audi rsq8 v dacia duster up hill
Altair Club Cars Audi RSQ8 v Dacia Duster: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD

Audi RSQ8 v Dacia Duster: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD

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Hi matt watson here from car wow i’m sitting in an audi rsq8 and next to me is a dacha duster and we’re gonna have a drag race which may seem a little bit unfair but it’s not because we’re gonna have a drag race of a steep slope that’s covered in mud we’re gonna be comparing these two cars in various off-road challenges to see which is best expensive or cheap now

Let me tell you about this audi rs q8 so it is expensive it starts from 107 000 pounds but for that you get a four liter twin turbo v8 with 600 horsepower 800 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels for an eight-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter and quattro all-wheel drive so a central torson diff and this actually has a diff on the back as

Well a sporty diff though heavy thing though this weighs in at 2.3 tonnes and heavy ain’t good when you’re off-roading that duster’s a lot lighter it weighs in at just 1.4 tons it’s also a lot cheaper so for the four-wheel drive version of the dust state starts from around 20 000 pounds but then you do only have a 1.5 liter turbo diesel with 115 horsepower and

260 newton meters of torque it’s also got a manual 6-speed gearbox though it does have a switchable all-wheel drive mode and obviously it’s gonna be in all-wheel drive mode up here another thing about that duster is that it’s on all-terrain tires this out is not though it’s on sporty road tyres and 23-inch alloy wheels compared to the 17 inches for the dash here

That may go against this audi somewhat i’m a little bit nervous now before we get any further let me explain how these challenges are going to work so the car is going to compete in various challenges the car that comes first in a challenge will get two points the car that comes second we’ll get one point and if any car doesn’t complete a challenge it will get no

Points for that challenge then at the end we will tot up the scores to see which car was best off road overall now to keep things nice and fair we’ve got darren from trax offroad adventures from the links in the description to help mark the cars in the different challenges anyway let’s do this oh before we do please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit

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Comparison sites oh this is whoa let’s go inside i need to ease off over the top because oh this might bomb out oh okay so i had to take it very gingerly over the top because there’s a bit of a ridge and i didn’t want to bomb out in this audi because yeah i could do some damage i was ahead right from the start i was amazed how this went up that slippery slope

With these tyres on but that duster it started slow and then because it’s cheap he didn’t really care about it he could just hammer it over the ridge i don’t know if he bottomed out i think i won that though let’s find out all right darren who won that yeah audi bit of slip at the start gain traction halfway up and then just carried on nice smooth progression

Quattro all wheel drive for the win two points of the audi one to the dachia okay so i’m back at the start reason being that numpty over there in the duster seems to think that he didn’t switch his four-wheel drive into four-wheel drive mode so he was just front-wheel drive have you got your duster in four-wheel drive now yes i have four-wheel drive locked and

Ready to go whoa like a rally car oh yeah i had him again got to back off over the top but i beat him fair and square was he just after another attempt at it just made up the whole four-wheel drive oh front-wheel drive the first time that doesn’t matter maybe i should have two lots of two points he’s got no excuses this time has he afraid not no no again spin

At the bottom go in the grip halfway up and just carry it on eased off at the top to make it smoother i know i didn’t want to bottom out are you impressed with how this went up there considering the tyres on this car and the size of the rear weight of the car and the tire is very impressed definitely two points to the iod and just one to the duster although you

Shouldn’t get any for trying to have two goals with it let’s move on the next challenge is all about maneuverability what we’re going to do is turn the cars through this little core so we go into the woods and we have to do a u-turn around a hairpin bend and then come back whichever car does it in the quickest time wins the challenge darren of course will be timing

Us the dust is going first that duster will find the top quite easy got a tight turning circle of 10.7 meters and you can just fly around there as well without worrying about damaging the car too much because it’s a cheap car and we can probably afford to have it fixed awesome i shouldn’t be enjoying it too much because i think he’s probably gone and done a

Really good time but let’s find out that look real quick to me come on then what’s his time 1652. 16 really that was quick 16 seconds 52 have i got a chance i’ve got all the power okay get around the corner safely you got it made you’re ready good yeah i don’t know let’s try it come on so this has rear wheel steering but even though he’s got rear wheel steering

Which should make it turn tighter than if he didn’t have it turning circle still 12.3 meters i’m also acutely aware of damaging this thing no through there i don’t oh god i don’t oh god right come on do this right do this right get this come on go around oh actually that’s surprisingly good i’m oh slippery hold the bottom down there that was pedestrian

That was rubbish you know what i was just too frightened of damaging it it’s called slow and steady yeah 26.52 seconds slower 10 seconds like there’s no way i’d have beaten him i don’t think because this it’s got quite a lot of trouble in the suspension i think on the bottom yeah and i’d have done some damage and it would have been expensive it comes down to where

There’s a lot of weight going on here a lot a lot of it so two points in the duster one point to the audi damn now we’re going to have a race down a slope though the race is in reverse nicely going backwards i mean the idea is to be the slowest down the slope so both these cars have hill descent control and we’re going to engage them and we’ll see which one takes

Us down the slope the steadiest and the slowest the last past that cone wins let’s do it three two one so i’ve just lifted off the brake and this automatically engages with the duster’s gotta press a button on the dash and put it into first it has a low first gear compared to the front wheel drive car to help with off-roading but it hasn’t helped it out here

At all this hill descent control is so slow you can alter the speed of the dusters from 80 miles an hour all the way down to three this is going slower than three miles an hour look at that crawled down so controlled so very well done it’s the quickest and also the slowest audi for the win here comes our mountain goat darren running give us the verdict howdy

One hands down it was easy that was even with the tyres it still held the control coming downhill it was very good i don’t know what the dust was doing it’s quite quick down there very quick i wonder if he understood the whole concept of the challenge let’s just check does star you know like with the uphill race do you want to redo the downhill race because you

Didn’t do something properly no the hill descent control did actually work only it took a little while to get its head around what was actually happening so it did slow me down but not until i already pulled way ahead of you that’s a really boring excuse isn’t it yeah he his college wasn’t as good two points for the iod just one for the duster i’ve now jumped out

Of the ldrs q8 and i’m in the dacha duster i feel like i’ve had a bit of a downgrade to tell you the truth it’s not as luxurious but then the ad is very very expensive isn’t it however if you want like a nice midpoint between value for money and comfort and luxury from an suv i’ve picked my favorite one that meets that criteria if you want to find out what it is

And the saving through car wow click on the pop-up banner there or for the link in the description below anyway this challenge is basically some slippy steps we’re going to be climbing our way up them what this is going to do is test the car’s ride height test the car’s suspension travel and their traction their ability to keep moving so the ad is going to go first

And i’m going to follow it maybe i can humiliate it with my little duster there we go then the ground clearance on the audi q8 is 210 millimeters it’s got air suspension and the suspension is fully independent good thing about air suspension is that it can push the wheel down when one goes in the air to try and get traction it’s also got that central diff in it

Torsten diff in the center and a rear differential because it’s quater sport baby doing quite a good job of keeping on moving will spin a bit and then it just finds some traction let’s see if i can do better did bottom out at all either it’s got enough ground clearance i’m having to slip the clutch a bit here so i don’t stall it because this has no central diff

It does have fully independent rear suspension i’m basically spinning wheels keep on moving this is good oh that’s professional off-roading for you there ah managed to keep momentum didn’t stall it oh okay darren what do you think about that audi was quite smooth he was smooth wasn’t he was like walked his way up there this was like a little chat russell he got

There we had a little scamper at the time yeah i was panicking at the top there when i lost traction it could have like bogged down and cut the power and i could have stalled it and i’d have been buggered whereas actually i managed to keep it the power and wiggle my steering wheel got some grip and made it what do you think then which one go to audi okay right two

Points of the audi one to the duster this next challenge test the car’s chassis stiffness and articulation as well we’re going to drive down a hill onto a side slope and then back down onto level ground we’ll see how well these cars cope with having their bodies twisted and where they can keep putting their power down and their wheels on the ground see what you

Can do here rsq-8 can you keep your wheels down it should have quite a stiff body always struggling well in the air oh my gosh if it’s still moving forward constantly moving forward i suppose it’s got gravity on its side now it’s going down the slope because it’s so blooming heavy 2.3 ton come on duster neither car has a low range mode i’m just chugging along

Oh oh oh oh i’m tipping i’m tipping up up up right so just here we go on the side slope don’t roll over oh it’s slipping a bit ah i have low one bottom out here i’ve lost control i’m just sliding i’m sliding i’ve got all season tires but it was still slipping down there oh made it it’s fun i’m quite impressed with how well that audi is doing really considering

It’s a performance car what a performance suv you get the idea though this is what darren thought so darren which coat with that obstacle the best in the most secure and safe way is that because it’s heavier is this because he’s got more suspension travel longer he’s there designed to push wheels down so so where your wheel was floating more that was pushing the

Tyre down to get traction all the time no one likes a floater you have to double flush this blooming duster it’s a very british joke scores one point yep two points for the od this next challenge tests the cars approach breakover and departure angles so we’re going to head over this big steep hill hopefully not bottoming out and then we’ll go into a valley then

Up a slope where we’ll probably end up getting some wheels in the air hopefully we’ll be able to keep moving but that’s part of the fun in it let’s find out what happens so the approach angle of the idea is 22 degrees and the departure is 26. they don’t tell you about the breakover angle but it’s probably not great because it’s such a long car is it gonna bottom

Out i can see underneath it is he stuck no it’s moving okay so my approach angle is 30 degrees my breakover is 21 so it’s not great but this car is shorter so it shouldn’t ground up i hope not here we go here’s the bit where i might ground out no bother and departure 33 degrees i’ll be fine off the end of this oh yeah all right next part i’m going to go up this

Slope here wrong see if we can catch up with the idea see what it does is it going to kick a wheel in the air oh struggling for traction again but honestly that quattro all-wheel drive system does so well even though those tires are just so wrong for this sort of thing there we go come on dust and catching up with that odid don’t want to drive into it you just take

This smoothly steadily that was so easy for this oh i felt some grounding out we both made it over but i did bottom out there let’s see what darren thinks i felt that i just bombed out a little bit then but i don’t really care because this is a cheap car right if i was in the engine that happened i’d be gutted because it’d be expensive plus you didn’t wheel spin

Anywhere near as much as coming up that section okay then so what do you think which did best over that section coming down the hill slower slightly more controlled more clearance at the front yeah coming over this section here less wheel spin yes you touch very slightly but your less wheel spin that was spinning a lot more really and it doesn’t matter touching

This does it give it to the dumpster we’re gonna give it to the duster so two points of the dust stage clawing it back and just one point to the rsq-8 one final challenge to do now we come to the final challenge what you got here is a steep slope it’s very muddy so it’s got loads of rocks which are slippy so it’s going to be hard to get up there it also looks quite

Nasty and we don’t damage the cars now what this is going to be testing is their power they’ve got to power up there and also their traction their ability to put their power down to keep themselves moving so let’s find out what happens how he’s going first guys hold on a second i’d advise not bringing the rsq-8 up the hill due to tie damage and alloy damage but

I’ll leave it up to your choice okay so i don’t care this does stop he cares look he’s bolted so he’s not even going to take part in this challenge and i don’t blame him actually it’s such an expensive thing but that’s the problem when you’re having really expensive suv gonna be careful how you drive it off-road but it does mean now that it’s on 10 points it can’t

Get any more than 10 points this is on eight points if i make it up that hill this will get two points and it’ll be a draw if it fails to make it up there then it can’t win come on duster are you going to do it oh it’s dying the power’s dying oh it’s stalled i’m sliding backwards right i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to do it from here the stability control

Is killing me here can i turn it off that’s not a good thing oh come on ah right i’m gonna try that again i’m gonna try it again oh this is scary up oh let it roll backwards it was so close i think it’s because i came at it from an angle i need more of a run-up it is not over right more momentum come on you oh don’t stall don’t bloody stall second time

Lucky it still counts it still counts darren two points right definitely definitely two points none for the audi it bottled it no what that means it’s a draw price difference and a perfect draw oh that was awesome i really enjoyed that there’s a lot of tire smoke in there a little bit yeah only two tires were smoking now you’re right we might need some new tyres

But it’s better than having to pay for a new front bumper and under tray for that audi which have been rather expensive there you go cheap off-roaders are good off-roaders but i’m surprised by how well that audi did considering like the performance it delivers on the road very well off-road for on an on-road car yeah really good and if it was a drag race that that

Would just destroy this anyway i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know some other videos you’d like to see in the comments below click on those windows there for some more videos and click on that box there to go to car wow to see how much money you can save on new car thanks for watching

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Audi RSQ8 v Dacia Duster: UP-HILL DRAG RACE & which is best OFF-ROAD! By carwow

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