audi s8 plus stage one 705bhp
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Audi S8 Plus Stage One 705BHP

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Right guys welcome back to another episode of map tv today we’ve got a 2017 audi s8 plus in with us some tuning with these engines we strongly recommend changing the spark plugs before you do any tuning work on these because they are prone to spark plug failures which can lead to catastrophic engine failures so we’ve actually installed a set of ngk race plugs

Into this engine before we got the car on the diner so now that the hardware is all done it’s on to the diner and we can start the tuning process so yeah let’s uh let’s crack on and see see what happens with this car right guys so we’ve done the stock power runs on this car now we’ve taken some data logs the car made 630 brake horsepower and 600 foot-pound of

Torque and with this being the s8 plus the 605 brake horsepower from factory um this car’s got a tank of shell v power so it’s 99 octane fuel and we’ve recently installed a three inch mill tech catback with no resonated so it is a little bit over its stock power but we’d expect that with the exhaust and the good fuel in it so we’re looking at the logs now all

The fueling is fine boost control is perfect all the fuel trims and stuff are all nice and even between banks we’re happy with proceeding with the tuning on this car so now what we’ll do we’ll get a full read from the ecu and then we can start building a base map for this car in one or less so we’ll do that now and then we’ll get onto the tuning process so we’ve

Just done some testing with a stage one base file flashing to the ecu just to make sure that all the boost control is doing exactly what we wanted to do the fueling is fine the fuel trims are all good it’s not pulling any time in so now what we can do is we can start to optimize that base map and start making some real power outlets engine so we’ll make these

Adjustments to the file now get it flashed back into the car and then we’ll do some further testing right guys so we’ve finished the tuning process now on this s8 it’s made some really good power we finished off the tune at 705 brake horsepower and just shot a 700 foot pound of torque again 100 brake horsepower 100 foot pound of torque basically throughout

The whole rev range so the thin line here is stock this is a stop talk curve you can see it’s got some bit of a nasty dip in it from stock and we’ve managed to make an extra 100 foot pound torque throughout the whole rev range so it’s going to feel very fast compared to standard so we’re happy with all the cars running so yeah we’ll get off the diner then we’ll

We can take out on the road and test it hello what stop right so we’ve just taken the s8 out on a test drive we’ve taken some dirt logs up on the bypass uh just to make sure that everything’s happy with the ecu it’s not over boosting fueling’s all good it’s not putting any time in the car is absolutely rapid for such a big car it’s a bit of a sleeper you

Look at this you won’t expect it to move as fast as it does with it being as big as it is all gone well i’m happy with how it’s running all that’s left to do now is let the customer pick it up and enjoy it in this wonderful weather so yeah if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to his channel and we’ll see you in the next video you

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