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Altair Club Cars Best New Cars for First Time Buyers | Behind A Desk

Best New Cars for First Time Buyers | Behind A Desk

Learning the ropes of driving isn’t really hard when you’re in the right car, but choosing the right one can be challenging, especially with many choices available in the local market. That’s why we have listed what we think are the best cars for first-time buyers on this episode of Behind a Desk.

Foreign your first car can be a difficult decision as there are many many options available in the philippines you have a whole range of sedan options to choose from with the likes of say the honda city and the toyota vios being very popular options you also have the very feature pack crossover segment that has recently bloomed over the past few years with more

And more models vying to be the next big thing now aside from this the well-established suv segment still offers many great options for those looking to get their next off-road ready seven-seater vehicle now i’ve always maintained that your first car should be a second hand car it hurts a bit less when you ding or nick it here and there and there’s a huge selection

Of second-hand cars on you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the link by the way which is provided down below now with that said when you’re good and ready though nothing and i do mean nothing beats the feeling of a brand new car with that in mind we have created a short list of brand new cars available today that we deem best for relatively new

Drivers these vehicles come with a balanced range of features along with prices that many will enjoy the vehicles mentioned also come with certain features that will help you learn the ropes of driving without compromising comfort and safety got it good because here we go starting of the list is a great vehicle to be your starter car in the form of the honda city

Even in its s variant the sedan already comes with all the features that a beginner might need its cvt is great and will give you the power you need when you want it and the sedan itself is one of the most comfortable vehicles you can get within the 1.2 million and under price range if you prefer a hatchback the honda city hatchback is there to answer this call

However note that in its hatchback form there is only one variant available oh by the way we also did a video of this sedan and hatchback together and if you’d like to check it out do click on the link above or i’m sure that the address or link address is somewhere found down below address really jack who says address if you’re on a budget the suzuki desire is a

Great choice as you get a range of affordable and feature-packed variants for its price point you get a reliable 1.2 liter gasoline engine under the hood that will give you great fuel economy figures in return now aside from this the sedan also comes with a lot of great features that many will surely enjoy and appreciate one of the latest models to launch from the

Japanese automaker is the nissan almera the all-new model now comes with sharper looks and a host of new features that first time car buyers will surely appreciate it also comes with nissan suite of intelligent mobility safety features that will make sure you are safe and will ensure that driving the vehicle is much easier under the hood the nissan almera packs a

One liter turbocharged motor that comes with enough grunt to get you to highway speeds quickly but will also ensure that you get the most out of your fuel that you give it if you want a vehicle that comes with a great array of features and comes with a sporty as well as comfortable ride well then the mazda 2 in its hatchback form is a great choice for first-time

Buyers it comes with a powerful 1.5 liter naturally aspirated motor that packs enough power to get you around and is also fuel efficient at the same time another popular choice especially for first time buyers is the toyota vios it comes with a good lineup of engines to choose from in the form of a 1.3 and a 1.5 liter motor with each one being fuel efficient in its

Own right now aside from this the vios comes with many variants to choose from one of its variants will surely fit almost any budget it also comes with the legendary reliability that toyotas have been known for the ford territory is another great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly crossover that comes feature packed it has all the latest features that

Ford can offer on top of a turbocharged 1.5 liter engine that gives it more than enough power to get you up to speed quickly aside from this it also comes with a large touchscreen display that gives the vehicle a futuristic vibe the mirage g4 offers the practicality and simplicity of a small car with a choice to either ghost hatchback or sedan its three-cylinder

Engine doesn’t fall short of power while offering impressive fuel economy to go with its competitive price tag it’s a good daily car which could easily be the main reason why it has become a favorite among grab drivers one of the newer models to enter the lineup of american brands in the philippines is the chevrolet tracker it takes the form of a crossover that

Comes equipped with a one liter turbocharged engine it also comes with a host of features that many will surely appreciate with apple carplay available with its turbocharged motor the tracker will give you a great wave of torque to ride on along with the benefit of being frugal at the same time the volkswagen santana is a value-packed choice especially with its

Very competitive price tag since it comes with a kind of a short throw manual transmission newbie drivers would be able to master the art of driving a stick minus the stress well and also vw vehicles are known for their fuel economy so paying a pretty penny at the dealership and the gas station won’t be that much of an issue truly it would do you well to check

Auto deals pages for promos available on these models which include low down payments cash discounts and more to help you get the very first brand new car and that sense of accomplishment that you will never forget thanks for watching everyone stay safe see you soon

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