audi sq8 2020 the best suv i hav
Altair Club Cars Audi SQ8 2020 | The Best SUV I Have Driven

Audi SQ8 2020 | The Best SUV I Have Driven

Welcome viewers to currently what is my favorite suv that i’ve driven this year yes that’s right the audi s crate which i’m selling now in the back because it is an suv so i wanted to start off sitting in the back today to show you guys the entire car i’ve been giving this car from audi switzerland i’ve driven it over the last six days now on my channel previously

I have filmed the q8 which i already loved it was definitely missing something more so a little bit of power but now with the sq8 with 429 horsepower it really really has a nice amount of power it moves it’s got 900 newton meters of torque which is just huge so when you put your foot down you definitely move even though it’s a big car it goes without any hesitation

There is so much legroom it’s extremely comfortable beautiful od seats as well and for an optional extra you can also have rear sliding seat so i can slide these back and forth as well as far as practicality goes it really is a very practical suv not just fast and good-looking but it really works in the real world for i think what you would want an suv for what is

A bit weird is we’re gonna just take you guys up here this is as low as you can put the rear window not sure why actually safety reasons i honestly don’t know not that i needed to fit my head out the window but i just wanted to point out very very good looking car indeed if i do say so myself and we’ve also got a slight lamborghini horas vibe going on here as well

Now the two cars do share some similar parts of course and especially now with the sq8 you’ve got the quad exhaust tips and that even now more resembles the lamborghini earth rose on the previous cue aids we had this horrible fake exhausts at the bottom so this time actually at least we have real working exhausts on the back which suits the car very nicely there

Is no denying that the size of it is huge however with the audi driving magic it is very very easy to drive switzerland doesn’t have the biggest roads in the world whatsoever but so far even with the size of this thing i’ve had no problems driving it around the city or country back roads it’s been totally fine time to go for a driver think and enjoy 900 newton

Meters of torque through a snowy swiss forest so we’ve got a twin turbo four-litre v8 diesel with a mild hybrid system and so far it just works fantastic who will drive quattro system of course and the car can also push most of the power to the back wheels definitely giving you a really sporty feeling the car has all steering is got adjustable air suspension and

An optional sports differential it’s just packing a lot this car there is of course a lot of optional extras this one’s pretty kitted out to be honest beautiful interior deseed swath i’m in love with the seats nice bits of carbon fibre around the center console got my seat heating on got my steering wheel heating on just feeling very very comfortable up here in

The swiss alps and i think that’s a big part of what i’ve loved about this car over the last week is when i’m inside i just feel comfortable and safe but at the same time it is very fun to drive and it’s just so easy to drive of course the four-wheel steering plays a big part in that being able to build such a big car like this but make it really really easy to

Drive so to compare it to the last luxury suv that i drove that was the new porsche cayenne turbo yes for me this is better than the porsche cayenne i really really do prefer it at the time i drove the porsche cayenne i did say it was in my top three suvs alongside the g wagon and the audi kuwait but now driving the sq8 this is my number one suv that i’ve driven

This year we’ve got the new display up here in the sq8 as well with the hockey stick rev counter i love this had that in the rs6 that i’ve filmed in malibu last month got five different driving modes we’ve got efficiency with a comfort auto dynamic and individual it does also have an engine sound selection which i know doesn’t make sense coming from a diesel you

Can put it in pronounced to give somewhat of an engine sound which is of course fake of course i love engine sound but i think i would rather keep it turned off it’s a diesel at the end i’m happy that it’s just quiet and just drives extremely nice i don’t need to pretend it’s got a v8 petrol engine underneath there i’m totally fine with the bigger diesel sometimes

The whole outta safety system can be a little bit over the top for instance there has been quite a few times i have had my hands on the steering wheel but it has shouted at me to take control of the steering wheel so basically i guess i’m not gripping the steering wheel hard enough because i have had my hands on the wheel just bit relax that’s all but you can’t

Be too relaxed otherwise it will shout gonna put the drive system in dynamic and get a taste for this 900 newton meters of torque yeah it’s just a nice amount of power believed actually how well this works for the size this is the first time i’ve actually put it in dynamic to be honest with you i’ve just been loving cruising along in such cup for the last week wow

But it completely changes the car why did i think i’d do this before let’s do an acceleration zero 284 flat down in dynamic mode well we seem to have entered a snowy carpark which of course only means one thing and if i don’t do it then all of you lot were shouted me for not doing it in a snowy empty carpark so let’s see if the car does put most of the power to

The rear wheels yes that’s a bit of power walk bit of snow coming in the window i think no that’s what you call having fun in the house actual proof there are how much fun how much i’m smiling in this car if you have any more questions about the caf course please ask below and yeah as i said looking forward to see what you guys think of the car but for me as always it is ciao for now

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Audi SQ8 2020 | The Best SUV I Have Driven! By Cars with Luke

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