bagged my 2023 nissan 400z
Altair Club Cars Bagged My 2023 Nissan 400Z

Bagged My 2023 Nissan 400Z

Tomorrow the Hunt&Co Skull Helmet Tee drops at 10am PST We are back on the Bag life! We finish up the air install today and test it out on a road trip to LA to shoot our Hotwheels episode airing later next month! I’m really enjoying these TE’s and stock body before we tear everything off for the StreetHunter Widebody!

Oh that’s so wrapped oh my god three two one dude that front goes wow damn holy thank you foreign it’s the next morning we had to pick this a two day video and i want to give you guys a little walk around of the way the 400c sits currently we’re about to take a little road trip to la today so excuse my backpack in the back but the setup came out amazing the

Suede little floorboards tank looking great and our current ride height is i think it’s absolutely perfect the wheels could actually be a little bit more aggressive meaning we actually could have a spacer or two pulling out but these wheels are so temporary once we wide body it everything about it has gonna change it looks very good i’m super excited we’re gonna

Go give a first drive impression i haven’t driven on air in quite a long time and i’m excited to get on these airlift struts and see how they feel and we have about a three hour drive in la traffic to suss it out so let’s get going this is sabrina’s first time seeing the car uh actually no first time seeing the car with the wheels first of all you copied me second

Of all coffee i’m actually shocked at like how even when like alicia just pulled up and dropped me off i’m like dude this car is so cool like it looks awesome how did you get a custom street hunter can i get like custom hunt and co on my twin turbos of the the engine it says lamborghini and like could i get like hunt and co on it we’re gonna be late babe let’s

Go okay i want to get a little bit of a first impressions or driving review on the bags because as i said it’s been a while since i’ve been on the airlift system i will say i am actually pretty impressed i don’t know if anything has changed in the last few years on the way that they ride but i remember being a little bit more bouncy um not that i ever had a problem

With it then but as i’ve gotten a little bit more educated and i’ve really like started to dial in like certain coilover setups i’ve kind of just like been pretty satisfied with with coilovers and i was interested to see how i was going to feel about these and car feels phenomenal it feels as if i’m on coilovers that’s definitely a little softer but it rides great

It is not bouncy and it feels phenomenal feels feels great i just really want to highlight that you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about one of those is actually a type r in the other one i’m not you’re kidding this is a fraud he tells you not to worry about that’s hilarious i can tell the the wing on the right is fake and i can see it like shaking oh

It’s wiggling bumping and wiggling come on you don’t gotta roast the guy that hard i’m just saying if you’re gonna do it at least get the real one so it doesn’t shake in the wind brown guy where are we heading up to in this traffic that’s 45 minutes i avoid la like the plague but today we’re headed up to a place called race service and every single year i do this

Thing called hot wheels legends tour and it’s a pretty cool event that goes on that hot wheels allows people to submit their car like their personal cars in to go up to like a you know like a judged platform of people like i am one of them and i helped decide what car or what enthusiast is gonna get their car turned into an actual hot wheels so this is my third

During a row doing it the previous two years we’ve done i’ve joined via live stream via my computer at home but this year there’s a studio that we’re actually going to and there’s a set so we’re taking a little road trip up on spot somebody has a really clean type r and somebody has a really clean m3 e90 what do you think for the hot wheels yeah they have three

Knives also you guys i see a lot of these comments sometimes about us living in la for those of you that are confused like oh they’re driving up to l.a we don’t live in l.a we don’t live in l.a i know a lot of you guys like from different places in the country or parts of the world are like oh they live in l.a because la is a very like famous part of california we

Live in san diego which is like two and a half ish hours away four if you are coming up at this time of day and we’re stuck in the traffic i think i’m gonna pee my pants sabrina for the last 30 minutes is trying to convince me i’m trying to tell them that i can pour this water out and he can put his hole right here and pee into it declining a gatorade bottle doable

This no shot especially as i’m driving i’m gonna do this but it’s gonna pee like this yes i couldn’t even like mentally get my body to do it it’d be like no wow unreal not gonna happen i would do it and i’m a girl no i was just got good aim great because i know luck or not oh we were here a little bit earlier so we’re gonna be killing some time my back hurts so

Bad from sitting in my adventure spot that i could barely walk and i have to pee so bad i have to like this take a leak off this tree right here that’s called public indecency that’ll get me arrested i’m meeting one of my boys jared deanda you guys assuming the vlogs at this uh jewelry shop killing some time i don’t know if there’s something cool in there show

You guys also saw this it’s pretty cool maybe it’s a sign when i say i liked porsches i probably got like 10 emails from you guys who have any type of old porsche and you guys like buy my car maybe one day i didn’t even get the phone clips los angeles josh warner rachel adam i did all our favorite people they make everything and they manufacture everything here

Look at his calvin was here he’d be freaking out the first one said good art i’ll bestowed you and the irony is you so you know what saint christopher is going to the parents house am i in my bathroom my parents house i have three saint christopher necklaces right so it looks like a blessing look what it says godspeed you good traveler wow yep you’re a traveler

Son hey look this is the first one you got the chance sir and it’s a good art baby the best one he could have gotten football this is awesome this is super cool wow it looks good i’ve never been the one to like wear jewelry i used to wear it insane christopher as a kid and i love this i think it’s so cool good art i definitely want to come back there they were

Super nice i was gonna film the little tour but i was trying to be respectful and i’m hyped what a good little like momentum going into tonight’s live stream oh my gosh did i wear it on a live stream definitely i think i do i think you do i think you look good at it dude now i want to go over and get more i know i kind of want to go back hey can you slow it down

What are you doing down there oh yeah so this is our set today very pretty very cool oh you guys just missed it i just got out of makeup i got i got makeup on me you can’t tell she told me that i’m getting too much sun on this area of my face compared to this side of my face so look out for that shout out to her but i got a little makeup done and we’re gonna be

Sitting here for the next three and a half hours it’s gonna be a while so i’ll probably have to try and stack some clips fill the vlog up a little bit there’s something cool this is mickey’s car and he actually just got these arrow discs from rotiform so look at mickey stunton so it’s a three third three forty wagon 330 wagon i don’t know but he put on m3 front

Bumper uh cs hood m3 fenders it looks really cool i like this car a lot error discs are rad i think they’re loki making a comeback and he also has the m3 uh rear bumper but it still has the 330 or 340 i don’t know what it is exhaust out ports out exhaust tips wow words a lot of really cool stuff in here this is a really really cool spot if you ever have a chance to

Come to race service in venice beach definitely do it i don’t want to be nosy but a lot of rad stuff in here so i’ve heard sugar sugar fish right so this is trust trust me oh my god so you have your assortments of fish on rice you have your soft shell crab you have some other fish you have your poke but all the accoutrements that are soy and ponzi lemon ginger all

The kuchamas you have everything built in you got a wipe you got also sticks do we each have one you’re gonna sound like a drift around right now this is you it sounds like go go ahead and send it i’m the most picky eater in the world so i just have this yeah that’s just that’s just tuna poke well that was great she basic sounds great this is nice salmon that’s

A that’s a beautiful thing i’m scared of salmon because it’s really fishy just give it give it some moral because the quality of fish is everything’s in here too this place is officially the coolest i even have snacks it’s like perfect weather out 75. boys back for makeup he’s looking absolutely fantastic no i’ve already i already told him i already got makeup i

Already saw that oh cool those are for me are you munching right now are you a chain boy now don’t even i’m not gonna flex my my big silver chain let me see it though it’s kind of vibey it’s definitely like an la thing i want to vote for any car that has t-37s on it okay yes we love te37s in this family that’s it facebook i’m gonna say just no absolutely not hey

Okay let’s tell the people what you need to tell the people everyone’s all like tj stop putting t37 i like t-37s sorry you don’t gotta explain yourself to the people yeah mickey’s always like me stop bringing 237s and everything it’s not cool anymore mickey did you think they looked cool on the c8 though they were cool in 1999. oh guess what okay until someone

Makes a better wheel um um i’m gonna keep picking t-37s until i go with three piece and then it’s hre hey these look sick these are gonna be out guys he’s gonna be on the car for literally like probably five more days and they’re never gonna be on the car ever again because we’re gonna get a different set for sema when it gets wide body yes oh no no now we want

Some now we want it won’t fit anything on it so guess what you’re always gonna get to e37s hey sorry hey boy your call time is now what would you rather put on this an adventure with a black t-shirt hey your t-shirts look like that so mine looks hey grab me okay i made some scissors so i can match my kids they’re gonna feel those hands feel his hands there’s a

Soft hand oh buttery i just announced about it we’re about to go on and start shooting uh but hey he paid him i didn’t a viewer of the videos introduce yourself to the vlog hey guys i’m patrick you were watching the vlogs this morning yes you literally watched the video of us putting the tees on the 400. correct yeah and he walks into that dude the d’s look super

Sick is that a movement what did he give you this 50 off links down below anyways you’re a fan of tease because everyone in the comments is like wow i can’t believe you put another set you liked it i left tea the world thank you wow thank you we were literally talking four by fours have t’s on their trucks yeah so yeah t the world no no no no no i agree with that

I don’t know i don’t know patrick i agree with you he’s not on the lambo though okay i feel it i will i wouldn’t i respected it yes i thought she was gonna go vbs but damn we we almost did but you know what i’m not gonna spoil anything patrick thank you for guest starring on today’s vlog and thank you for watching the videos well we just got home it is now 1am

Your boy is tired the car is officially back i’m happy you’re happy why body and bag king is back here to stay here for a little while i’ll see you guys in the next video thank you so much for watching we’re about to take the z to the next level with some more power baby so let’s go if you are enjoying the 400z videos be sure to hit that subscribe button turn on

Post notifications so you get notified every time we upload a new video with the z i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out and keep moving forward foreign

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Bagged My 2023 Nissan 400Z! By Tj Hunt

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