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Altair Club Cars Beginner side hustles to make money quick fast and in a hurry (Start today)

Beginner side hustles to make money quick fast and in a hurry (Start today)

Beginner side hustles to make money quickly? I gotchu. These 3 beginner friendly side hustles will help you make money fast. If you’re looking for ways to make extra money in 2022, this is the perfect video for you. Even though these are easy side hustles, they still require work and hustle baby. The barrier to entry is just lower than others as these side hustles don’t need a lot to start.

I know they say there’s no such thing as get rich quick but honestly there is a way to make money fast so that’s why in this video i’m gonna be sharing three of the best beginner friendly easy side hustles that you can do to make some extra money whether you’re looking to make some extra money for the holidays or completely replace your full-time job like i did

These side hustles can be done from your phone they need little to no money to get started and you don’t need any experience or to be some type of business guru to get started my name’s energy i was broke for years until i learned how to make money online and on this channel i’m sharing how you can do the same so make sure to subscribe ecommerce is a trillion dollar

Industry and for those of you guys who want to get a piece of that pie without actually handling any inventory ordering products having all the shipping hassle stuff like this you need to get in on this next side hustle this side hustle is print on demand anyway i know he’s like i heard about print on demand before no in this video i’m gonna be showing you guys

How you’re gonna fast track your income over the next three months this is real money i’m telling you people are made taking hundreds and thousands of dollars from per on demand it could be your side hustle or it can replace your full-time job first before i explain how to 10x your income with print on demand i want to actually explain what it is and to do that

I’m going to be using printify printify is my favorite print on demand supplier they have over 500 products that you can choose from customize and then sell so how does print on demand work well first you’re going to go ahead and pick your product i’m going to be telling you guys shortly what products to pick these next three months okay to make some real money

But you’re gonna pick what products that you want to make maybe you want to make a t-shirt maybe you want to make a mug maybe you want to make a phone case maybe you want to make a tumbler okay you just have to pick that after that you’re going to go ahead and think of some kind of design so that you can customize the product okay remember you’re only creating the

Design it could be something as simple as just a line of text if you’re not really you know into the design and stuff like this i use canva to create all my designs you’re gonna upload that design to printify this is you telling printed by hey when somebody orders my product i want you to take your products put my design on it and then ship it out to my customer

I don’t want to touch jack diddly squat i just want to design okay upload your own design to printify and then after that printify easily integrates with something like etsy or shopify or wix so it’s going to create a listing for you and it’s going to have a picture of your product remember no product is created yet it is just a picture again printify integrates

Everything easily so listing it is totally easy and i forgot to mention the most important thing it’s actually completely free to use you don’t need any money to get started what’s gonna happen now is the customer is going to be shopping somewhere like etsy i like to use etsy because i don’t need a following right this is a search engine people are gonna find my

Product by searching it into the search bar all right passive income hello people are gonna find my product and then they’re gonna say oh i like that i have to order one for myself one for my mama and one for my sister okay once i order a product this gets sent to printify okay print device says we have their order let us make the products customize it with this

Person’s design on it french buy goes ahead and ships that to the customer the customer is happy i collect my money printify has their cut for the actual cost of the product and it’s a cycle from there again this is completely free i’ll have the link to sign up for printify because you can get started today really there’s no excuses with this one but if you guys

Want to be the people who are making money because a lot of people are like i uploaded a product i didn’t get no sales this is what you have to do okay the holidays are upon us right now halloween thanksgiving christmas new year’s guys this is the time to make money so if you are going to do this side hustle i don’t want you to just make any product i want you

To make products that are associated with this holiday season the good thing about printfy again they have hundreds of products but right now what i would focus on is anything that could be gifted to somebody else and anything related to the holidays for example printify has christmas ornaments okay any type of shape like i was looking and there’s so many types

Of shapes of christmas ornaments they even have stockings that you can customize i know that you guys will love printify so much that i got you guys a special code that gives you one month free access to print by premium this means that the base cost of an item is going to be lower for you so you get to keep more money in your pocket thank you so much to printify

For partnering with me in this video make sure you guys check out that coupon code down below because there is money to be made this holiday season if you guys want me to do a video where i create a print-on-demand store complete completely from scratch right in front of your eyes let me know down below and if enough people comment that i will make that video

For you like i think it’ll be so helpful this is one of my favorite ways that beginners can start making money asap i’m talking literally today this weekend the reason i love this side hustle is because the profit margins are insane i’m talking you could actually earn thousands with just a small investment if you’re looking to turn ten dollars into three hundred

Dollars this weekend then you need to get in on flipping no it’s not just any kind of flipping from the garage sale or the thrift store with this type of flipping the items are completely new you can charge a premium for it because they are really like in demand quality items to know what type of flipping i’m talking about i want you to go to your computer i want

You to open a new tab in your phone i want you to type in your city and then after that type in auctions okay so if you live in los angeles i want you to type in los angeles auctions if you’re in san francisco san francisco auctions california girl but you can put in whatever city is the one that you’re living in right now what will come up is a bunch of online

Auctions okay these auctions are where companies who have overstock or they have liquidation they dump their stuff okay they give it to the auction houses a lot of this stuff is completely new inbox high quality items the auction house lists it and you can either auction for it totally online none of this one dollar one dollar two dollar none of this okay completely

Online auctions or you can do a buy it now so there’s two options if you don’t want to do the auction just do the buy it now if you want it quick fast and in a hurry right away on my auction site i see this beautiful desk okay the current bid is nine dollars it retails for 329 how much are you gonna list it for if it retails at 329 maybe you can sell it at 275

Right give them a little discount i like to give 20 off of the retail price for nine dollars turning that into 275 that is insane profit okay i also found another one on here which is a bike okay a new completely new in the box bike it’s selling for 75 at the auction but the retail price is 200 okay this is something a little bit more simple and you know during the

Christmas season everybody and their mom is buying bikes for their little babies kids okay well you can get it from the auction listed on facebook marketplace listed on craigslist and start making your money again i want you to do the research when you find something and make sure it’s in demand okay see do you see other things like this on facebook marketplace

Or on craigslist do you see that the profit margin is good do you have space uh in your house if you don’t have space don’t get big things get little tiny things like they have doll sets that you can get they have a cutlery and plates and all this stuff right but look it when i tell you oh the profit on this is crazy and you don’t have to drive around to thrift

Stores here garage sales there no it’s all from your house if you’re interested in this you need to get on it right now because during christmas everybody is gifting everybody something so this is when you really want to start selling your items for those of you guys who love freedom you know you want to get that passive income and stuff like this then this side

Hustle is going to be for you i personally have made tens of thousands of dollars doing this hide hustle so i wanted to share that with you guys as well i’m also going to be sharing how you guys can 10x your income these next three months by utilizing the holiday season the earlier two side hustles both utilize physical products but for this one we’re all about

Those digital products now what are digital products digital products is just anything that is not physical that you send to a customer some examples of digital products could be like a pdf document it could be an ebook it could be any kind of wedding invitation right that they have to actually print out you’re just only sending them the file a good example of a

Digital product is this artwork that i have up here all i did i guess i should show you guys right there you go all i did was buy the file online and then i was able to take it to my local print shop and actually have them print it out now how are you guys going to make digital products so that you guys can make money because i’m all about having that accessible

Side hustles okay you don’t have to be an artist you don’t have to be any of that well you’re gonna sign up for your free canva account if you guys are not on camera now guys you guys gotta be on canva if you want to be really making the money okay sign up for a free canva account this is so that you can design a product after you sign up for your free canva account

I want you guys to think what can i sell for the holiday season i’m gonna just give you guys a few ideas that i know that you guys are smart and you guys can think of probably a million other ideas in the one i’m giving you but maybe you can make a halloween or christmas themed baby shower invitation maybe you can make a christmas themed wedding invitation maybe

You can make wall art like the one i just showed you that is a holiday theme christmas thanksgiving new year’s maybe you guys can make some digital planners or some printable planners or calendars or whatever for the new year right new year new me people want a new planner this is really when they’re buying it because right they’re trying to change their life they

Want a planner maybe you guys can make holiday themed coloring pages there’s so many ideas that you guys can do this is really for my ones that are more creatively inclined right you can use canva canva has so many elements that you can use and you can make it like you don’t have to be an artist or something like this you just have to have a good eye for what looks

Good basically you’re going to create your digital product in canva and then you’re going to create a listing on etsy why do i use etsy because it’s a search engine people can find you by typing in christmas themed wedding invitation okay and then yours comes up your listing is going to contain pictures of your digital product remember it is completely digital it

Is just a file that you’re sending them once they order then you can send them the file or you can send them the link to the file so that they edit it and customize it in canva themselves even though right now is the holiday season so i’m saying take advantage of it this could really be done for any holiday throughout the year right what’s after new year’s there’s

Valentine’s day there’s fourth of july there’s st patrick’s day there’s all these holidays that you could really take advantage of and create some digital products around that and this is giving you extra traffic and you don’t really have to do anything extra right the date just has to come by and then you can have like a holiday themed shops with little categories

St patrick’s day fourth of july thanksgiving stuff like that and people can come to you each month after because they know that you’re the person who has the holiday themed wedding invitations or baby shower invites or coloring pages or planners or whatever it is right go ahead sign up for canva right now completely free to get started i’ve been thinking of making

A video where i show myself creating um a digital product etsy store from scratch showing you guys the sales all that stuff right from a beginner standpoint if you guys do want to see that video comment down below and if enough people want to see me doing that then i will definitely make that video for you guys other than that let me know which side hustles do

You think that you’re going to be trying okay i tried to give you some really good ideas in this video that i personally believe in and i stand by but it’s up to you to put in the work and be consistent give yourself 90 days or something like that to really stick with it so that you can see the results if you guys want to know all the ways that you can make money

I’m gonna link a playlist right here so you can binge watch get those ideas and start making that extra money other than that i’m energy and i’ll see you guys in my next video

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Beginner side hustles to make money quick fast and in a hurry!! (Start today) By ENERGI

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