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Altair Club Cars Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI 310 Quattro TEST Uni Porsche [4k]

Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI 310 Quattro TEST Uni Porsche [4k]

2022 Audi S3 8Y

For the test audi s3 in brilliant uni green paint from porsche, hence the tit it is a paint that appeared on porsche as early as 1974 and was initially called lime green only later the name was changed a bit and that is how green yellow uni was created, i.e. a color between green and yellow the timbre, which is great and in my opinion, fits perfectly with the s3, which is

After all such a little fighter in the audi range the s3 not only has a defiant paint job, it has a huge front grille, four genuine exhaust tips and a spoiler on the spoiler yes, spoiler on the spoiler which is an option i also had on the rs3. this carbon spoiler costs pln 7,160 and the mirrors pln 3,000 interestingly, the exact same spoiler on the rs3 costs pln 9,730,

Which is over pln 2,500 more for the exact same part. and i would not take these options, i do not like the spoiler, and the mirrors for me in the s models should be classic silver or chrome there. what i do not like about the s3 are, of course, the dummies that we have both at the front in the bumper, further between the bonnet and the bumper, and also at the rear at the

Back, there are already dummy faux outlets under both sides, and we also have a diffuser that does not have any function, because the chassis is still not enclosed personally, i like the rear of the new s3 a lot, the front is a bit less what i also like is the fact that the s3 can be bought both in a sportback body, which is actually the hatchback i am testing, and you can

Also buy a limousine the limousine is probably nicer, but of course less practical. the s3 sportback is 4351 mm long, 1816 mm wide and 1438 mm high. the wheelbase is 2360 mm and this is how the ordinary a3 looks compared to the s3. okay, it’s time for a trunk, which may have an electric flap as an option. the trunk has a capacity of 325 liters, which is such an ordinary

Capacity interestingly, the sedan version has exactly the same capacity, but of course, we can not put such large items the trunk has a second bottom, where i have a set of keys and a repair kit, but there is also a place for a spare wheel as you can see, i also have nets that are perfect for transporting small items, but unfortunately, they are optional. in the sense of a

Mesh, no small items. in the trunk i also found two hooks for shopping and a cigarette lighter socket. the trunk can be enlarged by placing the rear seat, which should be done from the cabin, but if someone has sufficiently long arms, he will also do it from the trunk. okay, then we get in the back. here i have a few cm of free space both for my legs and for my head, and

I am 186 cm tall. on the back there is an armrest with places for drinks, separate vents, usb connectors and newspaper holders. so there is everything. oh, and the connectors on the back are an option. at the front, we are welcomed by half-cage seats, which are really comfortable. as an option, the chair can be fully electric and has very large adjustments only the seat

Could be mounted a little lower, then the position would be even more sporty. it’s time for the dashboard. this one is almost identical to both the regular basic audi a3 and the even sportier rs3 the board is quite nice, although the air vents mounted next to the clocks look quite strange. but what i like is we have a screen that is not protruding but fits nicely into the

Board. we also have separate buttons for air conditioning and audio, which is also a big plus okay, from the audio we have unnecessarily a knob on the center tunnel, but fortunately, there is an ordinary knob on the steering wheel. t is a pity that the materials in the previous generation were better and, for example, the compartment in the door was lined with material,

And here is bare plastic. interestingly, in the new octavia it is padded. poorly. it is also weak, of course, sometimes it is creaking and piano black. fortunately, the creaking does not occur while driving, but only during a strong matting. let’s go back to the screens, because we have two – digital clocks and multi-media in the middle. will start with the clocks,

Because these have a really good resolution and you can set the usual classic graphics. of course, if someone wants, he can ride such as from a computer game. the main screen also has very nice graphics, but unfortunately, it sometimes gets some slight cuts. okay, it’s time to check the compartments and look under the hood. and there it is – we look under the hood. here,

Invariably, in the audi s3, we have a four-cylinder, two-liter, turbo gasoline engine that generates 310 hp for this, of course, we have the quattro all-wheel drive, which is based here on the haldex, and only the automatic 7-speed dual clutch gearbox in the previous generation, we could still choose the manual, but surely, due to the low sales, the manufacturer offers only dsg.

And such a set can catapult the s3 to hundreds in 4.8 s. it’s time to check it out. german precision – exactly 4.8 seconds. later it is also good and from 50 to 150 km / h the car accelerates in 7.7 seconds, and 100-200 in 12.8 seconds it’s very fast. if someone started without the starting procedure, the time is about 1 s worse. still fast. it is a pity that the reaction

To gas is not quick. in normal driving modes, the gearbox has a lot of lag, which in the urban jungle annoyed me the recipe for this is the s mode of the gearbox, or manual gear shifting, but you don’t buy an automatic gear and then change gears manually. this is room for improvement. fuel consumption is probably also a bit of improvement, but on the other hand, you have to

Remember that we have 4×4 and 310 km although i still think 9.5 liters at 140 km / h is quite a result. at 120 km / h, fuel consumption drops to 8 liters, and in the city i still oscillated between 11 and 14 liters. here a lot depends on the level of our rage behind the wheel. although the s3 does not provoke. seriously, despite such a lot of power and such good performance,

We do not want to constantly step on the gas pedal and this is the biggest disadvantage of the s3 – it lacks emotion. seriously, missing is boredom the car is fast, has a fairly precise steering system, and the drive gives us a lot of traction and confidence, but we will not experience emotions here the biggest emotions are this porsche paint job and the acceleration results

On paper. maybe if the car sounded a bit better, the level of emotions would increase, but i think it may still be wrong let’s hear what these beautiful 4 exhaust tips sound like. well, i could tell you what those 4 exhaust tips do not sound like, because the car really does not sound anything at all and yet there is an exhaust with flaps! it’s quiet, hardly shoots at

All, doesn’t fart, and nothing is happening there and i am not saying that it is supposed to shoot like a kalashnikov, such as the i30n or the megane rs, but any signs of life would be useful, because it sounds like the same as the basic three-cylinder audi a3 pity. and i’m not sorry, it sounds in the cabin, but it is obviously the effect of the sound synthesizer, which

Is also weak. it’s just a moment about brakes and suspension and we will be able to go to the price list. i rate the brakes very well, they catch quickly, but also easily feel the brake pedal i have a bit more problems with the suspension, because the car, despite the optional adaptive suspension, is hard even in comfort mode although, in fact, it should be like that in

A sports car, but even this does not give us emotions. this is the time for emotions at the price list. the basic audi s3 sportback costs pln 203,000. but if we click on the computer and create a copy like the tested one, the price will increase by pln 100,000 and finally such an s3 will cost pln 300,000. it’s expensive. the competition for the s3 is, among others, the

Mercedes a35 amg and the mechanical twin, which is the golf r and the mercedes with 306 hp costs pln 203,300, and the golf r with 320 hp costs pln 212,000. yes, the golf r is more expensive than the audi s3, and so the golf r is more powerful and faster than the audi s3. strange times … oh and yes – the steering wheel is crooked. it’s crooked, because the day before my

Test, someone drove into a hole, smashed the tire and rim. it was put on quickly, but as you can see someone did not straighten the steering wheel quickly … i didn’t think i’d say it one day, but the audi s3 is just boring today. seriously, it’s blisteringly fast, it looks fairly aggressive, but it’s also boring due to the fact that the car is quiet, has a long delay

On the gearbox and is not so hot, it is just boring. and yet the letter s in the name is sports emotions. this is what the main audi page says, but i did not find these emotions. if someone put me behind a peg and took out all the s stamps, i would not say that it is s3 in my life. it should not be like that. it is a good and very practical and universal car, because we

Have a four-wheel drive, great performance and a spacious trunk, but if you count on emotions, you can be disappointed here oh, and the difference in emotions rs3 vs s3 is really big. very big.

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Audi S3 Sportback 2.0 TFSI 310 Quattro TEST Uni Porsche [4k] By Autowizja

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