audi rs6 vs ducati 1199 panigale
Altair Club Cars Audi RS6 vs Ducati 1199 Panigale R – car vs bike track battle

Audi RS6 vs Ducati 1199 Panigale R – car vs bike track battle

Audi now owns Ducati, so we decided to race the brands’ most powerful models, the Audi RS6 and the Ducati 1199 Panigale R.

As you’re all probably aware od now owns ducati so we thought it’d be fun to have a track battle between the most powerful odor you can order and the most powerful ducati you can order the 1199 panigale r has a 1.2 litre v-twin with 195 horsepower there is an even hotter superleggera version but it sold out so this r is the most powerful ducati you can buy the

Audi rs6 has a 4 liter biturbo v8 with 560 horsepower that’s ten horses more than the r8 v10 plus which is why we’ve chosen the estate for this track battle but first let’s kick off with a drag race auto express is owned mildenhall will be rs6 while alistair fagan from fast bikes magazine will be on the panigale with 1032 horsepower per ton the decatur did naught

To 60 miles an hour in 3.2 seconds and the standing quarter in ten point five seconds from ed’s of four point three twelve point four seconds for the 289 horsepower per ton howdy so that i can it tell me a bit about this bike this is the ducati 1199 our panigale cost you twenty six thousand nine hundred and ninety five pounds so it’s quite pricey but it’s packed

Full of all the gucci bits you know it’s got traction control abs engine braking control which helps you thrown into the corners it’s 195 horsepower quoted so abound and eighty break off at the rear wheel and the wager catty have done it is a big ball and a really short strokes all the powers right the top it’s really peaky okay really aggressive like a it’s like

A modern-day equivalent of a two-stroke really it’s really stiff really really sort of rigid no flex no feel and it is a bit of a beast it’s an animal in fact it’s the most physical bite you could ride in track you obviously know what you’re doing you’ve got good chance of beating the car i hope so because i’m not going home if i didn’t right well good luck anyway

Thank you i’ll eat it so in tell us about this car well it’s the most powerful car how do you make so in that respect it’s a good test against the bike but in some other respect to come be any more different from the bike is no it’s comfortable packed with leather you know does it you can carry five people in it all your luggage and that bike is paired down to

Nothing it’s only about performance and this car is a lot more than that is performance but all the luxury you’d expect of a eighty thousand pound audi and we’ve got 560 horsepower a lot of horsepower yep 700 newton metres of torque it’s all seats quattro as well so lots of traction four-wheel drive drive but how much is this thing weigh well that’s the catch to

The thomas so the bike is gonna you know looking at the right now and it is a featherweight piece of kit so um we’ll see how we go on well that weighs in at under 200 kilos yeah see you have your work cut out i think i could well do your best to look at it thank you very much the bike clearly rolls in a straight line but now let’s see what happens when we add

Some corners for safety the car and the bike start off the truck apart why gets good star but the audi is a little bit ponderous on the line alastor hell’s a bike into the first corner clearly wants to win but all at the outers of our shape there owen is definitely pushing it too i will have to hold his nerve now as a kid from you can use the a despacho traction

To slingshot at the corner and down the back straight approaching the halfway point now you’ll get there fast it’s the bike the audi has some catching up to do now al is a lot neater through that section of knowing was now he should be quicker through the tight corners though is it too little too late by flies down that back straight now his weight means it’s

Struggling with those high speed changes the direction bikers at the final chicane just as the audi’s entering the last corner it’s a dash to the finish line well only got the cos fan raging away there cuz wanting to cool down how did it perform at there well for a two-ton car is pretty impressive i mean it’s got quattro grips loads and loads of grip there’s the

Fact the fan still going quite a long time after we finish is an indication of how much heat and how much how tightly packaged everything is underneath its bonnet okay get a big v8 in there it’s got loads of grip massive straight line performance how honest it’s not the most thrilling car to drive on track because it’s not really you can’t really do much with it

It’s not very adjustable it just are the grips on that’s it really they can’t fully disable the stability control but there’s no doubt and it’s pretty fast was it fast enough that’s the thing well my gut instinct is that the bike was a lot quicker really but we’ll see so are you ok so your time 1 minute 14.7 ok well how do you think you did i’ve no idea the bike

Felt so fast it i just think really really fast as well yeah it’s this body just feels fast no matter what you do no matter how fast you ride it you always think you come back and broke another record but as proven in the past it’s not always correct so just feels mentally that’s wise yeah it’s just larry just cuz it’s larry yeah spinning and bucking and weaving

And slapping and it’s just brilliant yeah the only bike that permanently puts a smile on my face and a rider really just won’t know what your time was baby yeah ok one minute of course and 12 yeah high-five oh you did it i can go you actually beat it by quite decent margin actually they don’t so on this occasion the bike beat the car but in the cost defense

There’s one thing that you can do with it that you can’t do with the bike take the whole crew out hot click on the video windows to see our race between a ktm and a caterham and a bmw against a bmw click on the play icon to watch our latest video review and on our logo to subscribe to our channel

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Audi RS6 vs Ducati 1199 Panigale R – car vs bike track battle By Auto Express

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