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Altair Club Cars BEST EXHAUST EVER 2022 Subaru BRZ/GR86 Tomei Expreme Ti 80r Catback Exhaust

BEST EXHAUST EVER 2022 Subaru BRZ/GR86 Tomei Expreme Ti 80r Catback Exhaust

We finally install one of my favorite catback exhaust systems which is the Tomei expreme Ti 80r on my 2022 subaru brz!

Today’s the day today is the day we finally unlock some subaru rumble we are installing the tomi exhaust on my 2022 super beer z i am hyped let’s get into it this is the exhaust we went with the full titanium muffler kit it is the type 80 so this is the big boy this is a three inch exhaust the main reason i went three inch exhaust is because we’re we’re planning on

Supercharging it and we just want to open up the system the motor let it flow better so we’re planning for the future like to get this off let’s open it up check it out and let’s do some uh stock wraps so that we can pair it with the homemade afterwards this is one of those loud boys this is gonna be loud hopefully not too loud but it will be what’s up alex we are

Unlocking the subaru rumble kind of not fully uh but i think it’s going to be pretty loud yeah with the exhaust you might hear it a little bit no i think it might hear a little bit if i put that tommy brand new tommy header and will that unlock the super rumble that that guy there he didn’t get that that that yeah yeah that guy there but that’s not today that’s

A different video oh already a few pops yeah i don’t know bro i think we got to make her a little makes more exhaust louder than the back yeah you know what it is the suit yeah so the 22 subaru beers these have fake engine noise that come through your speakers and that’s what you really hear oh what is that big boy it’s this is like the jdm big boy thing so

That’s that’s did you say far cannon bro yeah that’s a park no i haven’t seen one of those you don’t know the jdm scene anymore you’re a euro guy that’s why this is a jdm exhaust yeah we found mega man bro y’all these things yo this thing’s huge bro look at this thing god damn i think i don’t know if i’m one of the first putting this on this on this car sale

This is definitely a bit of a risk but yo this thing is insanely nice though this this is probably hands down the nicest exhaust i think i’ve owned stop walking away man i’m trying to get something the nicest success that i’ve owned this and the jay’s racing but this is all titanium probably just takes it what’s that face for nicest exhaust yeah bro he doesn’t

Understand guys comment down below tell alex that he doesn’t understand then video is pretty nice but this is full titanium the whole exhaust is tight this is the titanium look it looks good but this is like this it’s a part canon style i know it’s a beefy jdm boy you see a lot of this on like r32s and all that type of stuff i’m hoping that big boy is gonna fit

Here uh yeah it’s gonna be tough i think we might touch a little bit touch a little bit yo this is gonna be bro this is i okay let’s go so this is what comes in the box here we have two pipes here uh our clamp system the main titanium exhaust right here and some stickers and plates which will definitely probably put this plate on yeah if we run into an issue

Which we might because the canister is really big i think one of the first people that i know of doing this exact exhaust i know the first generation exhaust do fit but i haven’t seen anyone do this big boy yet so that’s it all right so we’ve taken the main exhaust off pretty easy it’s two bolts and four hangers and now i’m gonna help alex we’re gonna go down

Here and take these bolts off all right check out the piping difference this is the oem piping here and yeah i’m in loafers what’s up and then that’s the oem muffler and then check this thing out look how much bigger that is we’ll have a lot more airflow we’ll probably lose some back pressure definitely but like i said we’re prepping for boost in the future so

One step at a time do we’ve got most of the piping on this pretty easy install guys let’s just tighten the two bolts in the front and we’re gonna put the canister here the big cannon so we’ll see how that goes because i have two people easier to hold stuff up and do that now we’re gonna put the main tommy cannon here uh i don’t know wish me luck i think this

Is big this is big look at this it’s full mocked up right now i just kind of slipped it on but oh it’s a big boy alex so it fits pretty good it looks like we’re touching just a little bit right here which we’re gonna try angling it can we get a moment of silence no for my neighbors because when i turn this on ain’t gonna have any silence loud really really loud

I have a feeling right now might not be too bad because we saw the oem cats but once we do the catless uel headers the tomi ones gg gone bro why are you looking straight down the hole see i’m just staring right down buddy you trying to sniff it why is your nose so close you’re whispering thinking it’s gonna hurt so it’s pretty much all in this is such a beautiful

Exhaust and it’s pretty easy to install alex just tighten up the last bolt that connects the hangers you guys can kind of see the car is very dusty you can probably tell it’s kind of hard to get a camera but this thing looks so much better since it’s been ceramic coated you can see the flake a lot lot better so after this mod i think we’re gonna do the toma headers

And then afterwards we’re gonna do some coils and wheels uh i’m gonna leave it on the winter wheels just for now we’ll probably if i come across some awesome wheels we get them regardless and mount them to see how they look for the spring and summer season but we’ll use the oem wheels with some winter tires that’s on right now uh once there’s a good snowstorm i’m

Gonna take this thing out and kind of show it off a little bit in the snow and see how it goes it’s not the greatest car in the snow but i think we can manage alex just finished tightening up the last bowl what’s that she’s beefier this is a beefcake actually it’s not that bad yeah it does it looks bigger when you have it in your hand but you guys see right down

On the floor you see right there that’s where it’s kind of hitting and then on this side we have a bit more space now the last mod we have to do is we have to get this ugly ass plate off and put the tome one on you’ve been crowned with the tome it’s not very angelic i’m gonna try finding a block off plate for this side just so the diffuser flows a little better

We’re gonna bring her outside it’s dark i promise you it’s like pitch dark but we’re gonna try going somewhere with a bit of light and then checking it out but check that out so far looks pretty good it doesn’t come out too much comes out on a bit of an angle you can see it yeah good bro turning up good let’s get the first cold start it’s in the garage so it’s

Definitely gonna sound loud i’m curious holy jesus jesus christ okay okay oh that’s not too bad it died down pretty quickly it’s not too bad just on like quick start like yeah but now it’s actually it’s tamed down quite a bit okay sure if we were ever it’ll be loud yeah so let’s go to the spot we’ll get some revs and we’ll do some in-car driving also if

You guys notice those those are just winter tires i just gotta put away we’re just gonna leave those for now but we’ll uh we’ll go for a drive we’ll see how it is and uh we’ll do some in-car and then we’ll do some uh flybys and stuff cool all right guys so we’re in the car and so far it’s not too bad for it like normal driving right now i’m very sure once we put

The catlist headers gonna be a lot louder we’re gonna enter the highway i wanna see if we get some drone i’m assuming we may just because a lot of these motors do get a bit of drone these four bangers um let’s see how it goes we’ll do a bit of highway driving nothing too crazy not gonna do any crazy pulls yet uh but then uh we’ll do some fly-bys and stuff at the

Spot there but uh let’s see how this goes so far we’ve had a bit of pops but so tires so this is fourth gear entering the highway freeway it’s gonna be a little loud it’s not that loud it’s actually not that bad no it’s not it doesn’t sound drony or anything right now i’m actually i thought it was gonna be super droning like obviously if you have your foot

On the gas it’s gonna you’re gonna hear it uh but i think with a bit of music you can kind of like drown that out i know once we do the header it’s definitely a lot louder like definitely a lot louder uh but let’s see how this goes so far it’s not too bad like a downshift you can definitely hear with the downshifts a little acceleration not too bad not too bad i

Think that in car driving with everything oem aside from an exhaust is doable i don’t think you’ll get in too much trouble you can kind of hear the rumble a little bit just a tiny bit but it still needs to be unlocked with those headers 100 yeah that that once we have that that subaru sound i’m going to be extremely happy but so far so good we’re in our secluded

Little spot here all right alex give us some revs it’s a lot louder oh you hear that pop damn give us a nice one all right all right it’s not too bad it’s like it’s a little on the like it’s actually loud yeah it’s really loud out here and the car is not too bad i guess the car does some good sound deadening it sounds pretty good what do you guys think down

Below i think it sounds not too bad at all i think alex is starting to have fun with the rear wheel drive i think you’re starting to have fun with this rear wheel drive eh i told you i need to really do anything on but that was pretty cool bro do one launch a launch yeah do a soft launch go to like 4k and then just it is so cold well i got to change those to

Leds this sounds pretty good i’m not gonna lie guys it sounds pretty good go for it and there we go nice little skid mark it sounds pretty good guys it is freezing we’ll get some more like sound clips in the future but right now it’s like so cold as you can see my breath probably i am done all right i think we’re done hey you gonna sell your audi now or what

Yo how sick did that look you know what’s worse my hands they’re crazy there you go boys we will see you guys at home all right ladies and gentlemen there it is the tomat exhaust on the 22 beers let me know if you guys think that below uh is it too loud does it sound good so far i’m actually really enjoying it right right i think once we put the the catlist

Header stuff’s gonna be a lot louder but we’ll get that super rubble which is a good trade-off uh but for now as a daily driver i think it’s perfect you’ll get too much trouble for it as long as you’re not high running i think on the high roads it is yeah if you’re ripping it around that’s you know that’s the risk you take regardless uh but i think it’s for you

Let me know what you guys think once again thank you so much for watching peace out duo to write like comments like comment like comments like comments i like like comment and subscribe he’s out of it bye

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BEST EXHAUST EVER!!! 2022 Subaru BRZ/GR86 Tomei Expreme Ti 80r Catback Exhaust By Chris Lowpes

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