b ui z nissan cda20 lp r
Altair Club Cars B ui z nissan CDA20 lp r

B ui z nissan CDA20 lp r

Chạy thử cano lắp đặt đuôi z động cơ thủy nissan CDA20 90hp vào cano tự chế 6.30m

Dear garden and river youtube channel, hello brothers and sisters, dear hello all relatives and friends who are passionate, and have a life on the river, are sucking the old oil out of the engine, to add new oil, having a pump is very convenient, because i have a negative machine, it is very difficult to discharge the old oil, bring the pump up to see, if you have a need to

Buy this pump, please contact me, change the new oil, and add the green water and it’s all done, nissan cda 20 engine, 90 horsepower capacity, running on foot this z-tail duck, this z-tail duck ben can go up and down, today is basically finished, there are owners who have just come to see the canoe, put their hands up there, it is the owner of this canoe, the south-north

Restaurant, sacrifice for art, now go out in the rain too, go out in the rain to shoot a video, it’s a sacrifice for art, i’m just afraid that the raindrops will stick to the camera, the video won’t be clear, it’s raining but it’s not too big, the owner just came down for a test run, but hasn’t received the canoe yet, this canoe is equipped with a nissan cda20 engine, the

Type of engine i have recorded in previous videos, sometimes you come to watch this video, now cleaning, running the z tail, i have filmed this canoe in the previous videos, doing some extra work to prepare to hand over to customers, usually canoes or shells, relatives go to work eating, when anchored in the rain, it is best to equip an automatic pump, when there is rain

In, it will automatically pump out, that automatic pump, you guys just contact my phone number ha, its brothers pump it by themselves, pumping up the water will stop automatically, my dear friend’s phone number is dotted on my avatar, the phone number will be visible, because the youtube rules are too tight, so i can’t write the phone number on the screen, or it’s in the

Title too, so please understand, just contact the number 0779 828496, there is an automatic pump installed in the canoe or a shell, when there is rain water will automatically pump out, when when the water runs out, it will automatically stop, sunk, have to change oil more expensive, oil 80,000 / 1 liter, do not lower the propeller deeply, run will not jump, a high-speed

Train because it carries goods, passengers, a pure engine, runs at safe speed , so the speed if the speed is not fast, if that engine, installed in my small, light and light canoe, runs very fast, the high-speed engine runs very fast, i do n’t know it for the first time, it is actually lower the propeller so it won’t jump like yeah, just run for the first time, don’t know,

There are forward and backward gears, the forward and backward gearbox is built into the z-tail, there is a place for me to open the switch, let the exhaust fan in the engine tunnel come out, go play back to the anchorage, open the exhaust fan, when running, open the exhaust fan, let it suck out the air in the engine tunnel, adjust the propeller to push the water down,

The nose will be lowered, when running, you have to adjust the propeller to push the water appropriately, see you

Transcribed from video
Bộ đuôi z nissan CDA20 lắp ráp cano tự chế By Cano song nuoc miet vuon

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