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Altair Club Cars Best Accessories for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 in 2022

Best Accessories for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 in 2022

———–Model Y/3 Accessories———–

Hello and welcome to tech sign today i’m going to be showing you some of my favorite accessories that i found for the tesla model y and the tesla model 3. i have about 12 accessories that are specific for tesla and some more bonus ones that just apply for anything really also i’m not sponsored by any of the companies you’ll see in the video and i also will have all

The links in the description for all the accessories that i’m going to show today and none of them are affiliate links either so this is just to make your life easier and i hope you learned something new from this video and without further ado let’s get started thank you first up we have a phone mount this foam mount right here is specific for the tesla model y

And the tesla model 3 and it basically just slides in under the dash right here and also the events it just clips in between these two and it has a little piece on the side to where it would just stop so it can go deeper than this but this is just the place it sits in and it’s a pretty good location so when you’re sitting on the driver’s side you can always see it

Next to you next to the steering wheel which i think would be the best place to have a phone mount this phone mount is nice as well because first off it matches the interior and also it says tesla on it even though i’m pretty sure this is not made by tesla and also it has a spring inside of it so once you put your phone in it will just hold your phone from multiple

Sides so your phone is not going anywhere it doesn’t really shake or anything it just makes it to where it’s very stable next up we have a pretty big one this one right here is a full cover for the back of your car so this covers your trunk and the size as well as the back of your seats so this is pretty good because that way you whenever you put anything into

Your car it’s not going to scratch it or it’s not going to ruin the interior and especially the sides right here they’re not going to get hit either and they’re not going to get scratched and this is all one piece you notice that this is all connected that’s one piece and it also has velcro on the bottom this is how it would attach to your car so there’s nothing

Permanent it just sticks on to the interior of the car like so so it’s not going anywhere and it’s pretty nice also if you have pets or anything like that this would make it to where your car would be a lot easier to clean also this is a pretty nice material it’s going to last a long time and it’s very easy to vacuum so that way nothing sticks to it as you can see

I have some crumbs over here but they don’t stick to anything they’re pretty easy to clean so if i just go with a vacuum right over this all of this will be gone next up we have a pretty similar accessories as well this is a seal cover that goes right here and all this does is basically it’s a thick rubber piece that just has adhesive on the bottom and it sticks

All the way on your seal right here so that way it protects your car if you’re putting anything heavy so that way it just doesn’t scratch that seal back and forth and it sticks on pretty well and it looks like part of the car and nobody that ever looked at my car thought they looked different or out of place so it both matches the interior and it protects your

Car i really like it and i give it a thumbs up next up we have all weather floor mat and these are very nice because they’re very easy to clean they’re made of what feels like nice solid rubber they’re pretty easy to move around and why i really like these is because whenever they’re dirty and you need to clean them you just get them outside of the car and you just

Spray them with a hose and all the dirt and everything just washes away so that way you won’t find yourself just trying to scrub away all the dirt out of your mats so the dirt right here and all that mud just once i spray it with a hose all of that will be cleaned and i can just put it right back into the car right after it’s dried i usually just leave it outside

For about half an hour and by then it’s dry so i just put it back into the car and this is the one for the driver’s side as you can see i’ve been using it a lot so it’s pretty dirty then again like i said it’s a pretty nice material to wear nothing can really stick to it so i can clean this in about five minutes or so next up from there this is the most popular

Accessory you’ll find for the tesla model y and the tesla model 3 and that would be the little drawer in here so this part right here that tesla does not include so this can just be removed like so and this just gives you extra storage because anything you put in this drawer gets piled up on the very bottom and this is where this comes in so it’s just basically

Just sits on here here it has a little sliding area and that way it’s just very easy to just move back and forth so you can just push it out of the way whenever you don’t need it so you can access the bottom and you can slide it out to access the top and it also comes with two more pieces the other piece just goes right here and that one also gives you some extra

Storage it’s kind of the same idea but this one doesn’t slide you can put extra stuff here up top so that way you can better organize your stuff and also this one just lifts up so that way you could access the bottom and it just slides back in and the last piece is this one right here normally there will be just a gap right here in the center console piece but

This one is just kind of like a little pocket that just goes in there and it sticks with adhesive around the sides and after it sticks in there you just have a little storage that you can just put something here maybe something that you want to be out of the way like a wallet or something like that next up we have these little plastic pieces that basically just

Stick on top of the metallic pieces right here of the for the hinge and all this does is that it just makes it look a little bit nicer so it would match the rest of the car because most of the interior is black and white so with this being metallic looking it didn’t really look like okay fit and this piece just goes right on top of it and sticks with a little bit

Of bubble face tape and that way it looks nicer and it also protects it a little bit from the weather so to help keep it from rusting this one comes with multiple pieces for every single door as well as on this side there’s this piece right here that goes on for the hinge as well so this one can slide out like so so this is what it looked like before and this piece

Just goes right on top of it like so and like i said it just makes it look a little bit nicer and they look the same for every single door so it’s overall a nice touch next up we have one of the most important accessories and that would be a screen protector i already have a glossy screen protector installed and this is what it looks like so you can already see

Some reflections in it there’s the glossy type and there’s the matte type i prefer the glossy one just because i wanted to watch movies on here and the matte ones tend to not look as good however they both have pros and cons because the glossy ones sometimes make it a little bit harder to see not so much when you’re driving but sometimes when you try and watch a

Movie or play a game and the sun is out you will notice their reflections a lot more but on the plus side it does look a lot clearer than a matte screen protector so it’s usually up to personal preference also i will have a video coming up on the install process and that install process applies for both the glossy screen protector and the matte screen protector so

If you’d like to see that subscribe and it will be up soon and finally our last tesla specific accessory that would be this little lock right here and most of the ones that you’ll find are usually 3d printed just like this one but they’re very strong so i’m not worried about anybody breaking this and all this does is that if you ever find your yourself needing to

Use the generic charger so that you would be able to charge any charging station that’s not a tesla charger anybody can just unplug this from your car unlike when you’re at a tesla charger where only when your phone is nearby then you can unplug it so all this does is that this piece right here just clips on so that way when you plug it into your car this will lock

It in place so nobody can unplug it nobody’s gonna stop your car from charging until you come by and your phone is near the car then you can unlock it alright and now on to some generic accessories that are not specifically for tesla but i found them to be very helpful i’m not gonna spend too much time on these just because they’re pretty easy and straightforward

So the first one is just this little mirror right here that just shows you a little bit of a bigger field of view so it just sticks right here and right on the other mirror right there so that way when you’re in the car you can see just a little bit more this one is a personal preference i just find it a little bit nice just because it gives me that little bit of

An extra safety and next up these are two different accessories i found these nice because this is a charger that basically takes usbc or usb so you can just clip this onto here if you wanted to use it as a usb cable and i just plug it into the back and i basically tuck it right next to the chair right here and it comes out to the next accessory which this is a

Magnetic piece so you can basically unclip it like so this is the little piece that it sticks to and this charger comes with multiple different pieces so it has a micro usb it has a lightning it has a usbc and another lightning so you can pretty much charge any of the most common devices also this cable can handle charging four devices at the same time which is

Pretty nice because if you have multiple devices that you need to charge you can just plug all of them in and in a couple hours they’ll all be charged and this just sticks back on there and like i said this magnetic piece is not part of this charger these are two different accessories i just used them together because i felt like this would be a nice add-on next up

I wanted to mention that the chairs and the tesla model y are actually very comfortable however when you do drive very long hours like i do sometimes you’re in the car for 6 hours or eight hours at a time it does start being not very comfortable and your back starts to hurt so i got this pillow right here so if you do long drives this is usually pretty nice because

This has a very thick pad adding and i’m not gonna say that i understand all the science behind it but it makes your bag very comfortable also it has little straps on the back so that way you could strap it around the seat and lastly this is not really an accessory but i found it pretty nice because it matched the interior of the car very well that would be baymax

From big hero 6. this is a bobble head and like i said it’s black and white so it matches the black and white interior very nicely and i think if i had back seats it would still look nice in the car so that concludes the video for today and if you have any questions about any of the accessories that you’ve seen or if there’s an accessory that you’re thinking about

Buying and you’re hesitating let me know i’ll be sure to get it and test it for you i do read all comments so if there’s any questions or any ideas for any new videos let me know and with that peace out

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Best Accessories for Tesla Model Y & Model 3 in 2022 By TechStein

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