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Altair Club Cars B9882 – 2017 Ford Ranger XLT PX MkII Auto 4×4 MY18 Super Cab Walkaround Video

B9882 – 2017 Ford Ranger XLT PX MkII Auto 4×4 MY18 Super Cab Walkaround Video

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Hi guys welcome to breakfast mushy my name is jamie means head we do walk around video on this 2017 ford ranger xlt now starting off at the front as you can see the previous owner has changed out the normal xlt front grille and they’ve put the upgraded one which just sets off the front and makes it look a hundred times better you also have the

Smoked bonnet protective as well not only does it look good but it is also going to protect the bonnet from stone chips you can also see front color-coded parking sensors so obviously that’s going to make a life a lot easier parking a big car of this sort as well and then you’ve got your fog lights down the bottom as well now coming across you

Can see we do have the extended flares over the wheel arches which the benefits of those is you can’t fit wider tires and it also makes the car look a bit more aggressive as well speaking of the wheels and tires as you can see we have upgraded wheels so aftermarket wheels and tires the tires are monster terrain grippers and as you can see really

Good tread left on those tires too and as you can see the wheels in fantastic condition now coming down the vehicle again just have a look at the order in the paintwork in that beautiful white finish looks absolutely fantastic you can also see that we have the sidestep fitted as well you’ve got your 3.2 liter six auto diesel badging here and as

Well when the chrome goes with the mirrors in that door handles too so they’re all crammed together which just sets off the vehicle real well site indicator is integrated into that side mirror as well just opening up the door and taking a look inside the car again just look at how well maintained the inside is the bolsters are all good in are in

Good condition we’ve got aftermarket mats that fit fantastic no scratching or anything down here and if you look at the door it doesn’t look like the door has been opened by someone sport at all it’s in fantastic condition moving down the vehicle again just keep an eye on the paintwork how well it does present all the rear arches are intact as

Well and in fact and looking fantastic as well and as you can see just like the back in the front i so just like the front wheel the back wheel presents pretty much the exact same looks fantastic now coming to the back of the vehicle you’ll see you have all your ranger badging xlt badging as well and you have a really nice soft water cover fit

As well it’s like a soft but hard tourneau cover so it’s a bit of best of both wheels you also have taupe outfitted so you will be able to tow the full three and a half ton and you also got color-coded reverse parking sensors as well now opening up the back and we’ll quickly show you inside it does not look like the hard to the the back of the

Car has been used at all and as you can see this is a soft corner but it is hard at the same time fits real nicely now coming around again the wheel arches are all in good tact and as you can see the wheels and tires again just look absolutely fantastic especially with the white letter writing as well looks great keep working our way down the body

You’ll notice the consistency of the paintwork there is absolutely no marks at all that i even bother pointing out because there are none and if but i will be super picky for you guys ever do find any coming to our fourth and final well now this will even be the one that you park right next to the curb absolutely no wearing it whatsoever still in

Great condition like the other four wheel so as you can see guys paintwork is absolutely phenomenal the interior which you could see from just the driver side is fantastic wheels are fantastic tires are fantastic all-round just a great looking car from the outside alright guys taking a look underneath the bonnet now now everyone knows what this

Engine is it’s the 3.25 cylinder turbo diesel engine 147 kilowatts and also 470 newton is a torque for the power for this vehicle six speed sports automatic 80 litre 80 litre diesel capacity tank which on average is going to give you around eight point seven liters to the hundred caves instead of a full tank of fuel now this obviously depends on

The way you’re going to drive but you should get anywhere from around one thousand ninety six out of a maximum tank of fuel it’s now taking a look inside the xlt we’ll start you off on the driver side door all your power window controls now the driver’s window is all automatic up and down and you also have a button here that will light up to let

You know when you have locked the windows as well all your central locking is just right next to the door handle – which again will light up once that one is that when our doors are locked now all your parameter controls are just right next to the event right here you do have button here to fold in the windows as well so if you are parking in a

Tight space or you know on the road and you concerned about the windows sorry the mirrors you can fold them in down below you have all your headlight controls so just as easy as to turn it exactly where you need it you have your fog light controls right next to it too and you also have your brightness adjuster for inside the clutch center cluster

Itself now on your right hand stalk you do have your indicators and also your high beams and the left-hand stalk you do have your windscreen wipers and obviously the windscreen washers now on the steering wheel itself as you can see nice leather wrap steering wheel which on the right hand side you have all your controls to flick through the right-hand

Screen in the center cluster you also have your cruise control in your speed limiter and then left hand side all your controls to flick through the left hand side screen in the center cluster again and then down below is all your bluetooth and media controls as well into the main screen now where as you can see this is ford sync 3 system probably

The best system on the market really easy using really quick as well quickly show you how quick it is to actually use as you can see satellite navigation also has the phone connectivity bluetooth connectivity yeah but all you can’t climate controls which you can control through there and then you have all your media controls so am/fm radio usb aux

Bluetooth as well and digital radio 2 now down below you do have hard buttons for the main system as well speaking of your climate control you can control it all through here which will show up on the actual screen itself but if you go into the climate you can control it all through there which might make life a little bit easier or bit harder

For yourself depending on who you are now down below you do have two 12 volt socket so it’s up probably somewhere where you put your phone and get them charged you also have two usbs as well which makes life very convenient so really you could charge four phones at one time you have your parking reverse parking senses you can turn them off and

On in the front parking sensors – you have your traction control button your rear diff lock you also have a hill descent control as well so the benefit of hill descent control is when it’s like a cruise control holding the same speed going down the hill so you don’t actually speed up as i said before your 6-speed automatic gearbox can drive it as

A normal automatic or you can shift through the gears manually all your fault drive selector so too high for high and for low so just as easy turning it to exactly where you need it two cupholders – good thing about these cupholders they do have these little grommets here that push it in and out so if you do have a big cup or smaller cup it will

Fit in and hold snuggly your manual hand brake inside the center cluster center console should say as you can see good amount of storage also has a fan port in here so you do want to keep your beers cold or even your drinks for that matter you can by just leaving them in there with the ac on you can also see that there are these two grooves sorry

This one groove here so if you are plugging something in or you do have a cord coming in from out of there you will will not squish your cord and ruin the cord as well now putting it in what i do i just get the cabin person just a pan around the interior show you the condition of the car with only 12,000 kilometers on the clock this car presents

Absolutely fantastic inside the car even with these floor mats that the previous owner has gone for a really good feel and they’re really easy to clean you can wash them as well but they do have a sorter not a real rubbery feel or carpet feel to them but a real good feel to the mats which will be easy to clean what we do now guys is we’ll jump

Outside the car we’ll wrap up the video alright guys just to quickly recap as you can see outside of the conditioned paintwork wheels tires all the add-ons absolutely fantastic condition inside condition literally presents like brand-new with only 12,000 kilometers on the clock now if you did one-oh in this car for a long time we can’t extend the

Manufacturer’s warranty with a service plane we do offer here which is going to give you five years up to 200,000 kilometers of mechanical and electrical attention going to give you 10 years of premiere roadside assist and also unlimited claims up to $3,000 per claim with no exits now it is an additional cost which if you are using our in-house

Finance one of our business managers julia mario would love to work out a package for you which will only adjust your payments by a couple dollars a week and if you’re thinking yourself that we’re not the right people to buy from hopefully with our google reviews 4.8 star rating and over 800 reviews australia-wide hopefully that gives you the

Peace of mind that you buy in the right car from the right people again my name is jamie and thanks for watching

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B9882 – 2017 Ford Ranger XLT PX MkII Auto 4×4 MY18 Super Cab Walkaround Video By BerwickMitsubishi

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