autotain dream headrest dvd 2018
Altair Club Cars Autotain Dream Headrest DVD 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab

Autotain Dream Headrest DVD 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab

Brief Install video showing Autotain Dream DVD players being installed in a 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab. I removed them from a 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab, and the installation was identical between the 2014 crew 1500, and 2018 Mega Cab 2500.

Auto-tuned dvd head rest on a 2018 ram 2500 mega cab as you can see the head wrists using the supplied fittings sits in there just fine matches pretty well tricked to install on it the wire goes down the head wrist post you run it down through here over the unzip this cushion you can see the wire right there behind the cushion feed it out the bottom zip it back up

And this panel right here just pulls off with a couple of clips pull that panel off and then inside here i tied it into my 12-volt accessory plug power to the blue and pink ground or black to the black tied them both in they come with inline fuses and then i bundled up the rca’s to tie them all together and little tuck in nicely back in there like that that way you

Put this panel back on same thing for the other side i can see i don’t have that one connected yet but it heat route it out just underneath the plastic you can clip in just fine with the panel and you can move the seats fore-and-aft without a problem here i’ll show you how to get the seat cover unzipped basically just slide the seat back enough so you have access

To the zipper right here and when they make the seats they just tuck that zipper in you just tuck it trying to do this with one hand so bear with me there you go there’s your zipper again trying to unzip it one hand there’s your zipper and now they’ll have access to the wires head wrists there’s a lot latching mechanism just squeeze it in just adjust it up hard

To do with one hand there we go factory headrests coming out and this will be your retain dvd head wrist you can see the fittings i use slide over the post and they’re adjusted pretty much all the way in so from what i’m gonna do here i’m gonna take the power wire that comes out of out of the dvd headrest is out of right there seat it in the inboard once i have

That fit in try with one hand to show you successful in here rich in there and should be able to feel it there’s the work i’m just gonna plug into the one that we left hanging up as mentioned before wire is fed through slide the post in and they should engage with to latch mechanisms but they’re gonna be a little bit tighter than the factory one so they’re gonna

Take some force see they’re not quite over down bear with me alright see there i got him seated a lot further headrest looks good still has adjustability and now i just need to plug that wire into there and i normally run a piece of heat shrink over top of them that way they don’t come just connected someone kicks it or moves a seat a little further normal or

You might have quite enough slack oh although i’ll show you that here in just second all right here’s a little better footage of the connector it does have an arrow on the connector that lines up with a groove and a ridge on the opposite end where you can only warn imitate it one way make sure it’s seated all the way with no gap and then what i like i said i run

A piece of 3/8 or half inch heat shrink tubing over top of the connector and that will lock it all in place and hide the connector just a bit so it doesn’t look too far out of place go ahead and slide this on and heat it down you’re going to heat it up i do one hand there’s the wire you get up that took the zipper back in or do all that check power my problem with power that’s it

Transcribed from video
Autotain Dream Headrest DVD 2018 Ram 2500 Mega Cab By Shawn Queeney

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