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Altair Club Cars AVAILABLE 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 144 WB High Roof video tour with Roger

AVAILABLE 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 144 WB High Roof video tour with Roger

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Hello nancy i’m roger here prime motorcars mercedes benz in scarborough maine thank you for the inquiry on our 2019 mercedes-benz sprinter passenger van just want to do a nice video it does have the aluminum wheels gives it a nice fancy look so the 2019 the nose is redesigned redesigned headlights take a nice look inside this is got the electric sliding door

So and then i wanted to show you right here to these seats do recline a bit so does this row just the first and second rows recline each seat has its own reclining lever which is very nice these seats are also removable they’ve added the a nice light rate here too for at night times so you can see your step for easy access in and out of the sprinter van and then

There’s some vents down here that you can see all the way over on the far wall that’s your for your auxiliary heat in the wintertime and then i have the roof-mounted air conditioner going right now i have it cooled down substantially inside the van it’s 90 degrees outside i’ve got it down to about 70 degrees 70 degrees inside the van so the roof mounted ac unit

Works extremely well you come around here to the back got your rear view camera mounted right here and when we go inside the van for a test drive i’ll show you in the monitor how nice and crystal-clear it is nice step bumper for easy access in and out of the back of the sprinter do have some storage here in the back for luggage or you know whatever you would like

To store all three rows of seats here are removable as well so if you need to to use it for you know carrying any goods from from the store or whatever need the space you can remove the seats which is really nice all right so now we’re gonna hop in the van we’re gonna go for a test drive and i’ll show you around inside the cab okay nancy we’re sitting here in the

Cab of the sprinter passenger van i just want to show you a few things in here as well so this has got the new nb ux system right here you know it’s voice control – you can tell it what you want from navigating – you know like their closest mcdonald’s or what have you we can program your phone it has satellite radio it has a three year subscription for your free

Maps and the navigation it’s got an info center it’s got an app store vehicle settings i just has a lot of good stuff now it’s talking about our rear view camera when we were outside so see how nice and crystal clear the camera is you can see right down to your step bumper and rate straight back when you turn your steering wheel the lines go where your van set it

Based on how you’re steering the via which is very nice this van also has cruise control it has controls over here for your thumbs – for your volume for your radio you can turn it up and down you can answer your phone here and hang your phone up you have cruise control on this side you also have a little small it’s like a small mouse right here for your thumb and

You can scroll through your navigation screen and the other one you can scroll through your instrument cluster and look at different settings very very nice heated electric mirrors in this van so in the winter time when it’s cold the mirrors will defrost themselves as well so now nancy let’s go for a ride around our parking lot here so the new 20-19 has a 7-speed

Transmission which is very nice you’ve got 2 extra gears as opposed to the predecessor the shifting to and this vehicle is very smooth in the new sprinter vans so they did change the steering in these a bit too they added electronics to the power steering so it turns a lot smoother than the predecessors as well nice and sharp very very easy to maneuver see we

Got some pretty tight quarters here i always like to show the the maneuverability of these new sprinter vans it’s pretty incredible get in another really tight places with them now i’m going to back the sprinter van back into its spot and we can get a shot of the rear view cameras we’re backing up just nice and smooth with the camera you can see everything behind

You it’s very nice so nancy i hope you have enjoyed the video please feel free to give me a call you can reach me at 207 eight three eight zero one six nine thank you so much and i’m looking forward to hearing back from you

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AVAILABLE 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Passenger 144 WB High Roof video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

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