audi s4 owner review 2004 s4 v8
Altair Club Cars Audi S4 Owner Review: 2004 S4 – V8

Audi S4 Owner Review: 2004 S4 – V8

Sports Car Advisors ( does a walk through on the 2004 Audi S4 V-8 Quattro. This Audi has an after-market cat-back Corsa exhaust system which enhances the exhuast “burble” on accelleration.

Okay so today sports car advisors is looking over a 2004 audi s4 this is a v8 4.2 liter with 340 horsepower it’s a silver and it’s a quattro all-wheel drive system six-speed manual transmission and we’ll just take a brief walk around sunroof this cars a lot of fun to drive you can drive them in the snow no problem really don’t get stuck because of a quattro

All-wheel drive and adds up to be a pretty fun sports car actually the way you can tell it’s an s4 is typically it will have that badge on it so that differentiates it in having the v8 and this car has an aftermarket a corsa exhaust system catback exhaust system kind of get an idea of what it does and it sounds great why don’t we have the owner started up here sure

See if you can start it up for us i like about most of us the recaro seats are so comfortable heated leather power adjustable lumbar support and even cooler than that look at this little storage spot like a bottle of water right in there no small bottle water that’s neat yeah so let me fire up this beast and this has the stock 18-inch alloy wheels the audi s4

Wheels take a look at the recaro seats comes with is it all stock and in the rear as well sunshades the hold-down rear seats rear sunshade myself feature you have a little bit baby our kid and abasa fold down rear seats rear sunshade side sunshades as your motive stepped in one of the complaints on these cars is just that the motorists so are literally on front

Axle and forward so it’s very fun heavy i can feel that back-end i haven’t gotten really aggressive because i’m already running snow tires right now but in come the spring time when i put some nice thick tires on probably a little bit of disappointment with that back end do like especially under braking and then turn in i would think that it probably has oh happy

Fueling always like a brushed aluminum rear view mirrors pioneers pretty cool yeah actually that the window has some kind of a natural tint to it pretty darker than i thought when i first went to buy this car with about 50,000 miles on it just after the warranty expired paid $21,000 plus or minus a few bucks plus tax how many miles on it had it has 55 i bought it

With 50 and it’s been a great car i did a 60,000 mile service spark plugs all filters found out it does not have a timing belt as a timing chain and the v8 motors actually flipped completely backwards from what you would have in their normal a 84.2 whereas all the chains having to be in the front of the motor in when you open up the hood disc motors turn completely

Backwards uh-huh which is quite a firewall world yeah okay well thanks so much for taking time out to show you show us here yep s4 you’re welcome

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Audi S4 Owner Review: 2004 S4 – V8 By SportsCarAdvisors

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