bc tem volvo s60 2021 r design i
Altair Club Cars Bc tem Volvo S60 2021 R Design – i th ln Mercedes C Class v BMW 3 series | Autodaily

Bc tem Volvo S60 2021 R Design – i th ln Mercedes C Class v BMW 3 series | Autodaily

Bóc tem Volvo S60 2021 R Design – Đối thủ lớn Mercedes C Class và BMW 3 series | Autodaily

Yes, yes, in the ranking with you, hello everyone, we have talked a lot about the volvo brand as the top safety cars in the world, but today i would like to introduce a few more factors that we will understand that volvo is also a very civilized car, very polite and very kind to the equipment at the table, the andes version of the volvo s60 and it is very beautiful, isn’t

It. but the beauty part is in the equipment part. again, i would like to share with you guys above, let’s come to the first benevolent and polite information that is the ability to protect and reduce pedestrian injuries. this bonnet will have two things here if in the event of a collision, something will push you into it, it will turn this part of the bonnet upside down

And it will reduce the risk of people. walking in the higher versions also has a pedestrian airbag on the line to v, put it in two big news, if anyone knows , please share more. once again, you will see that if the cars are normal, the part that sprays water when it rains, she will push the entire spray glass to be old and not be the person next to her, but it won’t.

Au please invite you and your friends here so you will see that the entire part of the water it will be sprayed here is very small, at that time a called that, where the water goes, it is very civilized and politely now i’ll try to show it to you guys its ability to meet let’s see how well it catches minh it’s polite these are very small details but why this wiper blade

It’s higher than the normal wiper blade very simple and interesting in you it is the detail that i just told you ah ah ah yeah yeah yeah ah a call did you see a single drop of it can you shoot to the side for the s60, there are 4 versions, the first is a square meter the second is angry at the third ad dai with a lot of equipment for you, just let you and pasta android t

The version of vietnam can be said to be equipped with a lot of options on the options that are very valuable in terms of the selling price of this s60, at the time of filming, i did not have it and i would like to ask permission to type on that screen for you. your taste can be heard about equipment with the adidas design package you will find that the car from the bar is

Much sportier with this all black painted grille. singing the whole melon is the same, it’s true to call these two fog light boxes all it is a seamless design, the whole lamp technology is a crimson lamp yes new picture 4 life is very typical, then this part we the one is too familiar, sir, cam360 tube shirt yes yes, this bonnet you will see that the line near it is very

Strong in terms of this design. you look at it at a 45 degree angle if you will see that the top part the car is very long, the wheel also makes design a sound and this wheel makes -18 contribute 235 when i believe all of it is alcohol ha previous sensor system i wish there would be 6 sensors along with that, the camera system and the sensors in the intelligent driving

Assistance systems. there are so many emergency brakes in the city that you will feel very healthy on this side , funny adidas adidas european civilization to very small details look at these parts to see on top of the utility sports roof racks , the open sensor on all 4 doors in volvo’s point of view will not use the intake door even on the xc90 or at90 we return to the

Engine equipment on the car this engine on this car t5 engine 250 horsepower if using t6 it is about 320 code president of vietnam then in the us the choice of t5 is not that dark, it is even better with a relative capacity of moderate and has a relatively good fuel economy index, a car will show you all the plastic parts. it’s very nice and that’s it, the engine is 2.0

And this is a relatively new detail, a cloth hanger for the engine and even when i start it, the engine is very quiet when i acceleration so it suddenly steps out , the engine will be prone to vibration, it is just like this bar it is called as a whole array with the engine block and this name it has also been reduced in weight. the amount when punching up and this part

Is the rubber part for european cars and specifically volvo will use 2 hoa binh batteries, yes, the latter is used to put in this bottle after giving birth. this will power the whole car. we often use folk songs to test the body of a car like getting married forever, please call it comfort and then the rear of the s60 about this problem is this design is a bit longer,

Bigger, green light for more personal beauty like me, i’m a relatively ass person maybe i’m an old person so what if the design of this light at the rear of this car is that i really like it, it’s just right, it’s not too aggressive, it’s not too yen, but it has a touristic rené yes ok feel under id y with all painted the black color of this duo is very beautiful. the six

Sensors behind it are now available. detect vehicles crossing when reversing and assist with braking and a very safe car, this car is not bitter yet i call you even though it is the same segment with all 3 series or c circuit in but volvo it has an appearance that can be said to be completely new, although it can be said that in general, it looks quite similar to the two

Hundred and nine miniature s90 with many features along with both xc90 xc60 and brothers. the same house must be equally handsome, must be equally elegant, below, we have a spare tire a and a part size what do you mean by google? this warning element is also very important during use if we will have problems on the highway we should not set a warning it is always a very

Familiar feeling when sitting in the drill. this car is because when you sit in nouvo’s car, ladies and gentlemen, it always has a feeling and he defends the seat design, the concept is very simple but shows the sophistication of the nordic people. and the design is very nice this chair is a sporty person, it hugs me when i pass quickly, it will hug me yes, you said this

Software you can control, oh you can control everything these back pumps are only for you if this control is located in positions above the door or in a more convenient position, it will be easier for me to control it than to control it like this outside the chair. very nice leather and fabric combination then about the technology of the car and the utility of the car all

Encapsulated in this screen with a single red mechanical key and can connect to bluetooth very quickly, check the car’s condition is also very fast, monitor the tire pressure, the service is all there and importantly, you will find that you have to press it so that everyone can see the response speed of the car. this car is like it is very fast before, the speed as far as i

Know has improved by 50 percent, it is similar to the improvement of the handling car, in terms of technology, equipment is c sport mode with esp there are electronic balances for cars that stand all everest is this windshield hack screen here i just switched this wiper, super speed motion has switched to service mode to make showbiz mess up instead of wipers if it comes

On again, let’s try again, we’ll turn it back on every time, how do you know, you try to use this feature ok brother, there is support for entering and leaving the parking spot too familiar to control the position of the screen head-up display then lane assist and then brake assist distance blind spot warning reads license plate warning obstacle the things that are about

Safety on the inside are already too familiar, right ? you can turn on and off the charging feature that always fast charges from turning on ok there and most importantly this charger i tried after charging it, it doesn’t get too hot a call for the whole thing like this remote let me see this car is not equipped with pinned speaker systems, but the harman kardon on this

Car is also quite appreciated. set a promise to adjust the modes, i turn on the speaker on volvo r2 to see if apple connects carplay android auto this feature, now it’s too basic and you can monitor your driving status, you can set the settings. put all the air conditioners in here with sensors and then the air system sensors in the car. the system has this or driver five

With the nouvo car, you can lend it to your girlfriend but you are limited to 80kmh guys. use this feature , the dog of life shoots 1 2 3 4 3 people in a family and invites guests again. if the design of the europeans is like that, then i think that if the design were a bit more refined, it would probably be very nice, but about the material and need the number 8 higher

Xc90 next version in math, using alderfer’s crystal gearshift lever is also very special. design the gear lever out of this car with two sets of driving modes for the coca festina video dynamic so familiar with the full aws electronic ear speaker line. here in here there are two-plus-far charging ports. let’s put even the seams very well. i only regret that on volvo cars,

There is often a lack of a dial and control switch , it’s the same. well, how is the semi-autonomous driving assistance system here, a purpose is to and the entire dashboard you sit on with your seat belt in any position will tell it, that is, the sensor is on the body. the 15 seats are red. currently, i will stay in one place and you can change this distance or how to

Stick to the car in front of you. c the system applies a buffalo towel through a button like this, wait for the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. remember 2 positions and to meet this huong, here it is this is more detailed i think it will probably be need to introduce when the mirror meets so you have to keep it at the same time ah did you know that all european

Courts have a relatively long and tough wheelbase design , i will have a space inside and especially, it’s not that the second row is usually good and my friends close the door in european cars to hear how they are protected, if they don’t come out , the seats are good at about here is the position where i will sit and then the c-segment car in spaces like this is good,

The knee space of the plastic seat is very strong and beautiful, especially the chair that feels very strong. so where can you get the game

For that country and the relatively special point on this car is

The independent 4-zone air conditioning system on the side. the front or rear two of you can control it independently or the battery + charger with 2 charging ports and the two vents are here, but uncle b also has volvo cars that all have them and the magnetic sunroof is relatively voiceless. yes, first of all, it’s a panorama but a space like this is temporary, a relatively

Satisfying space that says i will now drive this car to see yours, i think it’s also tiring but i can’t see the money. you will see that the camera is very good this time i want to project it to any angle, all angles are beautiful 360 degrees when driving volvo cars and s60 too well let’s feel it is balance and smooth, good soundproofing, the second is that it is always

Supported by emergency brake assist technologies to start, this one is also shared by many brothers and sisters through dash cams and help us to brake when we lose focus and can’t brake, it already braked even when backing out and the old team that’s it, for european cars in general, you will find that when you go, you can always feel the intention of the part that doesn’t

Jerk it’s very good it is the foundation of a car that is that right, for later the engine it just put next and compared to other systems the cars will always have a good foundation that’s why i go all the time but when i go slow to this like can be turned off and on is everything, even cta, i can turn it off again through the hours, you will see that the drama is a bit stiff

But the essence is when we walk in the street yes, but if we get on the highway, the value is extremely large, for these 250 horsepower t5 engines, for a car weighing about 1 ton 7 even with enough support, it is about 2 tons. it’s also comfortable to pass. but if i use the 320-horsepower t6 engine , i think it won’t come out, but sometimes it costs a bit more politely when

The visibility is good. we have to look around us at this kind of folding through the intersections you fixed, it will reduce those collisions safely from people like them. this is a car like that so what i can’t push it then the fact that the four wheels always have that force , it will also be much more stable so if you choose the smart one and even if there is a spare,

I think the body engine lies to relax and then breaks follow the number of 8 levels so you will be able to level up in this boss, it has the latest and modern on the windshield screen it is showing a so-called collision warning early noon after warning in the higher level it will support the plan, then because of the above distance before in the street it is a bit close, it

Will warn in advance over the speed of 30, you should use the vios f car abregas you can activate this here and you posted that the gap especially for volvo cars the system works well at speeds of 128 to 130 km over now a curve if you love me, i’ll let it go. of course, you have to make sure you’re safe. i think these are relatively high curves. it breaks very well. they

Adjusted it. and finally, here it is. very quick information about the volvo s60 that has just come to vietnam market, this version is a desire to version, the equipment is also relatively good. as for the price, i would like to repeat it to you and your friends. that is, i’m sorry to hit the screen because at the moment i don’t know the price of this experience. for now,

Hello and see you in the next programs and ah

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