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Altair Club Cars Auto elettrica ad idrogeno ? Hyundai NEXO a Bolzano

Auto elettrica ad idrogeno ? Hyundai NEXO a Bolzano

E’ veramente il futuro l’ idrogeno con la cella a conbustibile la fuel cell ? Giappone , Korea ed Europa ci stanno puntando veramente tanto, i petrolieri cominciano a sfregarsi le mani perchè è un vettore che possono produrre grazie alle enormi distese di pannelli fotovoltaici che stanno costruendo …

Hi guys, i’m matteo valenza and today i present the hyundai nexo the car is driven by a front wheel drive via a 163 horsepower electric motor and also the battery gives some energy to the electric motor to increase acceleration weighs 2 tons but it is an electric car so it moves very easily hydrogen comes from the tank and air come from the environment as you can see there

Is also a kind of “summon” (for the tesla folks) and autopark the first thing you notice when getting into this car is the quality of the interior plastics are very soft and the dashboard is very well organized however, it is convenient that you can rest your arm on the dashboard in the car, as you can see, there are many cameras, front, rear, sides etc… everything that

Surrounds the machine is shown in the display on the right, and it’s very usefull the car can be used immediately because it is equipped with an electric motor i’m from a car with the best infotainment at the moment it can be used both with the knob and with the touchscreen the most interesting part is being able to see the state of the hydrogen combustion cell here is a

Representation of how the car works right now because before it powered the battery and now it directly powers the electric motor this is one of four cars of autostrada del brennero spa the problem with hydrogen in italy is that there is only one filling station being able to get hydrogen at 700bar (10152 psi) this is a car that has good performance that has nothing to envy

To the others, on the highway it drives very well and it has some control system that makes you feel very safer it has acc, lane departure warning / avoidance ecc.. being an auto hydrogen to the mapping of all the hydrogen distribution centers and it geolocates me and tells me where i can fill up the range at 110km/h (68 mi/h) is around 600km (372 miles) at least 450km

(280 miles), our socety uses it a lot on bolzano – trento – verona (round trip) this highway is 314km (195 miles)se vi can do almost all roundtrip have you noticed limits in driving a hydrogen car or is it like a classic car? it is like driving a classic car, but it’s much more comfortable and faster here we can see the three tanks, temperature and psi you need to do an

Information course and at the end they give to you a remote that open the gate of this place otherwise you will have to call a number and a representative will come and refuel now we are with daniel, responsible for the hydrogen car fleet of autostrada del brennero spa, he work here and, now there are some tests, and car send infra-red signal to the pump to say temperature

Ecc… now hydrogen is “fixing” the problem with electric cars (time to charge) in a next video daniel will show us how the hydrogen get extracted and how it is stored now we fill the nexo and we will see in the next video to see how hydrogen is extracted and how it get stored

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Auto elettrica ad idrogeno ? Hyundai NEXO a Bolzano By MatteoValenza

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