auto review drives the mazda cx
Altair Club Cars Auto Review drives the Mazda CX-5

Auto Review drives the Mazda CX-5

Welcome back to auto review and we come your way every saturday from 2 to 2 30 p.m on people’s television and also in other uh cable networks and of course on facebook and today we feature the 2016 mazda cx-5 with sky active technology of course we’re looking at the front you have the six hexagonal grille over here and of course the mazda logo over here uh you

See the the headlights uh quite bright in the evening except that we have a dark gut tint so the owner wants to put a pair of fog lights to enhance visibility at night and if you notice the car already has rfid for north and the other one on the right for the s-lex or south luzon expressway so this has come a long way as i mentioned in the introduction this

Car has lugged over 100 000 kilometers and the last we checked it has 100 113 kilometers on its uh odometer you you have uh side mirrors again it’s a two-toned side mirror and you you have of course the signal light over here and also when you turn on the hazards this also lights up especially the ones with sky active technology because they still look

Very good x5 but this this car is uh one of the most reliable compact suvs in the market all right it’s a four-door or it’s a five-door suv you have here on top uh the shark spin antenna you have the rear wiper and that the owner actually added a uh reverse camera because this is a a basic cx-5 it doesn’t have a video monitor so the owner decided to to

Have or install a camera for the rear it’s very easy to open the rear it has an electronic opening quite soft very easy to open and here you have a spacious space you have here the spare tire it’s slimmer than the usual spare tire and then you have the jack over here and the other tools on this side very well organized you can put two big luggages and small

Bags at the rear okay you have the tonneau cover and if you need more space at the back this is of course retractable but it’s always nice to have this cover at the back because you you can hide your belongings and it’s also easy to put it up again so i think all mazda cx-5 should have this accessory although in the higher variance they already come with

The tonneau cover and then you have a courtesy light over here so that when you put some things uh when it’s dark uh you have this light okay four year old crossover but still crisp this has a two liter four-cylinder gasoline engine which uh puts out 155 uh so you see here the sky active technology this is a technology developed by mazda for several years

Before they came out with it because it’s it’s a package of uh efficient technology for the engine for the chassis and the ford for the drive the sky active technology makes the mazda cx-5 and other models with the sky active technology more fuel efficient without sacrificing the zoom zoom technology in our experience on highway driving we we got about 16

Kilometers per liter on city driving depends on traffic sometimes we get nine kilometers to 11 kilometers per liter but it really depends on the traffic sometimes you go as high as 13 kilometers per liter let’s go inside welcome to the cabin of the mazda cx-5 2016 model and it has a very sporty steering wheel very light to operate oh again i’m amazed at

The uh mileage of this vehicle 100 1113 kilometers and you have on the steering wheel controls for the audio entertainment system you have controls for the volume and also if you want to change uh station this is a basic entertainment system you don’t have the bluetooth technology but the higher variance of the mazda cx-5 has all that technology and then

You have a very comfortable seat for the driver and of course for the passengers you have airbags and then the three-point seat belts and then you have retractable side mirrors this is of course a very useful as i mentioned in many of our test drives i always like having the retractable side mirrors especially when you’re parking on a very tight space and

This is one of the the best crossovers to drive because the engine is very responsive and then you have a comfortable seating configuration especially for the driver and it’s a it’s a car that you don’t get tired of driving easily because of the comforts inside air conditioning is good and according to the owner not maintaining a condition because lagging

On time periodic maintenance check and and drives like new and it feels like new and over here you have the dual clutch transmission you can go full automatic or you can go plus and minus manual you have the electronic handbrake very easy to operate of course you have several storage around the area in the middle console you have a deep storage for almost

Anything like gadgets sometimes we tend to forget to to close it but with this kind of a solid roof that won’t may go closely i junk overnight which also serves as an armrest we won’t have a car price watch for this segment because the owner is not selling this vehicle but maybe you can make a guess how much this vehicle would cost it’s a four-year-old

Compact suv and if you were to sell this vehicle the original price was about 1.5 million pesos and maybe if the owner sells it it could go maybe about 900 950 000 pesos still a good price for a vehicle in this tip-top condition what to review we’ll be back stay with us

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Auto Review drives the Mazda CX-5! By Auto Review Philippines

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