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Altair Club Cars AWESOME 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Review

AWESOME 2021 Land Rover Defender 90 Review

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I’m jacob we’re going for a drive 2021 land rover defender 90. p 400 x dynamic s without launch control brake boost this thing rips pretty decently i’d say horsepower and torque 395 horsepower 406 pound-feet of torque from a 3-liter inline six-cylinder turbo with a 48-volt mild hybrid system so this being a 90 means it’s the two-door where the 110 was the

Four-door yeah so we had previously driven the four-door we both really liked it but we also both really like the looks of the 90s so that’s why we wanted to drive this one yeah and it’s definitely much less practical when you have both rows of seats up and you look at the trunk space now that i have a child i got to worry about that stuff i could not fit a

Stroller back there if i had a car seat in the back so this is the explorer pack just like we had in the 110 however this one doesn’t have the snorkel which i think made this engine sound so much better you can actually hear like turbo blow valves from that engine this one you can hear a little bit so i’m just going to floor it see if we can hear it just a

Tiny tiny bit now i can’t hear it at all and i actually like the look of this way more without all the stuff on it yeah i get that and it makes sense for the 90 as well but it would be so cool to have like all the stuff on the 90 as well and color wise this is a fantastic color this green is wicked yeah the green’s really cool it does sparkle in the sunshine

Yeah and i love like again with the shape how hard the back body line cuts itself off like you can really see the difference there it’s definitely like cartoony like especially as a two-door i’m actually surprised that land rover even did this okay i guess to finish off the looks we’ve got the normal headlights that are really cool that we like yeah that’s part

Of the cartoonish kind of character of this car except you can’t have them on while you’re parked which makes taking photos and videos of it very tricky yes you have to have someone sitting in the driver’s seat anyways tail lights still look perfect yep overall this thing looks great how about the wheels do you like these ones yeah they’re pretty cool i mean

They’re simple five spoke you can’t go wrong with this i want those cool white steelies yeah steelies are definitely jlrpr hook it up but what would be the continental recommended tire for defender 90. the cross contact lx sport and if we look at our door handles we don’t have the proximity touch to get in you actually need to click that button but you can just

Click the handle on the very trunk to open it you don’t have to like click a button there yeah it would have been nice if they did the same thing for the actual door handles yeah so this is all-wheel drive and it can vary the torque to the front to the back to each individual wheel so let’s send it into cliche corner yeah lots of body roll as you’d expect we do

Have air suspension and that makes the ride so comfortable but let’s see what we can get out of cliche corner and yeah it just cuts the power it makes sense i mean it’s a big suv so we did that sending cliche corner in sport s plus race mode right we actually don’t have any race modes or sport modes what modes do we have uh so if we hit our hang on before to

Get to our drive modes we press this little button over here and then our drive mode selector is the climate control selector so then you go through that and then we have eco comfort grass gravel snow mud ruts sand rock crawl wade and configurable and auto yeah lots of drive modes i mean they’re all for like off-roading basically nothing nothing for sportiness

No just start this thing and drive it in whatever mode it starts in comfort exactly and it’s nice and it is very comfortable though yeah i love the air suspension on this car i think it’s oh i adjusted the now we got to click the fan and dial it down man rookie move yes was your first time using temperature nozzles knobs to change your climate second and it

Still hasn’t gotten better yeah it’s kind of ridiculous how they did this all right now there’s no fan speed here you know we’ve got them now there’s that one there’s already a one then we hit it at three and one is nice and quiet no way it’s too hot today bro and one of those drive modes was weighed so we can go through up to 90 centimeters of water which is

Pretty cool and then we also have the depth sensors that if you’re in still water it’ll tell you what depth of water you’re in it doesn’t work in like rivers and stuff yes very cool gimmick 10 out of 10. yeah speaking of gimmicks boom we have a 500 rear view camera that is also a camera and a mirror yeah and i think those probably come in handy if you have like

A bunch of attachments to the back and stuff like if you are going full safari mode yeah because then you have the spare tire back there and then we still have the headrest so it actually does help and with the air suspension you can raise or lower the height independently which is really cool and the suspension is actually really really comfortable i know we

Mentioned that already but the coolest thing is in the back you can actually raise or lower the air suspension yeah when you’re loading stuff into the back and it actually really does help and it moves pretty quickly i feel like that with the engines off though you can only do it like once or twice but what’s cool is we have ac power back there so if you’re

Using a computer you can raise it up like a standing desk and then it’s like you know a little bit more ergonomic yeah for sure and does it help with boxes yuri box test nine boxes in the two-door sorry we couldn’t fit these boxes in it and before it’s my turn to drive we just want to give a big shout out to our buddy chad who sells these things over at

Grand touring toronto so this is a free sponsor segment for him that’s why there’s the yellow bar going along the bottom uh go buy a jlr from him yeah also for the record uh chad owes us pizza because he lost a f1 pool that we were in and he still hasn’t given us that pizza yeah use codeword pizza for a discount on your defender purchase that is not a real thing

Don’t use that code word but definitely mention pizza if you do see chad shout out chad and right before you drive this powertrain i still really like it it’s got such a good amount of power for this type of car we do have a zf 8-speed auto i find that it does shift kind of slow in this but it’s still very smooth so i do like this overall powertrain all right

Enough about this from me in my driver’s seat perspective let’s get yuri’s driver’s seat perspective start low traction launch control we’re on a high traction surface so let’s see how this does gradually apply the accelerator oh that sounds boring well then it’s not some good power but there is a type of launch control in here for low trash and stuff if

You’re like stuck in the mud and if you’re watching on your tv and you want to subscribe i think click down or settings and then go to the right and there should be a subscribe there somewhere i know it’s very difficult and if you’re on your phone or your computer just click the subscribe button if you want to subscribe i would assume they want to subscribe if

They’re clicking the button it’s kind of hard to get people subscribed yeah well that’s why everyone’s got subscribe props that everyone hates so now to some things on the interior that i really like all of the colors and materials are perfect in here i think this is like the best spec ever for something like this and it has perfectly matched the exterior as

Well yeah the green is awesome you get green on the seats and on the dash and the materials are different and everything and i love this off-white that’s on the steering wheel there’s no piano black really it’s all just like flat black this is what you’re being like every single car ever totally agree and we have this cool section over here where it says defender

We got grab handles we can actually pass stuff behind the screen which is pretty cool and other neato stuff we’ve got visors let’s do the visor test real quick oh here we go get this one in early three two one yes and then secret visor we’ve got extra pass super pass our cup holders are great they fit a small just fine but i had a fully loaded medium coffee and

These grips are way too tight like way too tight had to do the tape hack to make it slide easier so yeah i don’t like it either because i had this coffee and like this lid almost popped off yeah it’s crunching the cup yep and then since this is only a two door let’s check the back seat room with jacob at six foot one and a half it is actually remarkably good back

There and i really like the alpine lights back there and for everyone complaining that we always mention six for one and a half some people only watch one of our reviews and never come back again so we’re doing it for them yeah so thank you for complaining because it means that you watch our videos but we’re also doing it for the people that are brand new to the

Channel and there’s no windows that roll down back there which does kind of suck yeah yeah okay then we do have this huge center if it goes open and close and then the seats up here very very comfortable like super cool 10 out of 10 comfort love them and then back to the cup holder area we do have this one little panel that we can use to cover our cup holders but

I don’t know why anyone would ever do that we’ve got some storage compartments below we’ve got usb and usbc which is pretty nice because i’m not ready to dive full into usbc and our armrest got a fridge in there that’s right it is an option and we do have it this time which is great and we also have some hard buttons up here so thank you very much land rover

For actually providing hard buttons makes sense in a rugged suv but the volume control button is actually kind of hard to reach yeah the knob is super far but at least it’s a knob and not like a dumb slider that’s piano black and it’s covered in fingerprints like that id4 we have brutal this week as well yeah but we can also adjust the volume with our steering

Wheel which is nice okay uh apple carplay android auto yep and the resolution is great reverse 360 camera we do have the 360 modes that go around but only when like you’re in park or drive when you’re in reverse i can’t get those modes but we do have the mode where you can see underneath the car which is clear sight or whatever it’s called it’s pretty cool

When you’re backing up on driveways you just feel like you know more where you’re parking but like i just want to see where my wheels are so i don’t scratch them against curbs even though this is fat sidewalls it’s just like it’d be hard to scratch these wheels if kia and hyundai and genesis can get it right why can’t land rover and then i noticed some lag in

This infotainment still like in the satellite radio section so i mean it’s not perfect but it’s definitely a huge improvement over previous jlr systems and then our gauge clusters are standard jlr gauges where you can like change the way they look with two pods or like center stuff on the sides nothing new and innovative just normal stuff and our lane keep and

Radar crews radar cruise is very good but the lane creep just kind of pulls you in it doesn’t keep you centered and the sound system is good i guess like pretty much every land rover’s got a good sound system yeah this does have the meridian system so okay one more thing i remember noticing uh vehicle dimensions you can click that in your infotainment and you

Know the size so you need to get into a weird spot it’s perfect like i need this in my raptor i literally google my raptor specs before i enter any parking garage it’s the most frustrating thing this is the best and you have your approach and departure angles and i think in the 110 we had we had a whole bunch of stuff on it so we didn’t know for sure so with

All that stuff out of the way i’m gonna floor it one time in drive and then we’ll get to the price sport still took a second to get into gear though but the boost is nice like you feel it yeah it has good power especially going uphill so let’s get to the price this starts at 69 900 canadian nice and this one’s optioned out to 89 140 i think that’s a fair

Price for a luxury land rover defender yeah and the only thing that really competes with this would be the new bronco pretty much which doesn’t exist because nobody has them yet exactly it’s been delayed because of everything that chip shortage chip shortage covered whatever oh man it’s like everyone needed to make their own chips okay um would you take this

Over a four-door after living with it a little bit yeah i think i actually would as cool as this is like if i didn’t have a family or if i didn’t have a kid on the way or whatever yeah i’d probably go for this but realistically the four-door yeah with the family i can’t justify the non-practicality but i think looks wise this is so much cooler and i just want

To see one with the steelies i’d be so excited to see the two-door on the road yeah exactly this is going to hold its value i think way better down the line yeah i would agree with that at least i would think so so just wait for all the prices to drop down to their bottom buying the dip right by the dip and then the dip becomes the dip and then dip it yeah i

Don’t want to talk about it and if you’re shopping for a new land rover defender and you live in the united states there’s a true car linked below there’s a discount when using the straight pipes link you can also shop for a used land rover defender using truecar and if you live in canada there’s a car help canada link below so then this or speculative bronco

I mean i haven’t driven the bronco but looks wise i’m gonna go with the bronco just strictly looks wise uh i would almost like this more just because it’s not american it’s a little bit more like porn and got that little coolness to it but you can take off the panels and everything on the bronco and the doors and everything yeah but i don’t know if i’d like to

Do that you know what i mean i know you mean but you can right yeah and then i guess this or a wrangler like yeah i guess the other wrangler would compete technically sort of it’s kind of cooler and newer yeah unless you had the v8 this or a v8 uh wrangler well this is gonna get a v8 so so we’ll save that for the future let us know what you think of the defender

90 compared to the 110 which one would you get and why and watch our 110 review thank you for watching our 90 review you

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