audi tt rs vs porsche cayman gt4
Altair Club Cars Audi TT RS vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Our WETTEST, GREENEST race EVER | MOTOR

Audi TT RS vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Our WETTEST, GREENEST race EVER | MOTOR

A record month of rain in southern Australia has caused the whole countryside to turn green, including our cars! The Audi TT RS and the Porsche Cayman GT4 PDK.

Today we’re drag racing the greenest cars we’ve ever raced obviously if you are hoping for some kind of hyper miler or some ultra efficient ev or hybrid then you’re going to be disappointed because this is the audi tt rs and it’s powered by a two and a half liter turbo five cylinder and it produces 294 kilowatts for the record already says it’ll do about eight

Liters per hundred kilometers on the combined cycle but of course it’ll be doing a lot more than that today because i’m drag racing it against that car that is the porsche cayman gt4 and it’s powered by a four liter naturally aspirated flat six and it makes 309 kilowatts both cars not particularly efficient that will do about closer to 11 liters 100 kilometers

Both are very fast or are they because the conditions are far from perfect at heathcote today let’s find out now andy we’re racing 300 kilowatt monsters in the rain how are you feeling slightly nervous i have to say normally a porsche cayman batters the ttrs in every head’s head but i think you might be onto a good thing today and why is that exactly why has the

Audi got such an advantage well you’ve obviously got four wheel drive that’s going to get you off the line like a rocket this has got more power so i might be able to keep up with you later on in the strip but it’s on pilot sport cup 2 tyres which hate the cold and wet so this might get off the line extremely slowly uh i on the other hand as you say have audi’s

Quattro proprietary wheel drive system and i have it’s driving four pirelli p zeros a tyre that’s probably going to like these conditions a little bit more so i’ll see you at the end whenever you arrive if you arrive hopefully uh just for reference how fast is that supposed to get to 100 in this one’s supposed to get to 103.9 and yours is 3.7 so even on the best

Of days i think you would pick me to 100. and today is certainly not the best of days let’s see how we go first up we’re going to try a full launch control offline conventional drag race to 400 meters wish us luck and in three two one oh bloody ellie i could start how is he doing that oh my god my car’s all over the place that was madness that was seriously

Surprising i have got it though that was way closer than i was expecting that was interesting i didn’t expect to be uh putting in a bit of opposite lock at quite that speed but there you go dan one that was pretty exciting that was awesome on a scale of one to ten andy how surprised were you at that start well i was i was feeling very triumphant until it all

Stepped out at me well that was very interesting not the one horse race i was expecting and it might be even closer now for this time because we’re gonna try a more conventional start no launch control it’s just in normal drive mode and just pin the throttle uh from a standing start given how slowly this was off the mark compared to the porsche i think this

Is gonna be pretty tight definitely advanced then but here we go quattro stepping in all poor traction come on come on no problem got me again i don’t believe it that was a much more decisive victory this gets off the line better and yet the audi just comes by it’s just traction it’s just traction because of the cold wet conditions and the fact that recent

Upgrades to the bitumen had put an oily sheen on some parts of the strip the times were never going to be stellar but they were consistently around one second off the factory claim to 100 kilometers an hour the all-wheel drive tt rs was predictably quicker logging 4.9 seconds to 100 and then through the traps in 13 seconds at 182.3 kilometers an hour the rear

Drive cayman gt4 struggled to put power down netting a 5.5 second time off the line and going through 400 meters in 14.2 seconds albeit at a slightly higher trap speed of 184.1 kilometers an hour as an indicator of what these cars will do in some of the worst conditions you’re likely to encounter it was an interesting exercise it just proves that when things get

Slippery there’s no substitute for four driven wheels if you like this video give us a like and subscribe to the motor youtube channel for more drag racing videos like this you

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Audi TT RS vs Porsche Cayman GT4 – Our WETTEST, GREENEST race EVER! | MOTOR By Motor

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