audi s7 oil change
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Audi S7 Oil Change.

All right guys so this is just a quick overview video of an oil change on an audi s7 we’re gonna be using 540 um mo tool that you see right there in the barrels so real quick i just want to go over with you how to do this in efficient matter um in roughly about 45 minutes so what i like to do is all the fasteners that i take off i put them in the orientation that

They go up into the car because as you can see this one here is one of those spline drives which is here you see that so this is going to be a i don’t know it’s a 10 mil 10 millimeter spline drive but then for the other one you’re gonna need a t30 um a t30 bit like this and then for the and then you’re also gonna need a screwdriver to take these out quarter

Turn and then for the drain uh you’re also gonna need a 10 millimeter for two of those that one and that one just a regular 10 and then for the drain plug you’re gonna need a h6 six mil for this guy um okay so then you’re gonna need a new copper washer does not come in this uh oil filter kit by the way zero x one one two three d and then what you do is you

Change this uh seal on the filter housing and then you change the seal on the actual little drain at the bottom okay and then i’m just going to show you real quick underneath this thing so this is what it looks like as you can see real quick this is the drain bolt and up here you can’t really see i’m sorry but you see that that’s the oil filter housing

Okay you’re also going to want to clean everything off with brake cleaner before you put the cover back on because you don’t want stuff to be smoking underneath here um and that’s it reverse procedure is going to be filling it i’ll show you and then guys really important that you torque down the drain bolt to 30 newton meters with the new um washer attached

Okay you don’t want to over torque that um and then the actual oil filter you also torque down to 28 newton meters and it’s a 32 millimeter um setup like this half inch step down to a 5 8 or 3 8 to a 32 that’s it so clean off the housing and clean off the drain plug and then put back the pan all right so after you go into service and checks oil level as you

Can see it’s at maximum which is good we have a few codes here central module locking system camera system rear view assembly mounting none of this is actually important so we’re gonna do a quick erase all right now we’re going to go to hot functions oil reset auto oil reset okay reset okay we’re gonna do a second time just to confirm okay let’s just reset

Instrument service service interval has been reset oil and service winter wall we’re gonna have to do all four i just like to do all four just to double check okay that’s reset don’t do this and as you can see we need to do any of that everything is good now let’s go ahead and start

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Audi S7 Oil Change. By E39M5SPEED

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