audi rs7 vs amg gt 63s 4 door dr
Altair Club Cars Audi RS7 vs AMG GT 63S 4-Door: DRAG RACE

Audi RS7 vs AMG GT 63S 4-Door: DRAG RACE

It’s time for a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 showdown! The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door is a favourite of ours when it comes to drag races, and it’s easy to see why, given it can put down 639hp & 900Nm of torque! As for the RS7? It’s got the same engine, but the power stats are lower! So will the weight advantage push it across the line first? There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!

Hi everyone martin here from carlisle so i’m setting the mercedes amg gt four-door 63s and next to me is an audi rs7 and of course we’re going to have a drag race so this has a four liter twin-turbo v8 with six thousand thirty nine horsepower and nine hundred newton meters of torque it’s all-wheel drive it’s got a nice speed automatic gearbox with multi clutches

So it has a very good launch control system that audi has a four liter twin-turbo v8 as well but it only has 600 horsepower 800 newton meters of torque it costs 97,000 pounds rose this is a hundred and forty five thousand pounds so is it really worth the extra cash for that little bit of extra performance we’re gonna find out in a moment so it’s called weighs two

Thousand one hundred and twenty kilos and that is two thousand and sixty five kilos so that shouldn’t really play a part in this drag race at all what will make a difference though is how much performance each of these cars can put down onto the tarmac now before we race please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications

On so you’re alerted when we make a new upload also if you’d like to check out and you merch life’s a drag check the carousel below the video or click on the pop-up banner up there to go straight to the store also we’re not follow me on instagram at mal watts and cars okay you don’t that good right let’s come with his race now before we race let’s just do a quick

Sound comparison between these two jumbo v8 see which one sounds the best they’re all in their loudest setting and they’ll rev this one up soft limiter but still popping oh yeah lots of 40 sounds this cars had too many beans i think gordon ot rev it up that’s got a self limiter as well which do you think sounded the best i’m pretty sure it’s this just argue it

Amongst yourselves fanboys in the comments box below obviously before we drug races cause it makes sense to warm up their tires because i hate tires and i want to destroy them all excellent gives a better traction off the line and with this mg i can put it into rear drive only mode i just pull up on these pedals there we go now drift mode is active big circle no

Stupid unexpensive oh well then why does go and i already beat that quattro it can’t go really where drive might just understeer what’s it gonna do oh actually better than ours thinking oh that’s just dirty oh my god he’s just absolutely nuked his tires yeah those tires are definitely warm well one side is anyway well let’s go with this race need to get out of drift

Mode now because i want to be four-wheel drive come out of it out there we go right let’s do this maalik mouth the lie i was a bit slow reacting but her i’m beating it while being killed by the seatbelt took me tikes it thought i might be having an accident now it’s finally released me when i smashed her ass ever beating it across the line i was really annoying

God your launch was good i was a bit delayed there’s like a bit of a delay when you lift off the brake to actually taking off you were just like bring up the line it was all down to me to do with the car well the extra forty five grand it costs he’s just my drag racing skills look cuz life’s a drag remember i want to try another one one will get a slightly better

Start so it’s even off the line to see what the actual difference is i wonder another one just because of reasons is are i sucker for punishment and then try and channel my inner yani get a perfect launch reaction five months at one point need a heavy watch to put on my wrist there we go i feel a bit more like you only now if you watching this code what is that

Going on about although maybe he doesn’t watch the drag races he’s not in comment below yeah me if you’re actually watching this and guys thumb up is comment if he does so i can see that he has done almost all the thousands of other comments otherwise he’ll just be lost in amongst the others i nailed it no i didn’t it is fair look what happens i wish it wouldn’t

Bloody do that when you launched it this see bail just tongues you tight like in the presense crash pallava nonsense it’s great probably if you’re about to crash it might save your life but trying to work here guys let me do my job you got the g-force pushing you back in your seats and you got this thing took me aback as well don’t need it alright everyone do you

Think i jump the star i don’t think i did i it’s a police i didn’t so then what exactly happened well after i managed to launch the amg gt 4-door six two koreas properly it crossed the line in eleven point one seconds while the audi rs7 did the sun in quarter mile in eleven point six seconds now we can have a rolling race cars in comfort need drive can account in

Three two one go oh probably even on the kickdown even though there’s something to think about more gears it’s got nine it’s gonna look at the power difference though blimey ah this thing is just moving look at that it’s making the rs7 looks slow and the other segment is definitely not slow this is mental no this guy’s noticeably quicker isn’t it well i beg to

Differ i thought it was quite even on the old kickdown anyway let’s take kickdown out of the equation shall we same thing again but with the cars in the sport you’re setting and the gearbox in manual from 50 miles an hour here we go 3 2 1 go this picks up so well for flashing lights time when to shift up so i can’t make an error the way this thing picks up when

You floor it the hot babe with the turbos in between the beige just give you so much response i don’t even see the speedo got a camera in the way no no idea how quickly i was going very quickly now this thing is just so fast isn’t it it is almost 50 grand more though to be fair you’ll just keep it real with a bit of red aren’t ya final challenge day and break test

From 70 miles an hour i’m having to look around the conference see safety bozidar we hit the live full emergency stop ridiculous 69 come on get 70 there 70 there we go now that’s got carbon ceramics this hasn’t i’m pretty sure the audi were not by far maybe half of me or something let’s find out let’s see what he thinks you are not yeah by half a meter maybe yeah

It’s about half of me event oh man i’m good with measuring stuff didn’t tell me well there you go it’s two wins to the mercedes mg one to the audi rs7 but is this mercedes worth the extra money now before you decide to click on the pop-out banner up there because i’ve got an amazing deal on one of these cars so you can see the actual price you’d pay for it there’s

A huge saving let me tell you that then i wanted to think about when you consider the actual price you pay for these cars which one you would have is it’s worth the extra money for the extra performance and slightly reduced braking capability let me know in the comments box below also don’t forget to check this stuff out – yeah you know the merchandise it should

Be in the carousel be like and why not follow me on instagram and i watch some cars and as ever if you watch the video this phone you haven’t yet subscribed make sure you subscribe and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on so you don’t miss any of these some videos anyway thanks for watching see you next time i want to know the go nick was better than me okay cool thanks bye

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Audi RS7 vs AMG GT 63S 4-Door: DRAG RACE By carwow

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