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Altair Club Cars Audi S3 Unitronic Stage 2 – 2016 Audi S3 Premium Plus – Real Ridez 4k Video

Audi S3 Unitronic Stage 2 – 2016 Audi S3 Premium Plus – Real Ridez 4k Video

This is the third generation Audi S3. Based on the small family/subcompact executive A3, the “S” in S3 stands for sport offering 296 BHP and 280 LB-FT of torque. But this S3 is no ordinary family sport’s sedan… it has an Audi S3 Unitronic Stage 2 tune!

Hey real rods do you know what season it is do you have an idea that’s right it’s cuatro season so hey real riders on this episode keith will show us his 2016 audi s3 and give us a tour of all the modifications that he’s done to take this from oem to oem plus afterwards he’ll grab a set of keys hop on in and we’ll go for a launch this and more just stay tuned

Right here to real rides what’s up real riders my name is keith and this is my 2016 audi s3 all right so probably the first thing you’re going to notice and what most people actually do notice on my car is the stance of the car um you know it is flush to the inside of the fenders there is not much gap it’s because i’m running rotiform blq 19 by eight and a half

I’ve got 10 millimeter spacers on there it did cause a problem at first up front um so i had to have my fenders rolled took that rubbing away and now they are just tucked perfectly in there that’s usually the first first thing that anybody tells me let’s see i did some suspension work i had springs put on which i eventually switched over to st coilovers i had a

Super pro rear sway bar installed after that you’re probably going to notice just the smaller carbon pieces around the the bottom of the car gonna be my side skirts and my my front lip other than that it’s probably on the outside the black optics package that kind of really ties everything in together i’ve got a small rear spoiler on the top of my window in the

Back sets it apart from what a lot of other s3s are running i don’t know if it necessarily provides any aerodynamic difference but i’ll just say it does in my head so for interior i have the p3 multi-gauge with the track pack super cool um unfortunately with the audis they don’t give you a lot of information in your cluster at least in my 2016 it doesn’t i do

Have paddle shifter extensions it was something that i was not 100 sure about but i went with it also the bfi alcantara shift knob after that i kind of really focused on the engine the entire time first things i went out and did was i within the first week actually purchased in the car i went out had it tuned unitronic stage 2 ecu and tcu which also required me

To have a down pipe on it fortunately when i bought the car it already had the awe switch pack exhaust on there the 102 millimeter tips so that was already in place so again i just tuned it had a cts downpipe put in that really made the car come alive that was a huge huge huge difference i took out the o34 intake i had and switched out for apr carbon fiber which

Actually i have a apr intercooler in here i have o34 lower dog bone insert as well as bfi stage one engine mounts um a big recommendation for anybody out there get that power from your engine down to the ground those are two amazing things to really feel the difference and they genuinely make a difference for a small amount of money i have a bfi catch cam i have

New speed pipes on the car discharge pipes we’ve got the apr turbo inlet i have the go fast bids dv plus on the car so that’s pretty much cinches up the engine work so tell us a little bit about your vehicle man tell us a little bit about maybe uh how you ended up with it what’s the background story of this um sir i’ve always been into european cars um growing

Up my stepdad was really into him so he kind of got me into that um never really knew the mechanical side of it but i always really loved the cars and driving um went into volkswagen enjoyed my volkswagen a lot always dreamed of having an audi so the opportunity came up where i could finally get myself into one and so i started looking about six months into it

I you know decided i found this s3 so i actually flew up to new jersey purchased the car and then um drove it all the way back by myself so this is a new jersey car yeah it’s a trailer you just had an attitude when you got it yep and it’s got even more attitude now i’m sorry for our northern friends i’m originally from jersey so i feel like i can at least say that

So tell me about it man it’s an s3 yep it’s a 2016 pre-facelift s3 uh premium plus uh it’s heavily modified um pretty much stage two tuned ecu tcu we’ve got every imaginable bolt-on that we can possibly put on the car you’ve done a lot yeah a lot a lot um pretty much the only thing i got left is to replace out the brakes with a new system and then potentially

Upgrade the turbo it is my daily though so i drive it to and from work uh round trip a day is about 120 miles wow you do 120 miles a day a day five days a week in this car yeah holy crap so it’s a great car to have it’s a lot of fun for that 120 miles each day uh downside is every time i see that odometer going up a little bit it kills me inside just a tad but at

Least i know that i’m having fun while i’m driving and why i’m doing it so you can’t really argue with that and i didn’t buy a car for it to sit i bought a car to drive so i love it man and you said this is a premium plus yep so what makes it a premium plus uh just some of the different uh packages in it um so like navigation parking sensors lane assists stuff

Like that it’s also black optics package which means all the trim is blacked out it came with different wheels i’ve actually switched out the wheels twice now i got rid of the stock ones and put new ones on wasn’t a huge fan of of those at the time so then i switched them out again for something a little bit nicer a little bit lighter um so i’ve been enjoying

That i also upgraded the size to 19 so it’s made a little bit of difference i’ve had to roll some fenders and do some modifications to to get it to not rub but um it’s been great so far so you know you do 120 miles a day in the car but yet i feel like the car with its stance and a lot of the ball down mods that you’ve done is really geared towards performance

It is right it definitely is why invest so much into performance and and quite frankly take away from some of the comfort ride right because you’re low to the ground etc why do that on a daily driver um you know i to be honest with you i i was reading through the forums when i had my vw and i saw all these people doing all these different things for the s3s once

I kind of set my mind up that’s the car i wanted and it just seemed like a lot of fun and i hadn’t been really heavily involved in the car community i was kind of watching from a distance okay and you know eventually i got the s3 and a week after i bought it i put the downpipe in i bought it with the exhaust already which was a benefit and a savings to me um

So i stage two it and put the downpipe in within the first week and i think most of the folks in the car community know that once you get into that uh that hole it turns into a real deep rather old man so i’ve had the car for 18 months i’ve put 50 000 miles on it and 50 000 50 000 in 18 months i like to drive and it’s seen everything from my daily commute on

The highway i’ve taken it out on the track i’ve done some extremely spirited driving with triangle audi groups so it’s it’s kind of seen its whole it’s whole course everything it possibly can i feel like there’s a whole lot more left so you’re really putting i mean it’s not just a daily driver but this is your weekend fun toy yeah it’s my everything yeah okay all

Right all right hey you know if you’re gonna invest into a car you know at least you have one car to focus on right right um so talk to me a little bit about you know you racked up 50 000 miles 18 months a lot of people sometimes avoid german cars because they feel like maybe they’re not as reliable as some of the other brands that we hear about yeah but i feel

Like if anybody could speak towards that it would be you how’s the car been you know it’s been great to be honest with you um you know maintenance maintenance maintenance be on top of it you know they say change your oil at ten thousand miles do not do that five thousand at the most you know just when you hear things when you see things you feel things go ahead

And get it taken care of go have it looked at you know if if you’re fortunate enough unlike me to uh you know be somebody that’s not mechanically inclined like myself you know you got to make sure you take it up to the shop or whatever and obviously if you can do the work yourself more power to you it makes it a whole heck of a lot cheaper but just really taking

Care of the car um you know cars are meant to be driven audi’s are meant to be driven you know you got to push it and enjoy it but you got to take care of it just like anything else that you invest money into so you bring up a good point right we joke around a lot today filming talk about its cuatro season because it is winter believe it or not it’s just winter

In north carolina so we don’t have snow meanwhile our northern friends do um so talk to me a little bit about that do you ever take it out into snow and if so how does that perform i have not yet but i’m dying too oh it sounds like something you need to get off your list this year exactly it’s definitely gonna be on my checklist my only my only concern is that

The car sits a little bit higher than two inches off the ground so i’m not sure if i’ll you know end up being a snow plow or i’ll just be burning through a good point it’s a good point you will be the snowplow if you’re out and about i’m sure i’ve already gone through multiple splitters so what’s another one at this point that’s a good point right being this low

I mean is there things that you kind of regret about that you mentioned about having to replace spoilers but is that a reoccurring thing um so my first one i cracked when i actually took the car camping with me so i i do try to utilize the car too its fullest especially during quattro um you know so i cracked a splitter there it is what it is man that’s kind of

What i signed up for if i’m gonna take it out and do things like that i gotta be prepared to uh pay the price for it so i’ve replaced that splitter with another one i’ve already cracked that one um it’s still hanging onto the car so i’m not gonna i’m not gonna replace it out yet but i’m sure that there will be a day that i finish this one off and go on to the

Next one again though like i said it’s kind of the price i play pay um you know they say uh what is it play stupid games win stupid prizes yeah that’s absolutely true my splitters are becoming stupid prizes for me but um again it’s all in fun you know i wouldn’t change it i wouldn’t do anything differently than i already have that’s good it’s good advice so you

Mentioned earlier there’s nothing you would do differently to the car but do you have things on your road map things you want to do that you haven’t had a chance to do yet yeah um i would definitely like to get a rear diffuser i have the lip i have the side skirts um that’s it i need to kind of complete that off i do intend on some point um getting a regular daily

Driver um as much as i love this car driving 120 miles using uh premium gas isn’t always the cheapest thing so maybe a huge cost savings for me to be able to get something else so once i do that i’ll probably start thinking more race car so i will probably upgrade the turbo um potentially strip the back seats out save some weight you know do some small things

Like that again my car is pretty much fully prepped to go stage three to increase the turbo and all that so it’s kind of just a waiting game once i come across that right daily driver then um i’ll go for it so now is that daily driver you still gonna keep in the vac family or are you gonna go outside of that i would love to i would absolutely love love love to

Find a diesel for my commute it just makes sense you just want to be part of the scandal yeah exactly hey maybe i can get a good discount anybody out there let me know but yeah i mean the gas savings on that would be a huge one for me but i would definitely like to keep it in the vw audi family for sure so if we wanted to follow you and say hey you know i really

Enjoyed today’s episode and really enjoyed ds3 wanted to follow you do you have an instagram or a social media account i do i have an instagram a car account for my car it is the 8v s3 nc um and that’s on instagram only i do keep it separate from my private account but um yeah come get a avd s3mc this has been an absolute blast for me you know it’s i always have

Fun in audis they’re fun cars overall i think they’re a little bit underrated because i think cosmetically they don’t stand out as a lot of the other performance brands that we’re used to but people that know no these things go they have power they can not only go in a straight line but they can take turns almost like no other you can feel serious g’s sometimes

Yeah exactly and you go to you know putting yourself in the trust in the vehicle and of course the ability for you to keep it planted on the road well surprisingly once i kind of did the minor cosmetic things on the outside i have people stopping me all the time the gas station people walk up to me you know constantly people coming out personally of course it’s

My car so the bias but you know it’s it’s it’s a clean car it’s not overdone um and once you kind of accentuate the features of an audi people really really really catch it they see it and it draws it draws them to it well i had a pleasure man you know this has been a great dude i hope i wish you i wish you a lot of success and you you get married and also

With the vehicle um it’s been great to have you here on real rides man thank you so much for sharing your story thank you very much appreciate you thank you love it love it too yeah i mean you don’t ask somebody if they want to do a launch man how can you ever say no how can you ever say no maybe we can do um real rides fashion so people can see what this

Launch thing is in case you’ve never been in an audi with launch sequence so you gotta turn hold on one second i’m sorry this is a blimp okay all right so you gotta turn the traction control off put it in dynamic mode left foot on the brake right foot on the gas let the brake go that just takes your breath out of you man that just takes the breath out of you

It’s definitely one of the funner things with it oh wow wow always fun so those of you that ever get an audi especially with quattro make sure you launch launch launch now everybody tells you except for those enthusiasts not to make sure you do it it’s well worth it oh man we got to do that again yeah yeah i was filming i didn’t see it i do want to give a couple

Shout outs if you don’t mind uh big big shout out to bfi again i can’t do any mechanical things whatsoever so big shout out to steve and adam at bfi gotta thanks thank the guys at apex tuning for putting in my tune and my down pipe uh matt at pro fenders for finally getting my offenders back on track uh that was a nightmare i was afraid i was gonna throw some

Tires out but uh thanks to everybody else thank you lynn for supporting me and not killing me when you come home and see all these car parts boxes on the front stew i really really appreciate that love you

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