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Altair Club Cars Best hybrid SUV – Toyota RAV4 hybrid STRANGE sounds when backing up review

Best hybrid SUV – Toyota RAV4 hybrid STRANGE sounds when backing up review

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How’s it going guys i’m here with my 2021 toyota rav4 xle hybrid and in this video i’m going to show you the incredibly weird noises that come from hybrid vehicles if you have never heard one or never owned one before we get into that remember to hit that like button subscribe or leave a comment or question down below are you ready for this now before i let you

Guys listen to these wicked weird noises coming from my otherworldly hybrid vehicle here the mother ship that i’m sitting in i want to explain a couple of things this is my first hybrid vehicle so any noises other than a gasoline engine are weird to me it was something that i really had to get used to the second thing that’s kind of funny is that when i back out

A parking spot no matter where i am when i back out of a parking spot people stop walking stop talking they walk behind my vehicle and they just they’re like what is that noise what is that thing and i always laugh every time i see it because it literally stops conversations people stop what they’re doing and they just all focus on your vehicle trying to figure

Out what that noise is and lastly my wife as far as this noise goes and i don’t disagree with her it sounds like a gospel like church noise so every time i back out and she’s within earshot of the thing she stands there like a preacher preaching the sermon to the to the people in the pews there and you guys will hear the noise as well let me know down in the

Comments down below if you think this is some weird church noise as well let’s get into it so what do you guys think so far kind of weird huh well i’m gonna give you a couple of other perspectives i’m gonna be in the vehicle and i’m going to kind of hang the camera outside so you guys can get kind of a closer listen to it and then i’m going to put the

Windows up and then reverse as well and you guys can hear what it sounds like from inside the cabin let me know again down in the comments down below what you think of this let’s do it all right guys we’re in the old garage here i’m going to throw it in reverse you guys are going to hear hallelujah here we go gotta make sure i don’t take my mirrors off here you

Guys can tell in the garage because it’s an enclosed area it’s pretty pronounced in there out here you can still hear it though this is what turns people’s heads and here is the final test windows up i’m gonna put in reverse i’m gonna stop yapping so you can hear what it sounds like again let me know what you think down below here we go so so we’re not in the

Garage anymore i pulled out and you can still hear it it’s less pronounced out here though but that’s the noise that again turns everybody’s head stops conversations people walking behind the vehicle going what the heck is that man is that george jetson driving a space vehicle or something but the bottom line is weird sounds i’ve gotten used to them i did want

To share them with anybody out there considering getting a hybrid vehicle because i’ve never heard anything like this before in my life again let me know what you think down below in the comments and thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video

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Best hybrid SUV – Toyota RAV4 hybrid STRANGE sounds when backing up review By The Comeback Kid

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