belgravia green 2022 range rover
Altair Club Cars Belgravia Green 2022 Range Rover D350 HSE

Belgravia Green 2022 Range Rover D350 HSE

The best selection of new model Range Rovers arriving every week. Here’s our latest and one of the best individually style in Belgravia Green with Shadow Exterior Pack, 23” Gloss Black Alloys & Perlino Leather interior

The all-new range rover in this is the color i would have picked belle gravier green first one we’ve had look at them three all sold so just be quick this car’s belgravia green pelino interior d350 hsc watercolor what a car it’s going live on our website and this is my favorite so far i think i love the color i love the interior and um belgravia green great name

As well isn’t it great name it’s a d350 here chassis it’s done delivery miles it’s got the 23 inch wheels it’s got the shadow line exterior it’s got the sliding panoramic sunroof it’s absolutely stunning the color everything about it it’s going to go live on our website you can call me direct get it secured shadowline exterior package gives you this beautiful

Styling the lettering the new design on the front grille and it’s a 350 so it’s the 350 brake horsepower as well so you’re benefiting from that extra bhp great performance all wheel steering as well the big one i was having this conversation with a guy yesterday about it he said oh i don’t think i’m going to put the 23 inch wheels and i think i’m going to go for

The 22-inch or the 21s trust me you need to go for these wheels 23-inch wheels gloss black split spork as you can see they are the wheels for the car they fill the arches you then get that shadow line inserts them wide look at them sections along the sides it’s got privacy glass on the back beautiful deployable door handles and then from the rear look at it that

Beautiful led light that big back bumper finished in high gloss black shadow line badging this lovely little spoiler what comes out here as well just a stunning example and i love the color soft closed doors is standard on a hsc now this car’s got a contrasting roof as well so if we just move back a little bit you can see you’ve got belgravia green but then you’ve

Got the contrasting black roof on the top inside palin or leather inside exclusive interior it’s stunning you’ve got meridian surround sound the new memory seats which are designed differently on the door cards beautiful piano black inside it’s got the sliding sunroof here chessy gives you things like heated steering wheel adaptive cruise control heads up display

This bear every time i jump in a new range i just love how you feel they feel beautiful inside and they do drive stunning as well this new digital cockpit which is broken up into that that segment if you like heads up i mentioned 13.1 inch screen which is just huge which has then got all your new features cabin lighting park assist all the different colors and

There’s you know as you as we are learning about these new generation cars you pick up on different bits of specification you know things that i noticed the other day if you look at your your seats there you’ve got your climate control things like your vents you’ve got different features on your vent for the front and rear you can adjust them digitally seats if

We go into seats with this car being a hse we’ve got heated and we’ve got cooled and you can adjust your front and back seats inside glass sliding sunroof added option massive option key feature for me camera system as well so all the safety elements on these new cars is superb so adaptive cruise control blind spot monitoring 3d surround camera look out how

Usable this is so quick so nimble very very easy to use you’ve got wireless charging to drop your phone down there as well steering wheel water car absolutely stunning there’s your heated steering wheel button there in the back again beautiful rear electric seats meridian surround speakers there 3d little illuminated seat belts as well they look really really

Nice on a night re-heated seats rear digital climate control split folding tailgate you can drop all your seats down got huge boot space you can drop all your seats down with m2 buttons there and also you’ve got air suspension but that is now my new favorite new model range rover the color the interior the wheels the contrasting black roof shadow line exterior

Watercar best buy available in the uk for a hsc d350 ring me secure it you can come and pick it up tomorrow meet me and pick up your beautiful belgravia green range rover

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Belgravia Green 2022 Range Rover D350 HSE By Acklam Car Centre

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