beast bmw x5 x drive 30d x line
Altair Club Cars BEAST BMW X5 X-Drive 30d X-Line | Preowned Cars | Circuits 99

BEAST BMW X5 X-Drive 30d X-Line | Preowned Cars | Circuits 99

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Hi everyone welcome to nine nine inning number number one it’s from the same family bmw or uh trending on arcade lore demanding on a current it’s uh bmw x5 so engine like you have a three liter inline six cylinder engine with 260 bhp and 620 newton meter torque so three liter engine bmw commoner llame like you the they give the same spec so they don’t be

Much of a difference in the x5 layer x5 30d x line uh one of the top end car there so your features in angular number so bmw laser lights you have for your headlights and it is the latest one and latest technology which they are using the advantage patina like uh 30 lesser than the led lights without a consumption power consumption america and you get a throw

Off around like 600 meters energy savings and again like you get the kidney grills the same as what we spoke at 630 d and other events are same same functions you have if you have a close winds here and once like you the car has been moved for some time it automatically gets open and you get your fog lamp so in the generation cars patina cluster architecture

Method in combination of uh aluminium steel carbon fiber and the like a they have used this technology you have a diamond cut 20 inches alloy and being a luxury suv you have the soft closure in the car with 650 litres of boot space like uh you have and uh previous generation like again it has become advanced over uh it like this and again you can close it

Back and boot like auto closer you have this car so back completely if you take the bumpers with dual exhaust and there’s a particular so on the shape now like on the bumpers just to give that uh the body get put on the field they have given this type of appearance you have panoramic sunroof weather control heat installation panoramic sunroof you can see

The dots in the sunroof like or a green dots and again like you get a good uh legroom in the car so for a comfortable six foot around pinata and there we can go comfortably in this car you have a charging point rear ac vent at the sides so rear sunlight look in the version on the you have napa seats with thai support and uh dashboard on the as you should the

Same pattern of bmw and storage spaces up i think you have wireless charger with couple of cup holders and uh glow box so you have good uh space over here and you have a chiller too and uh on the gambian lighting of patina they have given like uh two patterns like normal one single pattern the following they have given two patterns and where like uh center

Console and then the dashboard and doors they’re giving a good way of ambient lighting no under a harman kardon system motor like you have eight airbags and uh previous generation lapatina pinarati motonamu you had like aromatic suspension but in the generation they have been all the four aromatic suspension other gundam controls in the console completed you

Can like lift your car and whatever you want to do depends on the mode you want to drive the car new car on the 1.1 crore were there and uh number circuits like 2019 then around like 21 000 kilometer we are putting 28 lakh squad control for kuwait apartheid like interesting and it was an impressive car so like even this is a very demanding car in the market and

You know like new car the waiting period is around like six to eight months last week you ate for pathetic what immediately sold like i was very happy for it and uh bye

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BEAST ! BMW X5 X-Drive 30d X-Line | Preowned Cars | Circuits 99 By CIRCUITS 99

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