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The team put the new Audi RS5 Sportback through its paces!Taken from episode three of Series 28 of Fifth Gear, to watch full episodes click here –

Now it’s time to get a first look and first drive of a brand new model yes it’s the fifth gear team test today the team tested the audi rs5 sportback it’s a practical performance car and competitor to the bmw m3 and mercedes-amg c63 it’s priced at nearly 70 grand rs audi’s in the past have been criticised for not being as exciting to drive as rivals so to help

Assess its sporty credentials former f1 driver current chandhok has joined us for the team texas this is the audi rs5 sport back it is powered by a 2.9 liter v6 twin-turbo 450 horsepower what do you reckon it’s green i love that sonoma green are you joking i’m not a fan in the end it just like a bit of mushy pea kind of color which is not really my favorite i think

The front looks mean i think that’s quite feisty you know in the rear view mirror that that’s coming at you and it’s it’s sort of suffering from civic type-r syndrome like pointless vents in places that’s not real some pointless grille action going on but it’s it’s tasteful it is tasteful they nailed that look at that crease where it goes into that crease there oh

That’s very cool so then we looked inside jason and i were up front and yep all lovely ld bits and bobs i like the wheel here i do like the centre i think it’s very functional very oddly that and you just know it’s good it’s gonna work yeah but in the back it was a different story it feels a bit darker i would’ve liked to have seen the sunroof come more just a bit

More light what you like in the back room johnny let go in fine yeah how dream a little tight i’ve got time that’s really good so we did the alpine route first just to understand the cars manners it’s good it’s really short footage and it’s quick and it’s exactly what you would expect have i got mathematics but you’ve got a porsche collaborated 2.9 twin-turbo v6

And when i lift off the gas it has that lovely little it’s all very audi isn’t it it’s point-and-shoot it’s a quattro it’s everything everything we’re talking about it’s quick because od is a function like an audi is yeah is it exciting to find out we took the rs5 onto the handling circuit boy oh boy the scales dropped from my eyes generally audi’s yeah very

Safe they understeer too much it was an audi that had quite a loose rear end not very obvious to me this was quite a neutral almost slightly oversteer ii felt it and that’s fun karen had a go and he really liked it it took him by surprise we nearly had a crash what was that tell you what current you up low you are good for pelvic floor exercises i was tight

Than i thought did you enjoy idly did i genuinely think i’ve changed my mind i think i might prefer this over the c63 yeah just driving on i just feel so together yeah luckily we made it off the test track in one piece and just before the heavens opened have that taste of the rs5 wetted our appetites or was the audi a bit of a washout i am thrilled to announce

That the rs5 sportback has reignited some passion that i have now got for our ds and as a consequence i’m gonna give this car a very strong eight it was much more fun than i expected so i’m gonna give it an 8 it’s exciting it’s fun it’s quick only feels dynamic so i’m torn i’m why are you gonna give it an 8 or 9 split the difference the audi gets an 8 a hot i’m

Really quite taken by it i’m gonna give this an 8.5 pretend my tongue is a point which gives the audi rs5 an extremely impressive tinta score of 33 out of 40 you

Transcribed from video

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