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Altair Club Cars Audi RS e-tron GT Review | First Drive

Audi RS e-tron GT Review | First Drive

Audi for the first time ever has stuck an RS badge to an EV and that being its most powerful car ever produced . The RS e-tron GT shows us just how far electric technology in cars has progressed and our time spent driving the car tells us how phenomenal the driving experience for a car of this class can be. We’re thoroughly impressed with the Audi RS e-tron GT but there’s more to it than its thrilling performance. Watch the video to find out more and remember to subscribe to the channel for more automotive content.

Audi for the first time ever has stuck an rs badge to an all-electric car blast for me i hear you scream i would have tried power too and then i got behind the steering wheel only to be blown away with what audi has created hello and welcome to order today my name is abhik and today we have a car with us that i can’t really wait to drive it’s audi’s most powerful

Car ever and it’s called the rs e-tron gt let me go ahead drive it and tell you all about it right so i’m going to skip the usual format of showing you how beautiful the car is on the outside and how plush and exotic the interior is on the inside and get straight to the point which is about driving this car and that’s important because the audi rs e-tron gt

Marks just how far we’ve come with electric technology first off let’s get the range out of the way wltp cycle claimed range of 400 kilometers which is just as good as any v8 twin turbo car even an rs6 rs7 that’s probably just as far you can get with petrol in the tank in this case charge in the batteries uh after that comes the pure performance of this car now

There is no sound there is no engine there is no gear shift to be experienced so it’s a whole different experience and once you get on the throttle and experience this absolutely mental acceleration you’ve only got the figures on the speedometer which just keep multiplying to tell you just how fast this car is going what also helps is the fact that this car

Sits very low and it kind of enhances this sense of speed that you get from the rs e-tron gt it’s an absolutely phenomenal car to drive now if you look at the figures the power figures and the top figures are comparable to pretty much any other performance car out there sports car or even a grand touring or a gt car like this e-tron is but then it’s just

The sheer speed that it’s capable of and there’s no vibrations nothing really hindering that speed in any way whatsoever now audi claims that the 0-100 time is about 3.3 seconds and the being a little conservative about that figure because there is a timer that you can set on the display here and once you mash the throttle you can clock mad speeds it’s even

Clock 3.1 0 200 and that is mighty mighty quick then there is a ryden handling bit and this car comes equipped with air suspensions that is controllable via the drive modes and if you select comfort it really really fits the gt tag in its name because it is a really comfortable ride for uh something this fast and sports car like well it is a sports car and you

Do expect it to be harsh and pretty stiff suspension wise but it’s it’s really not it’s it’s quite comfortable when it has to be switched to dynamic and it’s just as stiff as you need it to be especially around corners it hugs the corners really well stays planted there’s barely any body roll that you can you can see or you can even feel inside the car almost

Like conjuring on rails and then there is the rear wheel steering which really tightens its line around the corner so it kind of controls the understeer which you would expect in an all-wheel drive car like this plus of course there’s the fact that the batteries are placed really low down in the chassis that helps with the handling even more i think i’m really

Excited to talk any further so what i’m going to do is go ahead and enjoy this car just a little bit more those tarmac scorching launches were so hard that i swear i could feel my brain shift inside my skull the silly laughs and the headshakes and disbelief were only momentary distractions from the sheer physicality of the rs e-tron gt’s relentless acceleration

That’s the beauty of an electric cars performance continuous uninterrupted acceleration only in the rs etron gt’s case there is just one noticeable gearshift from its two-speed gearbox and then there’s the sudden shock of just how tractable and drivable the car is when the pace settles to real world speeds it’s just as happy shredding its tires around a bend as

It was inching at snail space in traffic there’s just no drama in between even the consumption is predictable and it doesn’t quickly drain the battery upon hard acceleration and sporty driving making the 400 kilometer plus wltp claimed range pretty much believable and at that slower pace i also began to notice the cabin you’re shelling out big money for if

This car is on your wish list typically audi rs it sure is vegan leather if you so choose in the options what with the whole green theme around evs but in typical audi rs fashion the interior is purely functional 12.3 inch digital instrumentation 10 inch infotainment banging a lift since surround sound system and a host of other features make the cabin a great

Place to be in 405 liters of boot space plus an 85 liter frunk are reasonable rear space is fairly generous for two people with enough headroom and legroom thanks to the scooped out front seats now the interiors are functional it’s sporty and it’s nearly as rs as it should be so here’s the thing about evs they all pretty much feel the same and that’s because

An important sensory input has been taken away what we’ve been used to are rumbling v8s big engines lots of engine noise and exhaust notes gear shifts all of that has been taken away so you get a more purer experience of speed and it’s relentless and violent speed that navy can offer the difference will be in each manufacturer’s way of tuning the traction control

The handling of each car this car for example the rs e-tron gt just totally lives up to the rs badge and the name it’s an able handler it’s relentless in its performance and it’s so much fun to drive so much so that i can’t wait to get in and well give it a spin again my name is abig thank you for watching order today hope you’ve liked this video if you have

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