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Altair Club Cars Audi R8 v Tuned RS3 & RSQ8: DRAG RACE

Audi R8 v Tuned RS3 & RSQ8: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m saying an audi rs3 next to me is an audi rsq8 and next to that is an audi r8 v10 performance spider we’re gonna have a drag race and you might think that it’s a foregone conclusion but it’s not and it’s not because this rs3 and that rsq8 are both tuned so let me tell you about these cars this rs3 has a 2.5 liter

5 cylinder turbo petrol normally has 400 horsepower but this one has been tuned up to 550 horsepower with an ecu remap and a revised intercooler and intake system it’s also got 730 newton meters of torque so that should be pretty good got the same quattro wheel drive system same speed dual clutch automatic gearbox turns the price this car 2018 model if you want

This now with the tune on it forty seven thousand pounds now let’s move on to the audi rs q8 four liter twin turbo v8 normally 600 horsepower but an ecu remap is taking up to 710 horsepower no idea what the torque is the standard car has 800 newton meters so that’s probably running about 900 based on my expertise it’s got an eight-speed torque converter automatic

Gearbox but it does have launch control big heavy suv that weighs in at 2.3 tons cost of that car 115 000 pounds finally we come to the r8 v10 performance spider so that has a 5.2 liter naturally aspirated v10 with 620 horsepower and 580 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels via a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control and that car

Is quite heavy really for a supercar comes in at around 1.7 tonnes it’s expensive as well 162 000 pounds now this is gonna be a really interesting drag racing if you like drag races make sure you subscribe to this channel yeah if you haven’t done so already do it and hit the bell icon to turn on notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload buy sell car

Wow now before we race we’re gonna do the custom car way sound check so i’m gonna rev up this rs3 let’s give it some revs oh yes there is no soft limiter here i think that’s part of the ecu remap oh it sounds wicked oh yes oh i’m loving that now let’s have a listen to the rsq-8 is there still a soft limiter on that oh 3 8 is where this is at i think that ecu room

Up on that should have a removal of the soft limit i don’t know why you wouldn’t do that anyhow let’s move on to the r8 surely that must sound the best yeah soft limiter on that as well certainly it’s 3 3000 rpm well it looks like i win that challenge and if you want to win when you’re selling your car and get a great price for it make sure you use car way just

Have to upload some photos brief description then our dealers will bid on your car so these if you want to check that out now click on the pop-up button they’ll follow the link in the description below alternatively if you want to do a later date then simply google help me car wow and we’ll help you get a great price for your car and we’ll help you save money on

The next car you plan to buy as well now let’s race come on oh my god this flies oh it’s but that r8 is gonna do it oh so alright won that didn’t it and you lost in the rsq-8 yeah but not by much i mean look at the size of this thing i reckon we can go quicker though great launch the r-8’s got it though so quick nice nice nice but not as fast as the r8

Not far behind though so then what exactly happened while the r8 one completing the standing quarter mile in 11.1 seconds the rs3 took 11.5 seconds and the rsq8 was last with a time of 11.7 seconds okay now we have a riding race from 50 miles an hour with the cars in comfort mode and in automatic mode for the gearbox i am going to call this in come on then get

Level guys get level three two one go kick down oh yes oh it’s similar to the drag race really here comes the half mile that’s a half mile this was pretty decent on the kick down it almost matched that r8 but the torque converter didn’t seem to kick down quite as well as the two dual clutch gearboxes this dropped pretty good i thought i thought you were gonna

Seem to keep up pretty good okay so there’s a load of interference on the radio because i basically think the radio disagreed with what you were saying and it agreed with me let’s move on okay we’re going to the same thing again but this time the cars are in their sportiest settings and manual mode for the gearbox starting in third gear so i’m going to call this

In three two one go oh this picks up so sweet where’s that right how am i gonna go to the r8 to the half mile here he comes now dropped him what happened to the ra you’re not level with us was there a problem feel free to respond alright or are you just too embarrassed by your performance i mean i was living with sam you guys pulled away quickly it took me a

Little while for this period to wind up but yeah so you got b right i got beaten yeah and you came last right i know i came past the ice qa before the half mile oh okay i didn’t see that i was too far ahead now we gave a break test from 100 miles an hour whichever car breaks in the shortest distance wins now if you’d rather watch a drag race with some other

Super high performance suvs including that rsq8 click on the pop-up button up there for the link in the description below if not you’d rather see this break test stay with me it’s going to happen already much in the next moment or so here’s the line oh yes where’s the r8 where’s r8 right i don’t know i know that i beat the rsq8 which is a very heavy car so there’s

No surprise there but did i beat the r8 rs q8 because you’re such a big pile of green i can’t see where the r8 is did i beat it or did he beat me it’s really close i think by maybe an inch you have it okay so i think you need to just move forward out the way so it all depends on where the wheels are i guess let me get out sorry to do this and it’s really boring

But i’m just bear with us we need to get the result oh i don’t bloody know okay so i had no idea which one it’s up to you so we put a pink comment right and you get to vote whether the r8 or the rs3 won the brake test so cast your vote now and if you’re thinking about buying an audi and you want to see a great deal i found on one through car wire what the car is

And the saving click on the pop-up button up there for the link in the description below now before i go i just want to say a huge thanks to the people who’ve lent us the rs3 and the rsq-8 the link to their accounts are in the description go over there and say thanks for lending matt your car because it always helps us get more cars to drag race for you to watch

Anyway hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those windows there for some more videos and if you click on that box there you can get a car wave to sell your car just upload some photos and add these will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it thanks for watching

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Audi R8 v Tuned RS3 & RSQ8: DRAG RACE By carwow

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