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Altair Club Cars B2 Fabrication Exhaust – Jeep Gladiator Review

B2 Fabrication Exhaust – Jeep Gladiator Review

Thoughts on the B2 Fabrication exhaust systems for the Jeep Gladiator. Check out the article for more 4wheelsandamotor.com.

Good morning we’re going to talk today about the b2 fabrication exhaust systems for the jeep gladiator um found this little company i saw facebook post reached out to them wanted to do an article really just was looking to test their considered the quiet muffler system and after we got to talking we decided to test three different variations so they have the

Quiet which is more of a standard square body full-size muffler they have their medium which is more of a straight through turbo muffler style thrush muffler you know bullet design and then the third one which is essentially just the loud it’s a straight pipe so this replaces from the y-pipe back to the tailpipe the factory gladiator systems are welded and

So you cut a section of pipe out to keep the tailpipe remove the front piece and then put this in place really easy install really straightforward it has a factory style cup so that it fits the factory downpipe uh the clamps are all the wider clamps they fit really nice they tighten up really nice everything seals really nice fitting it up could have been a

Little easier um the pipe tolerances are really tight but it wasn’t difficult a little bit of pipe seal for lubricant and it slides right together so we’re running today the mid-range i did some decibel testing the quiet muffler on the highway was sub 90 decibels and load and cruising it was the mid 80s the mid-range and the loud straight pipe actually both

Peaked at 94 decibels under load which you may be able to hear it now in the ambient not unpleasant uh especially the mid-range that actually does not have a lot of reverb to it it works quite well um and not having a an extreme drone the straight pipe definitely has highway drone um i think a lot of that has to do with um the resonator more than it has to do

With the straight pipe i think it’s just too it’s so much free-flowing exhaust gas and then hampered right at the back end by that resonator i also think um and we tested this briefly i’ve not been able to make a new tailpipe yet um unfortunately with things the way they are in the world it’s difficult to get certain things done where i’m at but my goal is to do

A follow-up and actually build a new tailpipe section that eliminates the resonator because i personally believe and we didn’t do this we took the resonator off couldn’t really drive it like that because it’s just hanging there but we removed the tailpipe from the quiet version and i think that potentially has the best tone of all three systems for my liking if

You want more volume than the mid-range is absolutely the way to go and frankly if you’re doing competition or if you’re turning this into a crawler or you know if you just like your truck loud then the straight pipe it doesn’t sound bad i would just eliminate the resonator i think that gives you the drone and after that it’s just a wide open exhaust it really

Does sound nice and mean i’ll have some audio clips to put up later in the video here quality all stainless steel the factory exhaust is stainless steel and you put this on there you can leave it on for basically forever as long as you take reasonable care of it keep the other side of your vehicle clean but i would surprise that the truck frame will rust far

Before the exhaust rusts away pricing mid 300 range for basically all three systems they start at about 300 and go to just under four pricing changes as we deal with supply and demand but i really like the systems i’ve tested a bunch of exhaust i’ve had stuff from pipes i’ve done magnaflow dynamax borla trying to think what i have i have a holly hooker system on

The jl at the moment and i would put this as far as fit finishing quality right there with any of them the sound quality and performance i didn’t really do any performance testing i didn’t have a before and after um we did pick up a little bit of fuel mileage but honestly it’s within the range of uh errors and calculation you know so no more than one mile per

Gallon i don’t really believe that an exhaust by itself improves information it improves the performance all that much it’s really about does it sound better to you do you like the vehicle more and my answer is yes i do i think it uh it just sounds a little bit better taken off it has a really nice uh idle sound and honestly it’s just more enjoyable to kind of

Take it out you feel a little sportier than just driving a jeep based truck i will uh cause some audio here and let you guys decide what you think of it and uh yeah give them a look b2 fabrication the owner there uh it’s an exceptional person really really nice um and just the kind of people that you want to do business with an american company made in michigan

I don’t know what i don’t know what you can ask thanks for listening and have a great and happy holiday you

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