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Altair Club Cars Best Jeep Wrangler Taillights Ever | Oracle Rubicon 392

Best Jeep Wrangler Taillights Ever | Oracle Rubicon 392

I have always hated the factory style taillights on the JL Wrangler. The bulky look and size that is just asking for a tree limb to grab them has always been an issue until today. The all new Oracle Flush mount tail lights are awesome. I just wish they came out sooner. If you have a JL or JT these are a must have. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! Godspeed!

Foreign welcome back to godspeed zrz now if you’ve been paying attention to my last videos you guys should already know what’s coming next and that’s actually going to be the tail lights now of course i put off ordering these lights as long as i possibly could so i had to find something close i actually ended up going to infinite off-road here in murfreesboro

Tennessee they had them in stock and i was able to do an in-store pickup they have a nice little storefront there and some great customer service needless to say we’ve got the oracle flush mount lots and we’re going to go ahead and install those today and of course we’re going to be installing the taser mini that you probably already saw but that’s going to be in

Another video now there’s already a couple great install videos for these lots themselves but i really wanted to go a little bit more in depth and show you guys what i actually think about these and how easy they actually are to install so let’s go ahead and open them up and see what we’ve got so of course straight out of the box just opening these up of course

We do have some customer service information as well as some install information and then they’ve got some warranty information here i guess you can submit it to get your uh that way you can get your actual lots registered for the warranty they’ve also got some 3m tape right here and then they have an oracle sticker which is pretty nice pretty nice boxing overall

And it’s padded up pretty nice that way nothing’s gonna get scratched or beat up and then for the actual lots themselves they come with the entire assembly right here so they are covered by plastic and then on the back side it’s got uh it’s got the mounting points and of course we will have to use our factory mounting bracket that’s already on our tail lights

Right now but with this they have it set up that way you can run it with blind spot monitors or without blind spot monitors which is pretty nice then they’ve also got the anti-flicker built in if you are switching from the traditional lots over to the leds so you’ve got the full package everything included for what you’ll need whether you have the factory leds or

The standard lights and then they’ve also got a looks like a side marker indicator with peel and stick on the back and then also some supplied screws all you really need is a trim removal tool and for that i always just use my handy dandy flathead we’ve also got a phillips screwdriver right there we’ll need that to take off some of the mounting brackets and then

We’ll also need a 10 millimeter socket then we’ve got some tape there as well because i do know with the anti-flicker we won’t be needing it for ours so if we have to undo any wires i’ll go ahead and tape those up just to make sure no moisture is going to get into those wires so first things first you’ll want your trim removal tool as well as your 10-millimeter

Socket you’ll go in right here and then on the corner of both pieces right and left you will have a little piece of trim to remove and then you’ll also have a plastic 10 millimeter bolt and whenever you loosen it up it’ll loosen the entire assembly that way you can pull it out all you need to do is pop this plastic trim piece off right here you’ll set it aside and

Then you’ll have a plastic 10 millimeter bolt right down here and all you’ll have to do is loosen it up and it will make it easier to release your rear washer fluid hose that way you’ll have better access in here and then it becomes hand tightened and you can just loosen it up with your fingers the rest of the way and this is what that bolt looks like of course

You do have that spring for a little better retention and it is plastic so whenever you’re reinstalling it you want to be sure not to torque it down too much because you can either break the light assembly or the actual bolt itself and we’ll set that aside for now then after you’ve got it out you can just pull the actual entire assembly out you’ll see that you

Have a couple different connections here and for this one you’ll want to pull out the red safety lever then after you pull out the red safety lever you’ll just squeeze this piece and pull the other out foreign and then for this piece you’ll be able to see you’ve got your phillips screws right here that you will have to take off and that’ll give you access to the

First piece and we will have to reuse this bracket later then you want to go ahead and remove these three screws and remove this bracket like i say you will have to use it again later and then to gain access to your blind spot monitors you do have two additional screws right here and that will allow you to take this piece off and you’ll lift that cover shield off

And then you’ll have access to your actual blind spot monitor and you’ll take this little shield off pull the red lever down and then you’ll depress that black tab and then you can pull it straight off and you’ll set this aside as well now to install your blind spot monitor into the oracle flush mount tail light you’ll want to go ahead and remove all these screws

Connecting to the supporting brackets and i believe there’s nine of them but we’ll take those out right now then once you’ve got that bracket off you can just set it aside then you’ll have access to your blind spot monitor bracket you want to grab your blind spot monitor install it up and down just like that then you’ll actually plug it in and push that red lever

Down and sit it back inside in its place and then you can reinstall the bracket you just took off then once you have the blind spot monitor snugged into place you can reinstall the bracket that you just took off and then to reinstall the factory bracket you’ll want to use the provided hardware that way everything will match up just dry and then for this extra

Wire for your anti-flicker if you already do have the factory leds i’m actually going to take this up that way it’s not in the way and actually cover these two prongs with tape that way if any moisture does get in it it’s not going to affect any of this now to reinstall it you want to go ahead and grab your factory connector right here and make sure you hear it

Snap and then push that red tab in at first re-securing this bolt you want to be sure to hold it exactly where you want that lot and then finger tighten it first and then you’ll re-secure it with your 10 millimeter socket and then when you feel it’s secure be sure not to over tighten it all right and we’ll go ahead and take the plastic off and re-plug your

Rear windshield washer fluid and then you’ll just reinstall your trim cover so this gives you guys a fair look at the comparison of the oracle versus the factory tail out from the rear and then of course the side profile is really where you tell most the difference much much cleaner look completely flush which is awesome i wish they would have came out with

These sooner for the jls this big bulky lot here just looks crazy on the back of the jeep but you can tell there how flush that is versus this factory lot and of course it serves all the same purposes you do have the reverse slot built in as well as the blind spot monitors so it’s an awesome piece to have now we’ve got both of them all mounted up as you guys

Saw i installed the driver’s side with you all and then i installed the passenger side right after i will be honest the passenger side has a little bit more movement then and that’s fully tightened up then the actual driver’s side did so that’s one thing to note on this one’s secured as can be if you move it the jeep’s moving but on this one it’s probably got a

Millimeter of movement right there and i’ve tried a few different things i i just don’t think it’s uh i just don’t think it fits as well on the passenger side as it does on the driver’s side but probably most people will notice but it does move just a millimeter fully tightened up so that’s just one thing to note foreign foreign guys as always if you haven’t

Already please like comment subscribe let me know what you think and let me know what you want to see next stay tuned for the next video as we convert the rubicon 392 to two wheel drive with the taser if you guys haven’t already go check out the merch the link is in the description below but as always until next time just take it easy foreign

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Best Jeep Wrangler Taillights Ever | Oracle Rubicon 392 By Godspeed ZRZ

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