baxter huge classic junkyard par
Altair Club Cars Baxter Huge Classic Junkyard Part 3 Trucks Trucks Trucks

Baxter Huge Classic Junkyard Part 3 Trucks Trucks Trucks

All right guys back here um third video for the baxter’s junkyard here um we’re gonna try and make this one all about trucks because we are in a truck section and they have some really good looking trucks in this row now do you want them both they’re cool because they look like an old uh arrow i don’t know much about the fords to be honest foreign i think

Please don’t yell at me brick nose see oh it’s not a c10 because it’s on a oh yes now see these trucks this is another one of those ones that i used to hate i thought they were so ugly and they really have grown on me the gmc the forehead lights i’ve never seen a topper on one of these trucks i don’t know if that’s worth money if it is somebody you should probably

Buy it but this is a slick looking truck i don’t know if we can see the box isn’t even bad that’s actually really cool no oh inline six it’s missing the head probably locked up about this side oh you know what i’m kind of curious if they so they have one hubcap here one hubcap in the back i wonder if they have all four maybe inside of it or something so here’s

A little c10 what was missing a door on the other side see if there’s anything worth pointing out back here nope crushed backside on that side so nothing more salvaging there see this is that stuff that’s like there’s only a couple good parts off of them but you can’t really get rid of them because they’re so cool here we have a cheyenne huh so i really like

Finding hubcaps for ebay simple it’s usually pretty cheap there’s one but that’s painted so nobody wants that ah that sucks because they have two more inside of it oh this is a short bed with a tailgate that’s kind of interesting to be honest huh this truck might have to get noted wow it’s pokey in there show my paint back over so we show you that that’s uh

Short bed with the box complete with the tailgate and i’m a little bit confused because i’ve already looked at a couple of these okay no this is the c10 one that’s the cheyenne there you go i think that’s a 64. that’s a 67. so the 67 has a a lot less aggressive slope in it so from the side like the non-67s are like um another giveaway would be back window the

Small back oh you can’t see it from there sorry small back window not a big back window drake you’re taking notes of all my knowledge i’m gonna kill video for a second guys okay we’re back i love these rally wheels for the pickups not a full set though not a whole lot of usable stuff here actually it’s cam no i can’t open it please don’t look that bad okay

Yeah see this head that’s what i’m saying way more straight up see way more straight up at 67 back there the hood is like you like that one i like the 67 hood i love these square oh yep i’m gonna go back over here because that’s not truck stuff over there this is a cool truck too i’m not usually into those but that i think is mostly the color scheme to be honest

All right i got five more trucks for this video all right so back in the trucks video not for myself let’s start brick knows a little bit later oh here you go kushner like this stuff i’ll have to tell him later oh look at this beast crew cab dang i’m gonna send some pictures about the christian he’s gonna go what he don’t have no money he can’t buy anything more

Fords more forwards maybe i’ll go higher see if we can get over these ones check that out ranchero cool here’s that ranchero up closer i mean buried in weeds oh look at that filler just peeling off it’s still so cool to see all right drake says there’s more trucks over here so let’s keep it going drake says extremely long truck what do we got a board there’s

A see if we can get over here yeah oh yeah extended cab huh all right jumped off that area there’s an old ranger here oh come on ranger boxes crush that it sucks like i said guys um we’re not getting too crazy in them just because of all the weeds and trees and brush and everything else so if there’s anything that you’re like super hot and bothered by that

You want to see um we’ll probably come back out in spring when all this stuff has died back down and uh i will gladly come back out as long as people are actively watching um we’re literally spending an entire day just walking around here making videos for you guys oh see i just love that blue and white teal and cream and all those color schemes here’s more

Trucks oh look at this how do i get over here without dying oh there’s another one oh dude look at the factory bumper guard or grill guard um how can i show that better is that factory look very safe on skylanders we’re gonna go look at those for the other video but look at this another crew cab this is the second one i found out here okay so the car video

Again all right drake says that there is something that i just gotta see back over here so let’s do back here oh dang it’s actually a scholar dude that’s actually freaking awesome hey their back bumpers a lot better shape than ours a lot better shoes huh this piece is in a lot better shape too it’s bent right there oh did they take all the stuff off to the

Trunk open oh yeah so okay hold it we don’t crush it huh yeah there’s some of the motors are still in there so we fought with trying to find a motor for our one of our motors for that and we did find it for like 500 some dollars yeah i think it’s toast there’s not too much that’s usable on this thing but it’s freaking cool oh man i know it says look at it

There’s not enough trucks over in this area to put it in the trucks one so i’ll just get it now i love these so this one doesn’t have a vent window so that would be i believe 47. that’s a five window i didn’t realize that oh this is a 59 too isn’t it huh oh no single headlights so that’d be 57. oh that’s really sweet one too though they were a little mixed up

In some of this uh i’ve got the video

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Baxter Huge Classic Junkyard Part 3 Trucks Trucks Trucks! By Resurrection Auto

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