audi rs3 vs jaguar i pace petrol
Altair Club Cars Audi RS3 vs Jaguar I-Pace – Petrol vs Electric – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

Audi RS3 vs Jaguar I-Pace – Petrol vs Electric – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

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I’m in an audi rs3 saloon and next to me is the new jaguar ipace and we’re gonna have a drag race yeah it seems a bit odd doesn’t it but there is a reason for it you see this car has 400 horsepower that car also has 400 horsepower admittedly that makes its horsepower from electric motors this from a 2.5 litre five-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine now before we

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Be missing out on great races such as this do you also check out our instagram channel car wow cars you can see all behind the scenes footage and clips and photography there right let’s get on with it it’s close but i am trying to get a lead now over the jaguar very close neck-and-neck to begin with but their petrol power wins the day this car is bonkers fast

So then the audi rs3 did the standing quarter mile in 12 point two seconds the ipas got the line really quickly with the instant power from its electric motors but after that it was always dropping back it did the second quarter mom in 13.1 seconds now though it’s time for the next challenge we have a rolling race now we get up to 50 miles an hour and then i’m

Gonna count it in and we’re both gonna floor the frog who happens three two one go oh to go off of this deal clucks gearbox to kick down at that chugs gone but now i’m reeling him in come on odie come on yes goodbye took a while this thing had to kick down that obviously responded instantly it’s gone almost 700 newton meters of torque that think this has got 480

But it’s lighter weighs 1.5 tons that’s 2.1 tonnes and horsepower wise they’re the same forgit horsepower 400 horsepower so once the gearbox got itself sorted out they started to pull hard and that was that now we’re going to a bright test from 70 miles an hour when we hit the cone full emergency stop now i think i’m gonna win this because this car weighs 15 and

Repeals that 2,100 so here comes the code yes i did win but not by quite the margin i was expecting yeah i think that’s a victory for the rs3 by a couple of meters wait it’s all to do with weight that’s a bit every just these batteries you see it’s a problem hey guys how would you like an amazon gift card worth 50 pounds well if you know anyone who’s looking to

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Audi RS3 vs Jaguar I-Pace – Petrol vs Electric – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST By carwow

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