bad news tesla removes more feat
Altair Club Cars BAD NEWS – Tesla REMOVES More Features | Tesla Model 3 + Model Y

BAD NEWS – Tesla REMOVES More Features | Tesla Model 3 + Model Y

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Tesla may be removing some more big features on the model 3 and model y and let me tell you right now people are going to be very very mad about this quote-unquote upgrade that tesla is planning very soon plus tesla just released a brand new cheaper model y that you could only buy if you’re not in north america some new software updates are bringing new features to

Tesla cars and some big changes to the tesla mobile app and a new lawsuit was just filed that might force tesla to pay you for issues you’ve had inside of your car specifically on autopilot as always there’s a lot of wild stories happening in the ever so crazy test the world so let me break down everything you need to know about these big changes happening some

2023 upgrades some new features rolling out to your car on the tesla app and also this lawsuit that might take some money from tesla and put it in your pocket let’s break down all the tesla news that you need to know about and a big thanks to flexispot for sponsoring this video the flexispot pro plus standing desk e7 has been a dream to use it is a fantastic sand

Desk that’s super sleek it’s super sturdy and has got an awesome design i’ve got way more to say on this but i’ll come back to it more in a moment so there’s actually been some big hardware changes and some software updates that have been rolling out over the last few weeks but first before we get to that let’s talk about this new standard range model y now it’s

Been a few months since giga texas really started pumping out the standard range model wise here in the us and despite the volume of model wise a tesla is producing in texas you still cannot officially buy the cheaper standard range model y here in the us you cannot jump on the website and buy it you have to basically put an order in for a long range model and

Then cross your fingers and hope that tesla contacts you and allows you to downgrade in a sense and get that cheaper model y but if you’re not in north america you actually have a really easy way to buy a much nicer much cheaper standard range model y tesla just announced that in other countries around the world including now europe up customers can officially buy

This cheaper model why though there are a couple of big caveats between this model why that’s not available in europe and the model y you’re gonna buy here in north america now unlike the standard range model y being built in the us this international model is a rear-wheel drive model so it’s only got a single motor instead of dual motors like the one here in the

Us and it’s got about 283 miles of range is something else worth noting here is that according to what i’ve read and according to what uh those in europe are saying this standard range model y is using an lfp battery at least according to some owners in the netherlands and also what’s really weird here is that this standard range model y is actually cheaper to buy

Than the standard range model 3. another pretty big announcement that happened just over the last week or so is that starlink and t-mobile announced that they are joining forces to basically add a new extra layer of cell surface and cell coverage to all t-mobile customers which is cool but in the world of tesla uh there’s a little easter egg a little goodie just

For tesla owners elon confirmed on twitter that this functionality will also be coming to all tesla vehicles as well basically from my understanding this won’t replace the typical lt connection that’s used by the car for streaming and maps and stuff like that which i think interestingly enough tesla is using a t cell modems at least here in the us and not t-mobile

Which is kind of weird but when the car goes into a dead zone so maybe you’re out in the desert you’re out in the remote location you’re going to be able to use this starlink functionality to be able to make a call or send a text if you’re in an emergency situation without any cell service obviously the question is well we got a couple of questions we don’t know

When this will be implemented probably not sometime until next year at the earliest we don’t know how this is going to work because the cars don’t have starlink functionality built in they’re not even using t-mobile they’re using att and we don’t know if it’s going to be an extra cost or how this is going to work but this functionality is confirmed by elon to be

Coming to tesla so whether it’s going to be new teslas or whether it’s going to be retrofitted or there’s going to be some kind of dongle we don’t know how it’s going to work but if you do want the sort of remote access sort of this peace of mind knowing that no matter where you are in the world seemingly you can make a text make a call make a call send a text

You’ll be able to do that right inside of your tesla thanks to the starlink magic now there are also a couple of notable software updates that have been on the move and being released that we probably should discuss first there’s a new update coming that’s going to allow you to turn off the engagement and disengagement sounds that your tesla makes when it enters

And exits autopilot so if you don’t like the ding ding ding ding of autopilot going on and off you’ll soon be able to turn that off right inside of your tesla settings you’re also now able to see the tire pressure of your tires the psi right from the tesla app and a little nicety here is that you’ll no longer have to press a confirm button when you want to open

The front at least in bluetooth range so basically if you’re near your car you’ve got a bag of groceries trees and you want to open the front instead of having to tap the front button and then you know tapping i’m sure i would open it you just tap it and it’ll open up right away for you but from what i’ve read if you’re not near your car like if you’re halfway

Across the world and you tap the button accidentally it’s going to confirm that you do want to open it so it’s not going to accidentally be open because with the front once it’s open it has to be manually closed so if you are in bluetooth range you’ll be able to open the front without having to do sort of a double triple tap with your phone now one of the lesser

Known parts about owning a tesla that you don’t realize till you actually own the car are the noises that the car can make from idly sitting by to charging doing a software update many new owners are always wondering why is my car making that noise and is it normal or should i be concerned luckily tesla is finally here to put an end to those questions and give

You the answers you’ve been waiting for jesla now has an official page on their website that shows you a guide of expected sounds your car will make in different scenarios so if you hear stuff like this or or this or this you’ll now know that these are normal so next time that someone asks you hey is this noise like tesla’s making normal just send them to the link

Down below and they can reference the guide the tesla’s put together for themselves now before we continue with more tesla news let’s take a quick break because i want to show off to you guys one of my all-time favorite new additions here in my little home office studio it’s actually sitting right there back back there behind me can you see it it is this really nice

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As well so again learn more check it out for yourself today at the link right down below alright so now let’s get to some really interesting news here that is bound to be very controversial there’s something big we need to talk about and that is that there is a new rumor from someone in the know on tesla supply chain that tesla will soon be removing the steering

Wheel on the model 3 and model y and replacing it with sort of a hybrid wheel that is a traditional steering wheel but does not have any stocks on the left or right instead replacing the stocks with touch sensitive buttons now if this sort of sounds familiar this is what tesla’s already doing on the model s and model x those refresh models but one big difference

Is that this is not expect expected to be a yoke steering wheel although i think that’d be cool it’s going to be a regular circular round traditional steering wheel but instead of having those stalks you’re going to have those buttons built into the wheel itself sort of like what we have of course like i just mentioned on the s and the ax this would obviously affect

Functionality you use the socks for right now things like going from drive to reverse adjusting the windshield wipers um things like engaging disengaging autopilot all this would presumably now be done from the wheel itself and actually back this theory up a little more some internet slues have found that the wheel on the tesla semi looks very similar to what this

Wheel could look like basically you’ve got a traditional steering wheel here but you’ve got those touch sensitive buttons that would replace the stocks and that’s all we know about this change right now though there are still a lot of mysteries and a lot of questions we need answers to like we don’t know will the model 3 and model y get the auto shift technology

Like the model s and model x you might not have that functionality you might have to actually do a man annually and also when could this be coming we don’t know tesla has been pretty quiet about 2022 upgrades on the car so maybe these come as 2023 upgrades the three in the y that wouldn’t be all that crazy to consider uh but we don’t know again this is a rumor

Right now tesla’s not confirmed this but from someone in the know on tesla supplies and stuff like that this is supposedly happening but again take it with a major grain of salt and i’m curious your thoughts on this would you be down or happy or whatever the kids use these what’s the term would you be happy if tesla was to remove the stocks on the model 3 model why

Do you think that this is more of a futuristic thing just for the s or the x or do you think this is just a natural progression of uh the interior of the car do you like the stockless interior or do you not do you like this new wheel you’re not a fan let me know your thoughts about this reported change down below and if this would be an upgrade or probably a major

Downgrade in your opinion i also want to give a quick update here on some new tesla order since the delivery dates on a lot of models have proved which is nice uh still i should mention the long range model 3 that model is still unavailable to order right now so i’m sorry that you won’t be able to order that until tesla reopens orders at some point in the future

And also fsd is about to go up in price if it hasn’t already it’s just about two or on the cusp right now i’ve been going up to fifteen thousand dollars so if you do want to buy full self driving it’s going to get more expensive in the month of september taking a look at estimates right now which of course will depend on the wheel configuration you go with on the

Color and stuff like that but just the standard uh estimates here the standard range model 3 the rear wheel drive model you’re looking at october through december delivery estimate so not too bad on that one the performance model is even better within october to november delivery estimate window which is pretty good just about 30 to what 30 to 60 days away so not

Too bad on that and over on the model y side things have improved the long range model is now available through december and april did i say that right december through april so if you order that car you’re going to be in just a couple of months and if you decide to go with a performance model you’ll get that as early as september or october so performance models

Will always have priority those will come sooner than later and long range models that you might want a couple of months delivery estimates have improved um i don’t know what i was doing there they have improved from what we saw just a couple of months ago wow i need some more coffee and last up a big potential story here that should make a lot of you guys very

Happy is that a proposed class action lawsuit filed by a tesla owner in a northern california court has come out making tesla accountable for the issues with a phenomenon called phantom breaking now for the lucky few of you who haven’t experienced this phantom breaking basically is when a tesla is an autopilot and it’ll come to an almost a very screeching halt or

An abrupt stop for no apparent reasons sometimes it’s caused by a sun reflection or a shadow on the road or a turn of the road basically it’ll be going on an autopilot like at 60 and it’ll slow down like all the way to 10 or 15. it’s very dangerous it’s very scary and one tesla owner wants tesla to be held accountable for this and even pay some money out to all

Tesla owners affected by this major issue the lawsuit is seeking to collect on damages for expenses to repair the vehicles diminish value of tesla cars and for a refund of the added cost attributed to autopilot which is a standard feature on all tesla vehicles so i’m not sure how they’d refund you for that but that is what the lawsuit is seeking right now again

Just proposed that this would become a class action lawsuit that all tesla owners affected by phantom breaking could join alright guys i’m curious what are your thoughts on the tesla news for the week are you happy about the potential removal of the stocks in the model three or model why do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing your thoughts on these software

Updates that have been released and delivery estimates are improving did you order a car when are you going to get your car because i know a lot of you guys are in the process of getting your teslas delivered let me know down below when your estimated delivery date is and to let me know your thoughts on the tesla news of the week and a big thanks again to flexispot

For sponsoring this video again their pro plus standing desk e7 is my favorite standing desk i love this thing it is built extremely well really high quality materials really built to last it’s got a fantastic design and also has some smooth quiet and fast motors as well i love the thing it’s been super versatile and i highly mind you check it out at the link right

Down below as always i appreciate you guys watching thank you so much and if you enjoyed these videos let me know down below i know that some people like the news video some people don’t so if you do appreciate these uh let me know down below and let me know if you have a video topic you’d like to see me cover or more videos you’d like to see me um sort of produce

Let me know what you want to see on this channel down below as always i appreciate you guys watching thank you so much i’m robert rosenfeld and i’ll see you all in the next one

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BAD NEWS – Tesla REMOVES More Features | Tesla Model 3 + Model Y By Robert Rosenfeld

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