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Altair Club Cars Bentley Mulsanne review: more luxurious than a Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Bentley Mulsanne review: more luxurious than a Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Join me and my girlfriend Jo for a tour and then a drive in this £300K Bentley Mulsanne – the most luxurious Bentley ever. I’ll show you all it’s amazing luxury feature and even time it from 0-60mph… And you will be surprised how quick it is… If you enjoy the video please subscribe to this channel!

This absolute beast is the bentley mulsanne and it is the most luxurious bentley you can buy so you can buy you can’t actually buy it anymore they’ve just stopped production which is really really sad because this thing is just absolutely insanely special i’m going to show you around the interior and explain all of its key features the car i’ve got here costs 290

000 pounds and you’ll see that it is actually worth all that money in fact i think this car is even more special than the rolls-royce phantom the monsant is a huge car it’s 5.6 meters long though this one is the extended wheelbase version it’s actually 5.8 meters long it’s huge this car has a two-tone paint scheme so you got rose gold on top magnetic lower down

So they initially spray the whole car with the rose gold the top colour and then a man hand sprays the bottom colour on and you’d be amazed that this line is perfectly straight yet it’s done by a human a human who quite obviously has ocd the more sans wings its doors are made out of aluminium to help keep the weight down though this thing still weighs in over 2.6

Tons now most of the body panels are pressed in the normal way but this part is actually done using old-fashioned coach building techniques so a human with a coach builder’s wheel bending the sheet metal by hand to create this glorious shape ah weird you might be thinking that the flying beam mascara could be pretty lethal in the event of a pedestrian impact but

They thought about that because look oh you see though i think whoever you hit is going to be shredded by the grill anyway what we have here is the heart of the mossan it’s a 6.75 litre twin turbo v8 it’s been hand built as well this engine’s design actually dates back to the 1950s but obviously it’s been modernized and you get modern performance so 505 horsepower

And 1020 newton meters of torque if you have the speed version of this car you then have 530 horsepower and 1100 newton meters of torque that drives the rear wheels by an eight-speed automatic gearbox the back seats of the bentley multn is one of the best ways to travel especially if you have this long wheelbase version i mean look how much legroom i’ve got here

Headroom’s really good as well if you need even more room you can press this button and then you can take control of the front passenger seat and move that around forward and tilt it more upright to give yourself even more space the sheer amount of warden leather and metal is incredible and you’ve got loads and loads of features as well so look at this very posh

Walnut picnic table but that is the beginning of it all there’s also airplane style folders on the seat backs and they feel very posh and then then we have a magazine to celebrate bentley’s 100 years since 2019. lovely check this out right if i just press this button we have the infotainment screen popping out the front seat back doesn’t come cheap though this

Rear entertainment system 16 000 pounds this car also has the comfort specification so you’ve got the super luxurious rear seats which are ventilated they’ve got massage function and of course you can move them so i’m moving it and i can recline the backrest as well we have some under calf support allows you to really just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride

Plus look you’ve got super comfy pillows and extra pillows here as well for the smaller your back come on bentley there we go isn’t that lovely now being a bentley you get air conditioning for zone climate control of course but you don’t just have it blowing out from one place you have ventilation for your feet ventilation for your middle section and ventilation

For your upper body it’s so luxurious this car’s even got a glass roof and it’s not just a normal sunroof you can actually open it which is really unusual to have an opening sunroof in the back seat but this is a super luxurious bentley under here you have some storage yeah it’s not that interesting couple of usb ports but i like the way the covering is frosted

Glass there’s another thing i want to show you which has frosted glass look at this right underneath here is your fridge so it has room for your champagne in fact there’s room for two bottles of champagne in there and it comes with cut crystal glass champagne flutes lovely it’s expensive though eight and a half thousand pounds for this fridge but if you can afford

One of these cars you don’t really care do you can afford it underneath here you have another table though it’s a little bit of a puzzle to figure out how to work it but there we go i learned how to do it but look at this it’s so luxurious though it is a bit wobbly might not be ideal for resting things on other than a laptop to get it back how do you do this yes

Then i’ll press the button there and fold it um is that right no okay press that and there we go that’ll keep you entertained for a wee while some other things to note the ashtray that is solid metal you could do someone some serious damage with that underneath here is your cigarette lighter all shrouded in leather why is that covered in leather i don’t know

It just is i also like this feature as well you don’t want people looking in at you because you’re obviously a really important vip you don’t get packed yeah just shut the curtains that is quite a long rear window isn’t it if you think about it and if you really want to be in total privacy you can shut the back curtain as well it’s like an old-fashioned cinema

Screen i know i can just sit back and relax and um chill one of the key things about the mulsanne is that it’s not just a car that you get driven in it’s a car designed for you to be the driver as well and it’s lovely in the way that it’s set out so the driving position you actually sit quite low and very central so it has a sort of sporty edge to it but then

You’ve got that combined with all the luxury i mean there’s so much dead cow in here i feel sorry for poor daisy but she didn’t die in vain i mean this leather is lovely and there’s lots of trees that have been felled and these aren’t just like little thin veneers this is almost like solid wood things that look like metal they are solid metal we’re not talking

Like shiny bits of plastic here and the buttons you won’t see these buttons in any other car this is a bespoke vehicle not bits from a golf or other bits of the vw group it’s all unique to this small sound this screen look at the size of this screen it’s a little bit old-fashioned now the screen on my phone is almost as big as that and the definition is very

2015. forgive it because then below you’ve got some analog dials which are just so in keeping with the old traditional bentley feel analog dials for the speedo and the rev counter and yet there’s a digital screen in between but yet again it’s a little bit old-fashioned that screen low definition we’ve got some storage solutions though so that’s all fine we’ve got

Another one of these solid ashtrays so you could have a fight with your passenger in the back altering with leather another there’s lots of these actually in modern cars these are just like little things to fill in the 12 volt socket but in this bentley they are actually cigarette lighters it says a lot about the customer big fat cigars that’s me smoking a cigar

By the way anyway under here you’ve got a cup holder which you can adjust to suit the size of your beverage and even this little tray here is lined with leather and if you want to keep your mobile phone outside you could fit it in there it even fits the very latest big smartphones like my samsung galaxy ultra then under here you have a small glove box because most

Of it’s taken up by dvd changer look at that where is the last time you watched a dvd you got some door bins down here and then lots of other nice bits of materials that you can just touch and enjoy the opulence and then there’s these seats oh they are very very comfy and i think you have 12-way adjustment of course they’re massaged as well obviously yes this is

A very nice car to sit in either the front or the back let’s have a little bit of a chat about the morsan’s practicality so obviously it’s got a boot and to get into it there’s not a button underneath here you press the b voila now this boot the size is okay there’s a bit of a load lip lock to lift your heavy luggage over but look at this look at the carpeting

In here it’s just so lovely i’d almost like to get in here i also like this the way you have your umbrellas in the boot there look at this i feel like i should be in the film the kingsman oxfords or brogues what do you think of the design of this car now i wouldn’t say that it was particularly pretty but it’s definitely striking in that way it’s a bit like mick

Jagger though obviously it’s not quite as wrinkled as him i really do like these lights though they’re they’re like jewelry and i like the way they say bentley inside them this is another cool feature about them as well if you just wait there when you do the windscreen wash it actually washes the lights and i love the way a little device pops out to wash it i’m

Getting a bit wet here see that’s kind of cool it means that you’re always shining brightly up the road the side of this car is more elegant it’s sort of swoopy yet muscular lots of chrome of course i like the flying bee the way it extends all the way down here with this chrome element wheel sizes start 20s but these are the 21s and you’ve got some huge breaks

In there but you need them because this is a heavy heavy car the rear of the mulsanne reminds me of the scooping tells of bentleys from the 1930s and 40s i like the way that you’ve got the letter b and the tail lights there though obviously it doesn’t work quite so well over the other side unless you’re looking at it in a mirror but there you go you’ve also got

The classic oval bentley tailpipes and now i’ve got soot on my hands great all right let’s see what this small sun is like to drive and be driven in and that’s why i’ve got my girlfriend joe with me to pass verdicts on this car as a passenger hey danger you’re right yeah i’m good thanks are you comfy back there very good get used to this now the first thing to

Note about this car is comfort comfort matters on a luxury limousine this has air suspension and it’s adaptive so it’s reading the road responding depending on the conditions and how i’m driving and it is very comfy what’s it like for you back there it’s lovely very spacious incredibly comfortable now i’m gonna do a little motoring journalist thing here where

I’ve got to compare it to another car and the key card to compare it to is of course the rolls-royce ghost and i’ve recently driven the new rolls-royce ghost so it’s quite interesting to back to back the two this car is comfy right you say over bumps you don’t really notice them but you notice them a little bit more than you do in the ghost now what i want to do

Is explain to you the comfort on this car so if you think about the most comfortable thing you could have and that would be lying on something like a vice sprung mattress spring vice spring mattress thanks for correcting me joe that will give you a comfort factor of 10. then driving along in a rolls-royce ghost would be a comfort factor of nine driving in this

Is a comfort factor of eight one less than the rolls-royce you might think that doesn’t really matter does it won one less you know an eight out of ten for comfort in terms of the suspension is actually very good but when you’re at this end of the market that extra one point does matter and that’s slightly where this car falls down it just isn’t the smoothest

Luxury limousine out there and that doesn’t matter some people such as motoring journalists who are trying to justify their existence by evaluating different cars one thing that goes in this bentley’s favor though that it is more fun to actually drive than a rolls royce you just feel more connected to the car you feel more through the steering you feel a bit

More through your bottom it seems to just grip the road a bit better it’s definitely got that bentley element combines luxury with performance and an engaging drive and this small sound even though it’s absolutely massive does that i’m not entirely sure you’re going to appreciate this from the back seat though getting flung about as i hoon this thing around

Some corners i don’t know it’s all right so far now can you feel it now the suspension now we’re driving in town it’s a little bit bumpy you can feel the odd light jiggle and wiggle can’t you under your bottom now you’ve been in the back of the rolls royce ghost do you remember that i do remember that did that feel a bit smoother i think so but then we were stuck

In traffic quite a lot so i i don’t think i could really compare the two i’m going to do a u-turn here to just check the maneuverability of this car because obviously that’s important this could be a bit embarrassing not going to get around in one go that’s what happens when you’ve got a car that’s oh 5.8 meters in length is it really that long oh it is really

That long yes i thought you knew that already does it always end up there what do you mean when it’s some kind of like crass innuendo i can’t say anything without you taking it the wrong way off my usp joe even though it’s a big vehicle and quite wide i’m not finding it too difficult just navigating it through the streets i think it’s so imposing looking that

Other cars like that just seem to get out of the way excuse me i’m coming through my big bentley you better pull over because i’m considerably richer than you are they’re obviously thinking that you’re a vip in the back should i close the blinds i get too carried away one thing that is really relaxing about this car is the engine this big old v8 it provides a

Hundred percent of its torque full 1020 newton meters from just 1700 rpm which is insane doesn’t red very highs it doesn’t need to though because it’s just got so much pulling power you plant your right foot and it goes doesn’t it really goes i wasn’t expecting that and it sounds good as well do you like the sound of it sounds really nice it’s good when it comes

To overtaking slower cars please drive carefully driver being the chauffeur you’ve got to do exactly what madam or sir wants it’s definitely got more class inside than the roles it feels more british doesn’t it than the rolls-royce so if you could have the ghost or this which would you pick i would have this but in a different color outside really i love this

Color what would you have in black no probably you’d have it in black no you’d have it black dark gray to black i can’t help it you think the engine is pretty quick but one of the things i really like to do is launch a car so we’re actually going to naught to 60 time you’re all right with that joe i am you sure as long as you’re safe i’m going to pull over i’m

Going to do it down that way i’ve got my specialist timing gear here we’re going to time it from north to 60. what time do you think this car’s going to do 3.7 are you joking it weighs like 2.6 tons i have another guess 5.4 5.4 let’s do it you ready okay struggling for traction a bit you’re not far wrong it did 5.27 yeah well i was way off with my first time

Well it was kind of a little ambitious but that’s all right isn’t it 5.27 seconds to 60 and it struggled for grit because it’s setting all that power just to the rear wheels it felt very smooth still though that was all down to my driving and the way i managed the power and the traction yeah right did i go for driving this i do yeah if i go a little bit quicker

Now see if you feel a little bit carsick i don’t tend to get carsick it is quite impressive the way it goes around corners for such a big thing does give a good blend of comfort and engagement which is what you want from a bentley and the brakes are good too i also like the fact that the pedals are so lovely big aluminium pedals so if you could have any car that

I’ve driven over the last year or so which would you keep it could be this could be the roles could be the rs6 we got at the moment what would it be if you have this you have to have a driver with it don’t you i think that’s what would you think i am yeah but it’s a bit weird he’s sort of driving a meeting in the back unless this came with the driver i probably

Wouldn’t have this i’m definitely not a rolls royce kind of girl can’t believe i’m actually even saying that so why aren’t you a rolls-royce kind of girl they’re just a bit too chunky so what would you have what would be your ideal car of all the ones i’ve had so far the new rs6 at the moment after driving that the other day so you’d have the rs6 over the g wagon

I don’t know it’s different i i always loved driving the g wagon every time i got out of the g wagon it always made me feel happy the g-wagon is the vehicle that you get out of like you’re saying you’re like oh it’s so cool i love it but the actual reality of driving it it is not as good as the rs6 the rs6 is more comfortable it’s easier to drive but that g got

All the character hasn’t it i did love it yeah i mean you can’t not love it unless you’re dead inside oh is it this way i have no idea i don’t even know where i am and i’ll be sacked have we been passed here already bad chauffeuring bad the only way it could get worse is if i crash oh god please don’t oh not too fast slow down i’m assessing the car not my job

Not with me in the back sorry madam we are now getting closer to your estate finally we’re back god i hate to be a chauffeur at the entrance there that’s not where we started wait wait this is fine well there you go my dear i hope you enjoyed the ride so then what’s my final verdict on the bentley mulsanne well it’s an absolutely gorgeous car that’s lovely to be

Driven in and actually good fun to drive it’s a shame they’re not going to be making it anymore goodbye old dear i love you i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like also let me know of any other videos you’d like me to do in the comments below if you want to watch some more content click on the windows there and don’t forget to subscribe

To this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload thanks for watching

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