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AUDI TT – Extreme Detail

Watch me clean up this poor neglected mk1 Audi TT Quattro. I doubt it had been cleaned in a good year at least, so much dirt and muck inside and out. Unfortunately I didn’t film absolutely everything, it did get a good wet-vac inside. It now smells and looks great after a bit of time and effort.

Hello youtube and welcome back to another video on my channel i’m the car chat and today i thought it’d be interesting for you lot to watch along and see how i go about cleaning and detailing a car um and getting it up for sale so yeah i am an amateur car dealer and i bought this car in and today i’m going to be cleaning up because as you can see it is in pretty

Rough shape uh cleanliness wise so it just needs a really good going over there’s a bunch of really annoying bits of dirt and stuff so i thought it’d be an interesting video if i show my process of how i detail the car and how i get it really nice and clean and shiny and ready for sale now this car is only a cheap car it’s not going to be very expensive it’s just

One that i’m getting in and getting going i put an mot on it and a bunch of other stuff as you can see there’s already a bit of mud and cow mark which has fallen off the car this thing has lived in wales for the past year of its life so it’s pretty smothered in the stuff anyway let’s take a look around and i’ll show you some of the lovely bits of grime so yes

I think i’ve proved my point it just needs a real good clean as you can see this leather seat is a little bit worn out it’s not too bad but it’s got a few cracks and it’s lost a bit of color so let’s see what we can do about it with some leather conditioner now what i didn’t record is how long i actually spent buffing up the interior and making it all nice and

Tidy in the cockpit and it came out really nicely but i’ll show you that at the end of the video so now it’s time to give the exterior of a car a good wash the amount of muck that i had to hose out from the wheel arches and the tyres and all that sort of area was insane but the last thing you want is somebody looking at the tyre or looking under the car and then

They see a bunch of muck and grime so it’s best to spend my time now and get all of that muck off the car so and here’s the finished product now i really can’t believe how well this car cleaned up it was so dirty before and there was muck in every corner under every crevice and every part of the car it was just dirty all the way through but now it really does

Look like it’s actually a normal car and it looks like it’s worth a bit more money too now there is there are still some swirl marks and some light scratches which i really need to buff out i need to get my polisher out one afternoon and just give it all a go but for now it really does look nice the paintwork looks shiny the wheels look silver again and the tyres

Look glossy and they’re not covered in cow mark i’ve actually put some tyre dressing on the grill here i put new screw caps on the number plate as well all these little things really add up and make the overall appearance of the car much much nicer particularly on the back you can really see some of those swirl marks i will get those polished but damn i say this is

A good looking car considering how old it is it really does look a nice little coupe now let’s take a look at the interior oh the bit where i spent the most time probably and oh my god look at how it’s come out those seats look far better there isn’t dirt all over the floor the carpets have cleaned up nicely all the trim pieces look clean and they aren’t covered

In dirt look at it i’m actually more than happy with how this car cleaned out and that being said i quite enjoyed making this detailing video if you do want to see more cleaning videos maybe more in depth one then let me know down below in the comments um now thank you all very much for watching and also thank you for 50 subscribers i know it’s not that much but

It means a lot to me so thank you i really appreciate everybody who watches my videos there is definitely more to come i can promise you that with that being said thank you very much for watching i really hope to see you again next time and goodbye

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AUDI TT – Extreme Detail By The Car Chap

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