um you know we’ll just have to wait a while for that to come in and you know we’ll then we’ll be able to drive it but yeah i messed up um yeah that gives it a little little bit of color there and what

We’re actually gonna do is throw it on the falcons that i always run because these things are low-key the best tires that you can actually get for this like for just any car in general i’m gonna make a whole entire video on it but um also another differential you need to get another differential um but yeah no literally like it’s i don’t know why i can’t think

Right now um yeah no literally like i i can’t believe how well these tires are on so i’m gonna make a video on them like basically explaining like why they’re like that and uh what the best thing is for him but i don’t know i like this purple but i also don’t like it if that makes sense like i feel like it’s too i don’t wanna say like futuristic but um i also

Don’t know what wheels to get honestly if we’re like if we’re just kind of chilling like like what what wheels do you guys see on this car like i really i really don’t see a lot of different wheels on them like those i kind of like i like those a lot uh i don’t know those definitely not those are way too small uh not the te37s do not feel the te37s on those

Those wheels are ugly um nah i don’t like those i like those either those are the stock woods those i feel like are just gonna be too small so like once you get into like like you know this area here is when they’re gonna start actually getting big enough for them but i hate those ones so much i don’t know why i just i hate them with all like anything but um

I want to change the color of this car i don’t know what color i want to do but i lowkey want to do like a yellow i don’t know it doesn’t like one of the stock colors it comes in yellow or does it already come in yellow like if it was like uh or maybe like a green i haven’t done a green in a while money green right there good dark chrome oh my god imagine uh

They like fully matted though with like a good gloss coat on it um oh yeah so here you go i don’t know should we do it like a white christmas colors okay now we’re just gonna go black with it and then maybe like white wheels honestly i’m feeling white wheels are just always a good one to go with um but like i always like it like that but um yeah 17 grand down

The hole um yeah honestly that’s that’s a good colorway honestly that’s a super dope colorway so those new wheels will be in soon but thank you guys so much for watching this video hope you guys enjoyed this little uh 400z little build thing that i did here with this nice green and i’ll see you guys in the next video peace out

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BEST NISSAN 400Z BUILD | Torque Drift By Hysterix

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